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  1. Can you export as eps and import that eps file into another program?
  2. Windows 10 Is there a way to change the default colour of the Publisher bleed box. At the moment it is a dark blue and I'd rather have it is red. I know it can be changed within a document but can it be set so it is red when creating a new document (not from a template)?
  3. Something which might help is to use the layers panel to apply a "colour" to selected objects. Do this in batches. Then at some point you can use Select Same to select objects. It sounds like a nightmare if a job. Would it help if you uploaded a bit of the file? Obviously that might not be a good idea.
  4. Have you tried shift clicking objects rather than dragging? Also, the wire frame & x-ray views might help.
  5. Hello Michael - it looks you have the square box as an inline graphic so you need to select it with the text curser and move it with the baseline shift within the Character Panel. Here it is set to -2pt.
  6. Looking at the Help file it seems moving table columns is correctly implemented. The Help file doesn't mention moving rows options.
  7. Windows 10 I dont know if this is different to V1 or not but it doesn't seem right. If I want to move a table column to the right and move other columns with it, I press the shift key and the top row header (to get the double arrows) and then move the mouse. If I don't press the shift key the columns either side of the mouse change size but not the others to the right. With rows however the situation is reversed - pressing the shift key only moves the horizontal line beween the 2 rows. If I don't press the shift key all the rows under the double arrow move up or down. Apologies if this has been mentioned before.
  8. In a way that is true but Serif has an unusual way of releasing upgrades. Version 1 came out over 3 years ago and since then there have been a lot of improvements and new features and all for free. So comparing version 2 with version 1.9 (or whatever the previous build was) is a bit unfair. At some point they have to get revenue so they release a new version and if people want it they have to pay for it. Presumably new free features will keep coming and people will decide to upgrade or not.
  9. Do you have Publisher? If you have, then you could create just a single object (of any complexity), then use Edit in Publisher and use the Data Merge tool with the single object nested inside an 8 x 4 grid or whatever else is needed. Change the top left object and all the grid objects change. Edit back in Designer and you can still change the top left object and the others follow suit. If you need to change the spacing or quantities of the whole group you would need to go back to Publisher.
  10. Hi @big smile I think it can be done. I have attached 3 files. "4 page document.afpub" was used to create the "4 page document.pdf" file. A new document was created "NEW DOCUMENT.....afpub. This has a Master Page A and also a Master Page B which is inside Master Page A. The PDF file "4 page document.pdf" is placed on Master Page B. All pages are tagged with Master Page A. Go to Page 2 and use the Layers panel to right Click on Master B, change to Edit Detach, then click on "4 page document.pdf" to change the page number to page 2. Repeat for the other pages. The original PDF on Master B can then be moved and scaled and this will change the 4 pages in the document. It's a bit fiddly but not too bad. NEW DOCUMENT WITH PDF ON MASTER B.afpub 4 page document.pdf 4 page document.afpub
  11. Hi @AustralopithicusWhy don't you create a new document based on about 10 pages of your original document, change your text to dummy text but keep the same formatting etc, upload this new document to this forum along with the required typographic/page spec. etc.
  12. I opened the file in Acrobat and it is a path (which should be cuttable). Are you sure the file uploaded to this forum is the same file sent to the printer? If it is, then I wonder if the problem is with the printing company. Also, perhaps the printing company need the path to be a specific colour.
  13. I think the problem is that you have grouped the 50k labels. If you group text blocks you can't change the font. I would just create a text style, select the 50k city labels (don't group them), apply text style. Then change the text style if you want to.
  14. Hi @Washishu - I think it is a known issue that "Fit to printable" and "Shrink to printable" don't work. As to your point as to why use Shrink and Fit options, I wonder if the "Fit" option is for enlarging.
  15. Hi @SallijaneG - if you have found a workflow which works then stick with that. If you can find out exactly why it works then thats a bonus. Clipping paths are pretty common in PDF files - they are usually created when the PDF is created rather than at the design stage.
  16. Hi @SallijaneG I suspect your issue with the black background is not related to the initial post on this thread. The PDF you attached does have a clipping path which corresponds somewhat to where the black backgroud is using the Wordpress Media Library. What preset did you use to create the PDF? I made a PDF using PDF 1a 2003 and that clipping path wasn't there in the new PDF, so that might be worth trying.
  17. I can create that behaviour if an original document was created in Publisher and then "Edit in Designer..." is used. Do you have Af Publisher?
  18. I assume the image was created in Illustrator. AI does open the file without a problem. It is pretty complicated so I'm not surprised Affinity software gives up.
  19. Hi @arking116 - I don't understand what you mean. The afdesign file you provided uses artboard sizes of 111 x 144 inches. The PDF created from the file is the same size. Are you printing with a "Scale to fit"? I have tried printing "Scale to fit" from AfDes and from Acrobat and I also get the Acrobat print to be smaller. Maybe Acrobat and AfDesigner have different ways of calculating Scale to fit.
  20. Or CtrlShift to move the object until it snaps, then flip horizontal
  21. A layer that says (Frame Text) normally means the text frame is empty. You could copy and paste on to a new document to see if there is content.
  22. I get the same problem using the Windows 10 Taskbar. The recent files list shows exported PDFs as well as afpub files.
  23. What is clear to me is that most third party plugins for adobe software are now subscription based, so the real cost of running CC software is even higher than just the Adobe rental for many users.
  24. Hi @tammyt1092003 There are various websites which will convert MS Publisher files to PDF files. These can then be opened with reasonable success into Affinity Publisher.
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