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  1. I've found two things, which I previously has used a lot, which are missing or more difficult in Affinity Designer; 1. There should be easier to read the colour you have selected. Now I have to select the colour and click on the "Fill" colour to see the name. That's one unnecessary click. 2. There should be a way to compare colours. Sometimes I would like to find a PMS colour which is similar to another colour. 2a. Affinity Designer should be able to suggest a similar colour 2b. There should be a way to compare two colours; when I pick a colour there should be a visual representation of that colour beside the colour I'm selecting to find a similar one, to have a side by side comparison.
  2. Hi, I've made a master pixel brush stroke in a selected colour, which I've duplicated into several copies. I would like to change colours on the duplicated copies. After reading and testing for a while I was able to change the colour of one the duplicates by pressing "adjustment" > "recolour..." and it was recoloured to the brush colour which had been selected. I thought I've found how to proceed, so I selected a new colour, and made a new "recolour...", but affinity change the stroke to the same colour as of my first "recolour...." even though a new colour was selected? So, now I'm stuck again. How do I change colour of a pixel brush stroke? (Is it just me or is affinity a little bit unintuitive (or illogical) in the way processes are put together? Using
  3. Thank you, it solved one issue. But, I'm experiencing that the size is not relative to the size of the photo. Which will force me to adjust the size of the crop manually, which again will make the size of the products, in each photo, appear differently (if I'm not lucky with my manual adjustments). So, is there a way to make the fixed resample crop relative to the size of the photo? (When shooting product photos the position of the product, the distance between the camera and the product, and the zoom is fixed. Which will make the size of the product, in each image, relative to the size of the image, more or less similar.)
  4. I searched for "Resample mode" but didn't find anything with that phrase.
  5. Thank you. Yes, cropping, but not batch jobs. I would like to see the possibility to set a fixed crop size instead of entering them manually each time. After a product photo shoot you have bunch of images you would like to crop. Entering the crop size manually take too much time....
  6. Hi, I'm having a lot of images which need to be cut in same size. Is there a way to make the cut size fixed i affinity photo?
  7. It's very common to receive a text based design manual. Opening it w/o proper font installed will make the manual unuseful in the design process. Opening PDF documents in Affinity Design should prompt for importing text as fonts or curves.
  8. Is there a way to open and edit an image in photo, directly from designer?
  9. I would just like to chime in here, as a "tester" coming from CorelDraw too. As a designer I use pages as a scrap book; when designing a new theme, logo or similar I start working with ideas, then I 'm used to open a new page to work more on some of the ideas, then a new page to work more on even less ideas, and so on. Then i may use one page for keeping fonts which I find relevant for the project, another few pages for icons, etc. A typical logo workflow will contain at least 10 page with different parts of the process to the final product. With Affinity it seems like I have to open a new document for each step in the process, which will make it really messy, in my world at least.
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