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    Local Nature Walk

    So, what was it like before improvement? John
  2. Select All Copy (to Clipboard) New from Clipboard This creates s duplicate (unnamed) document. John
  3. Topaz Impression will do what you want, but is expensive ($99). It runs under the Topaz Studio plugin. John
  4. This is just me displaying my ignorance of Mac operating systems. John
  5. When Affinity develops a raw file, it utilizes the entire image. Many other raw processors will crop the outer pixels (which often have artefacts) away. Whst you are seeing could be just one of these artefacts. Crop it as you will. John
  6. @nedex The question is a bit ambiguous. Are you asking about plugins that work with Affinity Photo or about plugins that work with Apple Photos? There are lots of plugins for Photo. Many (but by no means all) that work in Photoshop will work in Photo. Examples include the Nik Collection and most Topaz plugins. Note that some users seem to be having difficulties with the Nik set, but they work for me. John
  7. John Rostron

    Using both 1.6 and 1.7

    Various people have pointed out that some plugins that now work in v1.6 no longer work in v1.7 beta. When v1.7 is finally released, will we be able to run the legacy v1.6 so as to be able to use these plugins? John
  8. On my Windows box, the pixel count remains the same, but it doesn't on yours. I suggest that you submit it as a bug report. John
  9. Have you checked your Layers panel to see if there is an extraneous green rectangle? John
  10. Affinity will not change the number of pixels if you have Resample unticked. In this case the dimensions are greyed out, indicating that they cannot be changed. It will upsize or downsize if Resample is ticked. John
  11. You are right. I applied a change from 150 to 300ppi on a document and the pixel sizes remained the same, as expected. I then repeated the process (150 to 300) setting the units to centimetres, and the size in centimetres remained the same. There has been problems in the past with this, but I thought that it had been fixed. I was using the new 1.7 version. John
  12. I posted this question in the Photo for Windows Forum and got this reply from @Patrick Connor: It should work, taking a copy if the 1.6.5 installation folder before you update, leaves the copied 1.6.5 EXE working,. It will not be able to load the 1.7 .AFPhoto files, and may get confused over new buttons on the toolbars etc. I copied the Photo folder and renamed it Photo 1.6, then installed Photo 1.7. So far I have had no problems in running the two versions. This was only this afternoon, so there me problems surfacing at some stage, but none so far. All my plugins that worked for 1.6 are there in 1.7 and thse that I have tried work. Note this is on Windows. It may not work on a Mac. John
  13. I would guess that you have your default units as cm. Try this on a 10 by 6cm document at 150dpi: Select Document > Resize. Change the units to pixels. Change the resolution to 300dpi Do not tick Resample. Click OK. Your document should still retain the original size in pixels, but this should map to 5 by 3cm at 300dpi. John
  14. I did this following the advice of @Patrick Connor. The intention was to have a version for those plugins that do not work in 1.7. I have only had an hour or so to play, but everything that worked in 1.6 still works in 1.7. If the preferenced maintain the same propcol fioes that can only be good. John
  15. What are you getting a refund for? The new 1.7 is a free upgrade from 1.6. Before I installed 1.7 I made a copy of the 1.6 folder, calling it Photo 1.6. I can still run the old program from there. I recently upgraded to the new Nik Collection 2 and it works fine with both 1.6 and 1.7. John
  16. I posted this question earlier on the Photo Beta forum, but it seems more appropriate here. Various people have pointed out that some plugins that now work in v1.6 no longer work in v1.7 beta. Now v1.7 is finally released, will we be able to run the legacy v1.6 so as to be able to use these plugins? John
  17. Thanks, Patrick. I think that I shall try copying the folder and seeing if the .exe file works before installing 1.7. I would probably not be trying to apply plugins to an .afphoto file, but to newly acquired .awr or .jpg files. John
  18. Are your pictures already in the correct aspect ratio? If not will you need to crop to bring them to the desired proportions. Or are you wanting to crop your images to a square format (height=width). We will need to know in order to help you. The solutions would be different. John
  19. John Rostron

    Channel equations

    Sorry it was not there originally. I cannot copy/paste the url when using Chrome on my tablet. Anyway, here is the link. John
  20. In a discussion of creating a saturation mask, @dmstraker and @smadell referred to an equation involving channels: Saturation=(max(SR,SG,SB)-min(SR,SG,SB))/max(SR,SG,SB) The only way I can see to access these Source Channels is in Apply Image. However Apply Image deals with two images, a Source and a Destination. This calculation deals with just one. The information on Field Equations in Filter > Distort > Equations makes no mention of channels. How would I create a greyscale saturation layer from an RGB layer, which I can then convert to a mask? John
  21. I see that DxO have released Nik Collection 2. See http://nikcollection.dxo.com there is a 30% discount up to June 30th, and it includes DxO PhotoLab 2.3 I would be interested to see if this works with the new v1.7. I gather that some users have been having problems. John
  22. John Rostron

    how to create a stroke

    Did you use the tool that looks like a blue rectangle in the toolbox? (It may be underneath another blue shape.) This will allow you to create a rectangle. You then select it and you can give it a stroke or fill in the context menu. John
  23. + to this. In days gone bye, I had separate icons associated with each file type. Then Affinity came along and usurped all these. It is now harder than it used to be to persuade Windows 10 to restore my original icons. John
  24. John Rostron

    Crop Tool

    If all you wanted to do was delete the panel on the back cover along with its text, then just select the layer InLookerBackCover, and delete it (press delete). John