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  1. This thread is a little dated so I wanted to see if this has changed. I use a tablet PC with pen so keyboard shortcuts aren't really workable in those cases. A button/menu option is really the only option in those cases. I've ended up just connecting to keyboard and using a workaround, but why even bother having a pen tablet if you can't use it for that? Would be nice to have the history and undo/redo in a menu with buttons--just havent found it anywhere, and I'm not sure if it's on the dev roadmap at all.
  2. @GarryP yeah. I actually just learned about the navigator tool, so I haven't played around with it much. That may be a good workaround for me -I didn't know you could assign specific zones, so that may get the job done. Thanks so much!!!
  3. Hi everyone - still relatively new to Designer so I don't know if this is an existing feature but I've been unable to find anything online so far. I have wrist issues that make extended mouse use difficult, so I use a pen tool and keyboard as much as possible. Been looking for non-mouse keyboard shortcuts for the scroll function (horizontal and vertical), preferably with a way to customize the precision with which you move, so you can move as much or little as needed with each key stroke in each direction. The latter is nice to have right now--just getting the keyboard functionality would be really helpful for my workflow. I've not been able to find any way to customize scrolling in the Preferences menu, and nothing is listed in the shortcuts cheatsheets that I can find online. Am I out of luck on this one? (I use v.1.8 in Windows on Windows 10, in case that makes a difference.)
  4. I just purchased Designer and have been working my way through a beginner's class (I'm new to design and this tool), and got almost immediately stalled when a fairly basic tool was completely non-responsive. I have absolutely no idea if it's some setting that is not correct out of the box, or if I'm doing something wrong I just select the tool, get the message "drag to move selection" in the bottom bar, but when I do that nothing happens. When I type different coordinates in the transform box i can move it manually, but the tool doesn't work with mouse or my pen tool. I'm in v. In case it's helpful at all, I've taken a screen capture of what I have pulled up.
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