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  1. I haven't found out what exactly causes this issue and thus can't reproduce it. I'll upload a file as soon as I find out what's happening exactly. When it rendering stops working, zooming doesn't help at all. Additionally, if the rendering is broken, so is the layer panel basically freezing APu. Worth mentioning: The tables I use are inlined with text (Wrap Style "None", no margins). I found that forcing a reflow by resizing the text area the tables reside in fixes the issue.
  2. Thanks for confirming! Yeah my headings were filled using Section Name references: This created empty bookmarks. I think this would be a great feature to consider, to allow the ToC to create Bookmarks on Fields (the current value they have). Refreshing a ToC then also refresh the Bookmark's name based on the Fields value.
  3. Were you able to confirm this behavior? My current document iteration has the same problem (again). I think it has to do that the headings are actually Fields referencing the current Section Name. This creates Bookmarks without a value, and APu crashed or can't export. Removing "h1" from the TOC or not using Fields works.
  4. Sometimes, especially when manipulating text flow or other tables, tables stop being rendered completely. They are still there - I can select them, but they are basically invisible: Also, selecting the table in the Layer-Panel is *extremely* slow and eventually caused max CPU utilization (it didn't recover from that) ending in a complete freeze of APub
  5. I'm writing an RPG and I wanted to find a better way of styling the following paragraphs. Right now I have 1 Text Area for each Attribute, with 2 columns: 1 column for the image, and the other for the paragraph. Before that I was using tables, but found they were lacking control about the spacing between each paragraph. Is there a better way to achieve this?
  6. I think the problem was related of my ToC creating Anchors for all the Paragraphs in the Document, which might have been too many for Affinity Publisher to handle when exporting. I removed those Anchors and I can export now even with Bookmarks included.
  7. When exporting, or even just exporting with "Include Bookmarks" crashes Affinity Publisher while "Calculating", as well as when the Export process is about to finish. "Include Hyperlink" works. Crash dump is attached. For a copy of the file that causes the crash please provide me a dropbox URL. ead267bb-0915-4ba5-9f19-b0420c684df7.dmp
  8. Can you edit a saved package? I tried editing the .afpackage, it will show [Modified] but "Save" is greyed-out.
  9. When changing Tools there is a small spike (~10%) in CPU and GPU activity, but that is to be expected. I've tried the following, but that did not help: Disable Snapping Disable Text Style Preview Opening a new document using Ctrl+N (what I'm I supposed to do here; create a new document and load my current document?) Creating a new document, closing the work document, and loading it doesn't help Seems like, this performance degradation applies to APu globally. Only restarting seems to help. Close the Asset Panel What I'v
  10. I'll try to investigate further and narrow down the origin of the problem.
  11. @Gabe I will try to reproduce it in a new document. Is there some developer snapshot I could use that has extended logging or something similar so I can help you provide more information? EDIT: I think you actively have to use APu in order for the performance to degrade. Just having it open is apparently not enough. If you keep changing the focus of text areas, tables, and switch back and forth from the Move Tool, Text Area Tool and Table Tool, the performance gets worse and worse. Interestingly this doesn't seem to be a linear degradation, but affected by certain actions only.
  12. @Gabe Uploaded a file and also a screen record. Here's a summary of what the issue is or how it occurs (once it can occur). Click on Text Area with Text Area Tool Click outside of the Text Area. Change Tool to Move Tool Click the Text Area HANGS for 1-2 seconds. Generally speaking, changing Tools and clicking a Text Area has huge perfomance problems. But as I said, this only happens when Affinity Publisher is open for a while.
  13. @Gabe Thanks for getting back to me! Well it only occurs after ~2 hours of working with the document. The more I edit tables, text areas, etc. the slower it gets. Last time I worked on my document for about 3 hours, and clicking took >1 second to actually focus the object I was clicking on. I can still attach my document, if you send me a dropbox link, but I don't think you'll find that there's something wrong with the document. As I said, it looks like there is some kind of memory leak that degrades performance.
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