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  1. If I set up a document to be "Prefer linked", then pasting multiple saved images from the clipboard can cause issues. I sometimes (not always) get a message saying the link has changed. Images pasted from the clipboard should really be always embedded I think. At the moment, when the image is pasted it seems to be establishing a link between the clipboard and the image and its not happy when that clipboard source is changed. I know the linking and embedding feature is a work in progress so hopefully this can be improved.
  2. MickRose

    Textframe with border

    Hi Jom76 - I'm pretty sure the Frame Text tool can't handle rounded corners. But you can use the Rentangle Tool to draw out a rectangle and convert it to a text frame. This can then have corners rounded using the Rectangle Tool.
  3. MickRose

    Pasted screenshot causes crash

    Hi AdamW - that was ridiculously quick. Thanks.
  4. Using new Beta 2.419 Windows, pasting a screenshot from the clipboard causes a repeatable crash. Pasting text seems okay.
  5. Here's a file. I think the original PDF was created with Bullzip and I think that has caused all the problems. It took a long time to open in Publisher and then it was taking forever to save it so I gave up. I opened it in Infix and then printed a new file with the Adobe Acrobat print driver. The new file opened very quickly in Publisher and I have attached the file. mont_easycon_de_en_fr from Infix.afpub
  6. Hi Adirusf - there are some strange things about this PDF. On page 4, which seems to have a white background, there are in fact 2 images which fill the page - one is white and the other is black. The white one is above the black one which is why you can't see it. Maybe these have come from the OCR package. It looks like the Affinity programs have put these 2 layers at the top rather than at the bottom. It's also possible the PDF made by Abbyy FyneReader is faulty in some way. Page 4 also seems to contain the original scanned page as well as the text. I think a lot of software would struggle with this file.
  7. Hi Baton - I have opened your file in the new Publisher beta. There are lots of missing fonts (around 30) and the opening seemed to take a long time but it did open successfully.
  8. You could change the tint of the colour with a slider or a value. It's not the same as transparency but it's there if it's suitable.
  9. You're right. Hopefully this will be addressed soon.
  10. Hi Steaming T - select the Text Frame in the layers panel to see the transparency.
  11. I find this part of the Swatches panel unhelpful. If I want something to be black (K=100) I can't click the black square because I get 84, 84, 78, 99. Similarly with the grey square. I can see where these values come from but it makes the 2 squares not fit for purpose for me. I'd rather they weren't there at all.
  12. Whoops - I've just realised my document was RGB not CMYK. In fact it seems to work correctly with CMYK selected.
  13. I still can't work out how to resample a low res image in Publisher. For example, I place a photo and resize it, and it is now 100ppi. In ID I can just edit the picture in P/shop, resample it to 300ppi, save it and then relink in ID. Is there an equivalent method in Affinity? One that increases the resolution but keeps the size the same.
  14. Hi Chris26 - to be strictly accurate you're not looking at pixels - you're looking at printed screen dots. Pixels are strictly a file/computer thing. But who cares?
  15. I think I've found a good way to do this. Select the image to be resampled, then click Edit Image. Enable the Photo persona, Resize Document - set the size and/or ppi - then save. Close the tab for the newly changed image. The image in the document is now resampled correctly. That wouldn't work because the whole page is selected in Photo, not just the image.
  16. I'm not sure that would help. Much better to be able to edit the image in Photo from the Resource Manager or with a right click or from the Context Toolbar.
  17. The original file was 300ppi but I don't think that matters. Any image that is enlarged in APub will lose resolution in the PDF. I think that is to be expected. The only option is to open the image on Photo or P/shop or any other image editor and do all the resampling there, and then relink in APub. The Photo persona and the Edit in Photo can't be used because the whole page is being looked at rather than just the image. I think that needs addressing. If there was a link on the Resources box that be better.
  18. Hi Chris24 - resampling down happens all the time in making PDF files. It's done to reduce file size and it has no effect on the printed image quality as long as the correct ppi is used. It's upsampling that I'm having a problem with.
  19. Hi Murfee - I have an object that is 100ppi at the size I want to use. The document is 300ppi. I export as PDF and the object is 100ppi. There is no resampling.
  20. I'd be wary about placing PDF files at the moment. If there are missing fonts you won't get a warning - just a default font replacement - which will almost certainly mess things up. Also the lines will always be single lines I think. Better to Open the PDF file. That way you get a dialogue box with font info and the option to "Group lines of text into text frames". Once the PDF is opened you'd have to copy & paste to bring it into your document, page at a time. I have found the option to "Group lines of text into text frames" to be very accurate. You might have to tweak the paragraph settings.
  21. Once a text fame as made the corner attributes seem to be locked in. I'd like to see options in the Text Frame panel to enable round and other corners to be made and changed.
  22. I'd forgotten that the Shapes tool can be used to create text frames whose corners can be rounded, but tying this in somehow with the Text Frame panel would be nice.
  23. MickRose

    OpenType features in placed PDFs

    I'm pretty sure that eps files don't use fonts, only curves, so eps files should be expected to place correctly. But you'd probably lose transparency info etc.
  24. MickRose

    Text stroke size

    Sorry - my mistake. There isn't a Stroke panel in Photo. I didn't know you were using Photo.