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  1. I had a Magic Mouse, loved it. Decided to try MX Master 3S, NOT for Mac, regular one (black). Works incredibly well. My wrist is much happier, and the scroll wheel is best in class. Software is great, you can customize all the buttons. Works on Mac and iPad no problem, although on iPadOS it’s a basic mouse, as I haven’t see any apps from Logitech for iPadOS. In conclusion, I LOVE it, not sure what’s different in the Mac version other than color….
  2. Can't get past activation. doesn't take my id/pwd. Only Design2 Beta works, Photo and Publisher fail at authentication.
  3. Should the command be called SHOW/HIDE Command Controller instead of TOGGLE Command Controller? We never use Toggle in the UI language, and Show/Hide are more universally understood terms….
  4. Glad to see the pitchforks and torches worked... I'm a sure simple submission of objective reports would have done the trick without the drama...
  5. I don't have a supervisor. I work for myself. It's one of the rewards of being responsible for oneself and not a victim / complainer. Doing something constructive is always best.
  6. Exactly my point. Just submit the bugs and quit complaining. At least if you submit the bugs they might get resolved. Complaining does nothing and is a waste of everyone's time. Glad we agree. Now back to work.
  7. Open source software development is a different process with a larger pool of devs tracking down and fixing bugs, without any of the financial pressures of a small company competing with gorillas and open-source. In any case, there are always bugs and that's what the x.1+ releases are for. Furthermore, Serif provide a free 30 day trial which doesn't replace v1, no risk. And the piece of buggy Premiere software you walked away from is used by millions to get work done everyday and earn a living. Bugs are not the end of the world. So try the software and if it works great, if it doesn't great you still have v1, and if you wanna contribute to making the app better, then submit bug reports. But my point stands: Useless complaining without specifics are just that —useless to both complainer and community. Get the point now TPVPRO?
  8. You miss the point. Yea they charge people money for the amazing software, and... what's your point? It has bugs? Yes, and... what's your point? Does Adoblow™ ransomware have bugs for years and years? Yes. Do they charge? an arm and a leg... Take a deep breath, maybe a brisk walk, and have a little patience... I'm sure you'll soon realize, like ALL x.0 software releases filled with new feature, it's inevitable for new bugs to arise in Affinity2.0. What happens is there is an x.1 release, where a slew of bugs are fixed from more user feedback. So just give the feedback, skip the drama, and keep the forums useful to all people. Unless you're a troll. If so, GO. Cheers mate!
  9. @Keith ReederSure I do. So do you. Just as you decided above that I can’t decide for myself what is useless or not, I get to decide what I find useless in others’ comments. Funny how that works… I call it freedom of speech and thought. We all have it. Back to the point: post something specific so the community can help you or go use GIMP since it’s free and it works, right? Useless complaining doesn’t help anyone’s cause and only clogs the forums, preventing those with actionable questions from finding solutions and get work done.
  10. Nah… it was on point. Useless complaining and comparing don’t add any value. He’s happy with GIMP, he can keep using it. Otherwise add some detail and see if the community can you help figure it out.
  11. There’re lots of pros using Affinity since v1 to earn a living “professionally,” whatever that label means. In any case, I seriously doubt Serif haven’t professional designers and experienced production people on board, thats a ridiculous assumption. Perhaps the more likely scenario is that a multitude of “pros” have their own unique workflows and use cases, and people quickly forget that a finite amount of time funnels an infinite amount of requests. If Publisher doesn’t meet your current use cases it‘s best not to use it. There are other powerful, affordable, polished, cross-platform options available I’m sure…
  12. It’s obvious from the free samples provided, and Spotlight, that is EXACTLY what happens… Affinity is a fraction of the size of the competition, and a finite number of people can only do so much to balance squashing bugs, polishing existing features, releasing new features, developing future tools, and dealing with a mobbish public waving pitchforks bc they failed to meet everyone’s expectations… Meanwhile, back in reality, we have access to a leading, multi OS design and publishing with arguably an unrivaled platform boasting the best file format, performance, feature set, and innovation the industry has seen in DECADES for $9 an app. Yea, “Serif sucks.” Whatever, there no is pleasing some…
  13. It is a very fair price. As for gas and electrical, make sure not to vote for democrats/socialists/communists and prices should be ok 🤣
  14. I suggested they change the icon to an anchor which more accurately describes the current behavior, and add a REAL LOCKING mechanism and another column on the Layer panel, not only the current Position-"lock" implemented. It really is a no-brainer, it boggles the mind there is no way to actually LOCK an object; hopefully they address this by 2.0... 🤞
  15. There are plenty of software monopolists like Adoblow and Autodesk who offer subscription services, if thats what you want, subscribe with them. One of the main reasons Affinity has a huge following is PRECISELY bc of the business model / no subscriptions. Serif has been around for 20+ years, so they know their business. People just need to be patient and let things naturally mature instead of expecting 1.x release software to be at 15.X levels. Affinity suite is making huge leaps and bounds in both performance and stability. I'm sure everyone will be blown away when they release 2.0. It's always calm before the storm.....
  16. I requested this years ago…. The guys are busy though….
  17. I was looking for the workbooks as well but they are nowhere to be found on the website, all links listed above go to the main product pages......
  18. @Mithferion Here's Relief Single Line, a full-featured, multilingual font in multiple standard formats, as well as so-called single line versions designed for makers using CNC equipment. And thanks for the incredible list. 🙏
  19. Why is this controversial? 😆 Imagine if you bought a "lock" which allowed you to get inside and "take," (aka, DELETE) the contents of whatever it is supposed to be locking! What a joke. This mechanism is horrible, and no this is not really something open to interpretation or definition. Locked means LOCKED, not Locked* (terms and conditions apply)... this isn't a legal contract, it's a tool. And if it's using metaphors such as LOCK, then DAMMIT LOCK THE DAMN OBJECT!!!! 😆 Seriously though, is this a bad joke on the part of Serif/Devs? Specially in Outline view, this current behavior is very counter intuitive... I was missing objects that I had deleted accidentally after selecting OTHER objects (who's boundary was outside of the current zoom factor to see) to delete in Outline view... because I selected a "locked" layer! Traditionally the ONLY way to deal with a locked layer is thru the layers panel. @Serif can this behavior be set via a Preference setting, please?
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