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  1. zuperblue

    Getting closer

    Yes you know Nebular,s, Moon shot 19 November
  2. zuperblue

    Getting closer

    from png to jpg original shot raw
  3. zuperblue


    infrared nikon d3200
  4. zuperblue

    two in one night

  5. zuperblue


    Hi John Astrophotography, can be on of the most difficult subjects to master, Affinity Photo has minimal information on the subject / teaching video,s or outherwise
  6. zuperblue


    The Pleiades , seven sisters
  7. zuperblue


    4 seconds f8 nikon d5200
  8. zuperblue


    SECOND TRY i dont know how to get blacks true black yet
  9. zuperblue


    the first time i got it right, basicaly had to bang my head for months, as there is very little on the subject in affinity photo, anyway its not bad as a first try, and i can remember how i did it for once
  10. zuperblue

    astronomy photos

    there are apps to download free for mobile phones, point your phone to the sky and it will give the names of planets nebular, outher phenomina, try STARTRACKER, hope this helps
  11. zuperblue

    astronomy photos

    hi this is what ime trying to do also, great shot by the way clear skys
  12. any help brining out the colours behind the moon, i have 10 raw shots this is a PNG FILE
  13. any help brining out the colours behind the moon, i have 10 raw shots this is a TIFF FILE TIFF 1.tif
  14. i have a new one, can anyone pull the star detail behind the moon in this shot, i have 10 raw shots, this is a png file TIFF 1.tif

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