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  1. This version has crashed for me in the following conditions: 1) When I started it and said to load old unsaved files 2) When I 'new from clipboard' 3) When I resized a group (no save to recover work) 4) Occasionally when I create new file Looking for old version now
  2. Windows 10 Pro Gigabyte Aero I9 10thgen 64GBDRAM Built-in RTX2080 Thunderbolt3 attached RTX3080 serif purchased I Photo 1.9 and it stops after the splash screen... retry... get repeat. I will locate old installer and replace this until it is stable.
  3. Thanks all. Other than the bizarre/antiquated file management workflow this rocks as I'd have expected from serif! Once i nagged Apple to cancel the pen they sent to Duluth (I live 5 minutes from Apple HQ), then i receive the pen (also had to nag them to actually resend the purchased product)... I hope to use this in ernest; albeit with awkward file management... I edit files on one mac ir even my time capsules using any computer on my network just fine... why can't this be the case with iPad (other than the desire to force use of a 'cloud' device rather than edit-in-place). Already, i have 8 copies of a file and a mess to clean up locating the latest version and deleting the artifact files. Doing this in a production manner *could* be resolved if scripted access to these files in their productivity prevention zones inside apps were an option. However, it appears such productivity methods are also prevented on ipads. Now, to go cancel my icloud service and close down related ports on my firewall so nothing "accidentally" ends up in the hands of others. Cheers and love the tool itself!!
  4. Thanks MEB, If I understand correctly... - The original resided on my cloud - A copy is made to my ipad - Another copy is within the Affinity area - After editing - I put a 4th copy back onto the cloud (with edits done on the ipad) (compounding the problem with each transition between devices) I speculate this antiquated concept of many copies must be the nature of iPad; since i cannot believe that any modern developer would choose to require that we have to manually manage file versions (like in the file name I as I did in the 80's). I guess edit-in-place on the cloud (like most people I know have done since the beginning of this century) may be too forward thinking for Apple WRT ipads. If this is the case; I guess i have to remember versioning the names so I know which copy is which and take care to manually delete only the old ones like the days of old.
  5. I am able to get an afphoto file on to the iPad and edit it... But, I see no method in Affinity Photo to share it out of the app back to the computer... not in the app, and that is the place I can see the file I have edited. What magic is needed to get the file (in the productivity prevention app area) back off the iPad and to the computer? I even went as far as (temporarily) allowing every data collection (i mean cloud) service Apple provides including icloud and airdrop.
  6. Since I designed and implemented a tool used by Sony for developing apps using one code base for all of its supported platforms (libraries, API wrappers, compiler/link flow, and debug), i am aware that it is not just a compile switch (unless it is written with such a tool as i made or Xamarin). The best way to ensure multi platform support is to plan for it from the start. It seems that this may not be the case with Affinity. So, it is essentially a rewrite/refactor to move to a multi-platform tool flow :/ Thanks for your work here... i just hope i can get it from frustration in the enforced arbitrary limits built into ipad for production prevention and on to a flow do i can use it and the pen to draw more naturally.
  7. Well, i used Xender to get an afphoto onto the ipad... Yet, when i click on it i do not open it and when I start Affinity Photo i cannot locate the file... It seems as thought ipad really is designed to prevent productivity. How do people move these files between the pad and computer and get things done?
  8. Thanks obtusity, When the iPad arrives I will try these methods/apps. Then, hope that an Android version comes out soon. Then I can put this iPad appropriately where the last one went after finishing the app debug I was contracted to provide... e-waste. It says a lot about my opinion of Affinity that I went out and (temporarily) aligned with the devil at a high cost so I can use the tablet app :).
  9. OK, iPad and iphones are historically bound up so that file transfer sends YOUR data to someone ELSE before you can get it back. Or (worse) use that virus called iTunes. Since the data is sitting inches away and on the same network, is there a reasonable method of transferring files to/fro iPad and a computer like real phones/tablets? Maybe a cable, or scp, or even better my own cloud (not someone elses - googledrive, i<whatever>, dropbox,...? The safest computer is one that is not online (well not turned on also helps). So, i really don't feel any of the above options are anywhere safe. The apps i have read into all require that the file format (extension?) be one that they know. So, raw data (like afphoto and the like) appears to be out of the question for them. Are there any honest solutions (honest in this meaning infers omission of a 3rd or even 2nd party run by unknown kids in a data center somewhere in the world)? Thanks in advance!
  10. MEB. I pushed the file that I created the mask with history... Strange thing is that I thought when I remade the mask it went away... - nope. It just resized several edits later rather than only a couple.
  11. Thanks MEB. I will have to get permission to send the assets.
  12. I know the serif staff are busy. This behavior recurred in another AP project :( Sort of a stopper on those projects.
  13. I have seen what look like decent normal and UV maps here and I inferred that they were done with AP... I still have no understanding on the process/flow. Often, I get pre-made mapped textures that I am to alter (add a belt to some pants, ...) This is not a standard formula as the raw assets come in differing forms. However, I cope. However... it would be nice to see how I can make 'simulated' UV and normal maps for the feature changes (such as adding a belt). Is there an AP tutorial on this? Thanks
  14. I ordered it as well. I find that my allergy to the chemicals of books makes such things more of a paper weight in the garage than a reference for the first year while it outgasses. Any electronic version (PDF with a password maybe) coming soon?
  15. I had a typo - that is 5.1 not 1.5 - I hope that was understood :)
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