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  1. I've tried deleting all text styles, pressing Edit, Defaults, Save. I open a new document and I still get the text styles as below. Am I doing something wrong?
  2. In the new beta 270, scaling a document in the spread setup seems to rescale strokes even if they haven't been set to rescale. That's sensible. Thanks. At some point in the future it would be good to have an option to not rescale.
  3. When rescaling a spread at the moment I have to remember to select everything on the page, open the stroke panel, tick"Scale with object" - and then I can rescale. That would be a pain if I had 100 pages to rescale. t would be nice to have a tick box on the Rescaling panel to allow/disallow stroke scaling.
  4. Any chance you could attach an example afpub file?
  5. I'd check whether the image itself hasn't got the thin black line round it. Open it in an image editor & use very high magnification to look at the edge. If it has you could use the crop tool to remove it.
  6. Actually, you can collapse the panels if you double click the panel name. Its not quite as neat as Adobe s/w but it's okay.
  7. MickRose

    Power Duplicate should have a panel

    A grid step & repeat would be very useful too.
  8. MickRose

    PDF Editor

    Hi RenWaller - Publisher is very good for opening PDFs as long as you have the fonts within the PDF on your computer. If not, it will ask to use different fonts and this will almost certainly cause problems. On the odd occasion that I need to use OCR on a PDF I use Abbyy Finereader. It's not free but the OCR is pretty good. You could probably get a trial.
  9. If I click on the object, then export to JPG or PDF (selection with background or selection without background) - then I do get what you get. Other smart shapes give the same problem - I think it's nothing to do with joining objects. The problem seems to be that when you convert a smart shape to a text frame it keeps the existing fill and stroke. In the release version If I use the release version of Designer ( the fill and stroke are removed when converting to a text frame so the problem doesn't arise. In the beta version 258 when you select the object for exporting it only includes the frame that is within the vertical constraints of the text. When you select the object it should select the whole object including all the text and all the frame. I do think it is a bug. The only workaround I can see for the present is to duplicate the container before converting to a text frame and export both of them.
  10. I'm definitely seeing the Step into freedom. See screenshot from Acrobat. The lightening on the background picture is caused by the "Exposure adjustment" layer immediately above the photo. If you move it within the picture layer below it should be okay.
  11. I don't see a box missing in your PDF. Which is it? I don't see a clear border round the edge. What are you using to view the PDF file?
  12. I think this has been observed before. I don't seem to be getting it on beta 257 (using HP Laserjet P2055d printer) so maybe try this if you haven't already done so. Reflected text had also been a problem here but 257 seems okay so far.
  13. MickRose

    .netframe 4.7.2

    I thought it was January 2020.
  14. On Publisher 257, rotated boxes still print thicker when printed on my HP P2055D printer.
  15. Hi AdamW - I'm trying to reproduce this and all I'm getting is rotated boxes that print correctly! I'll persevere & send you a file if I can.
  16. Artboards in Designer can do things that Publisher can't, and I hope and assume these are kept.
  17. MickRose

    "Add" key joining shapes

    I can see why closed shapes are required. I think what I was looking for was Geometry/Merge Curves - didn't know it was already there!
  18. If I create the top 2 shapes with the pen tool, then press the "add" on the tool bar, the shapes get joined up. Strange.
  19. MickRose

    "Add" key joining shapes

    Seems to happen in the release version as well. I'm surprised I hadn't noticed it before.
  20. Is there a way to clone and move a selection destructively. Photoshop allows you to Alt move a selection for simple cloning. The only way I can see how to do this is to copy and paste a selection but that creates new layers which I then have to merge.
  21. I find this a bit fiddly to position the mask correctly in the layers panel. I prefer to select the photo, then create the shape with whatever tools you want, then right click the object in the Layers panel and Mask to Below. I'm using this feathering process a lot these days and it really is useful. You do need to make sure the mask shape is displayed as a child of the photo layer to ensure only the photo gets feathered.
  22. MickRose

    Faux italics print wrong

    Same problem here on a HP Laserjet P2055d which I think is pcl. Prints okay on postscript printers. I think there is also a problem printing reflected text on a pcl printer.