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  1. THX, clicking on the layers has allowed me to move the table. But when I move the table to the right margin, it snaps right back to the left margin.
  2. It does not move when I use the move tool. I can resize but I cannot drag the entire thing. Is there some other step that has to take place first?
  3. How do I align an entire table (not table contents) to, say, the right margin?
  4. How does one control the space between the text and the table grid? I have found answers to that question but it appears the user interface has changed such that those answer are not valid any more.
  5. When I try to place a word document with a Table, I get nothing. When I try to place the corresponding Excel, I get an image of the table.
  6. How do I import a Word document into Publisher? I would have thought File>Import Content would do it but, when the file selection dialog box pops up, it will not allow me to select a Word document (or Excel document for tables).
  7. The illustrations come from a package that uses horizontal lines for fractions. Plus, the document has hundreds of fractions imported from InDesign.
  8. The chapter numbers was internal in Indesign and the IDML file. It was inserted as a special character in the paragraph style numbering. Likewise the figures, tables, etc. are numbered through the paragraph style.
  9. Except what happens with 1_16? These came from an InDesign file with a huge number of fractions.
  10. I have fractions, as in one-half, as 1_2. How can I kern such that the "_" is centered below the "1." I cannot seem to get the "_" to extend past the "1." I get something like 1 .
  11. I) How do I export a BOOK to a PDF. When I do EXPORT, just one file in the book gets exported. 2) How do I have each page on a separate PDF page. I am getting each spread on a PDF page.
  12. I have imported a 400 page book in multiple files from InDesign into Affinity. In place of the Chapter number I have "§." "Figure 10.2" looks like "§.2" "Chapter 12" looks like "Chapter §." How can I correct this?
  13. I am trying to create my first book from files I created from IDML files. After each file, I get a dialog saying "Updating Numbers". And with each file, it is taking longer and longer to load.
  14. I can read it in the latest version of infinity without crashing.
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