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  1. I confirm that hardware acceleration is ON and working smoothly. Gerarbara
  2. As you requested, I have opened a number of RAW files from both my Sony A6700 and A7RIV and there are no artefacts in any of them. Whatever you have done, has appeared to fix it for me. Thank you. Gerard Hopkinson
  3. I have just loaded the latest beta of AP and i still get the artefacts from RAW files taken by my Sony A7R IVA, as per the attached screenshot.
  4. I am already a beta user with My Sony A6700 issue appears to have been fixed. However, my Sony A7R IV RAW files show artefacts in the beta and stable 2.4.1, whereas they did not originally using a stable version. I don't know if this helps, but the artifacts, which comprise vertical lines in a block, move around the photo when viewed at different zoom levels. Gerard GAH04608.ARW GAH04641.ARW
  5. I have just edited a RAW file with my Sony A7R IV (not Sony A6700) and artefacts are being shown where they weren't in an earlier stable release.
  6. Thanks Patrick. The artifacts showed up in the recent stable v 2.4.1 but NOT in Beta 2.4.2 Many thanks. Gerard Hopkinson
  7. I have loaded RAW files from a Sony A7R IVa which has been supported for some time and never had artefacts before but, in Photo 2.4.0 they are there.
  8. It seems that the disappearing cursor has been fixed by a Windows 11 update, in which there was previously a bug and nothing to do with Affinity Photo. I am now on Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 26085 [Input] With this build, the recent issues with the mouse cursor disappearing, and other recent issues related to the mouse cursor behaving abnormally should be fixed. My cursor no longer disappears using these tools! Gerard Hopkinson
  9. I have updated my Nvidia graphics driver and restarted the computer. The issue remains the same. I have updated my Nvidia graphics driver and restarted my computer. The issue remains the same. Gerarbara
  10. Thank you for your prompt reply. I have attached a video and screenshot of the performance settings. I have disabled hardware acceleration and the issue remains. Incidentally, changing the Hardware acceleration setting prompts a restart, as you will know. It would be nice if the application could restart automatically. This is a VERY minor issue at it is not required often. Just a finishing touch! 🙂 Gerard Hopkinson Missing cursor.mp4
  11. I am trying to make a selection with any selection tool (except Selection Brush) and the cursor disappears over the Background Grey and image. This makes it impossible to make a section using these tools. This is the same on all images. Using Photo 2.4.0
  12. I used to be able to do this in Serif PagePlus. Why the retrograde step?
  13. Serif PagePlus used to this. It was a very useful feature. Rather than delete some text to get the article/passage to fit a frame, the text would automatically chanfe size which was great so long as the change was negligible.
  14. Photo 2.4 has recently included compatibility with RAW files for Sony A6700. On first try loading a RAW file, there are strange coloured artefacts in various parts of the photo. I have turned of warnings for clipped highlights and shadows, but they remain. If the file is developed then reloaded to the develop persona, the artefacts are gone. A6700340.ARW
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