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  1. Bonsoir Quand j'essaie de faire une fusion de données avec un fichier excel sur une petite plage de 10 ou 15 dans un fichier de 170 enregistrements Affinity publisher se ferme automatiquement . Merci
  2. Hello, when I try to switch a document from photo to designer ( 1.8.6 Mac) and do some work and when I try to switch to photo an error message appears " can't switch to photo" and when I try to save the file I can't save it both!
  3. Hello i woulld sugest if you can add more button actions to the guides pannel , it have only add and delete but if yiou can add duplicate button or new guide without insert them automaticly, sothing like : guides -> add guide and the prompt a dialog box instead of creating a guide on the center all time Thanks Massinissa From Algeria
  4. hello gays When I working on multiple artboard document its dificult to see layers on the layers pannels because oWe have all objects of all Artboards showed ; i wont if you can Add a separately Artboard Panel Or Add a functions to Layers panel to activate " Sow only selected Artboard panel " To See only layers on the Artbord selected Thanks , Its the best designer software i have bought PS : Sorry for the poor english am from algeria
  5. Hello , What's the plugin's for masking that work with affinity photo 1.8 ? ( topaz or Akvis ?) ?
  6. Hello I have a problem I do not know why metal does not use the Nvidia graphics card, just intel, Thanks
  7. Hello everyone I found a problem when u try to rename something else in the layer panel the text apply without my confirmation, I type and the first letter the name apply automatically without any enter or confirmation operation
  8. Hy :) I working with a document on affinity publisher with bleed 3 mm , and I have made the background as placed affinity designer document but the placed doc has not the bleeds and I don't know how to include those bleed when I import document as a linked :)? Thank's you :)
  9. Hello , I working currently with a manufactured drink's company on Algeria and i would release all tickets and packages using affinity suite , the problem is the Arabic support because that packages comport Arabic descriptions for product's , Am using in design but i have bought license for all affinity suite and i would work with on all my future and current projects ; Thank's Guy's
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