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  1. Thanks to both of you! Now it works well using FCPX preset in PSD. Just 2 more little questions : with PSD file i don't have access to the "fixed resolution" option into motion 5, wich is not very handy... Is there a way to fix this? And the last one : now that i discovered the PSD export for motion, do you think it would be worth changing ALL the AD files for that project, from PDF to PSD? (That would be a lot... so i'do it only if the final resolution would significantly change). Thanks again, and great support forum btw!
  2. ...i'm using Affinity designer of course, forgot to mention it, sorry
  3. Hi, So i draw a vector picture with effects (shadows and blurrs), and exported it in pdf to use it into a motion 5 project. And when i put the exported image in motion there are some unexpected blank squares around, so it's useless... Then i discovered that without all the fx, it works fine. But i can't understand why?? Thanks for your help! Olivier
  4. Ok gdbendy and MEB, i'll try all this. Thanks a lot!
  5. Hi, So i want to draw a vector shape with the pen tool, wich will create several layers because it's complex, and once the shape is drawn i want to fill it with color, using the fill tool (or any other way if there are others). But it seems impossible, because it only fills the layers separately, acting as if they were closed shapes... Even creating a layers group of the whole shape doesn't change anything to this. Is there a solution, a particular setting to manage this? Am i missing something? I'm stiil very new to all of this... Thanks
  6. Oh? How come?? here is a screen cap of my AD when i open it. Where are the multiple layers? I only see one... It's probably because i'm a big newbie on this, i apologize, but can you explain? thanks a lot
  7. Hi, these are 2 files i used as test. thank you! OF164D1.eps vectorstock_858114.pdf
  8. Hi, i'm just trying affinity designer and i find it really good, however my purpose is to work on downloaded vector pictures from the net. The pictures (eps or pdf files) do open correctly into AD, i can resize them infinitely, but i can only use them as single layers. I should have access to multiple layers to edit them separately... Is there a compatibility issue? Thanks for answering me and sorry if that's a stupid question. I tried hard to find an answer in the forum but didn't find or understand it.
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