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  1. There will shortly be elliptical picture frames as a basic object too (you are welcome)
  2. Hi, We are pleased to announce the Windows release of Affinity Designer , version 1.6.5 FIXLIST The changes in Affinity Designer for Windows 1.6.5 over the last ADe patch 1.6.4 are as follows: - Fixed Document Setup dialog failing to show correct Height and Width values when switching between portrait modes - Fixed incorrect colour from CMYK waterfall model - Improve Microsoft Dial support - Improve PDF import - Fixed resized floating panel not sticking when swapping to a different panel - Fixed crash when dragging artboards - Fixed floating window panels to remember their width as well as height - Fixed Colour Picker shortcut not working with Surface Pen - Improved performance of shutdown - Fixed Leading Override (Character panel) and Paragraph Leading (Paragraph panel) key modifier inconsistencies - Fixed empty gap at the bottom of the font size dropdown - Fixed crash when we can't identify any font families in a font - Fixed Pen point being placed when panning with spacebar - Added missing "Scrubby Zoom” - Fixed Space bar panning with the paintbrush tool placing nozzlesFixed tool handle selection with touch input - Fixed SVG export to avoid exporting spurious groups - Fixed pressing escape key on font size context toolbar editor not returning focus - Added option to prefer metafile over raster with per-application default (default to on) - Fixed main window closing on second monitor not appearing at next start - Fixed Adjustments panel starting below the visible window - Fixed Print dialog not defaulting to current selected artboard - Fixed Transform panel fields losing focus when using arrow and shift+arrow keys to increment/decrement values - Fixed intermittent crash when using the Pen Tool - Fixed drag dropping a PNG file into the document locks the file - Fixed rendering issues with custom display scales between 125% and 150% - Fixed crash pasting into Microsoft Paint - Fixed dialogs not appearing on second monitor - Fixed margins not being set for new artboard documents - Fixed keyboard shortcuts becoming disabled after pressing Escape in the Pressure dialog - Fixed move up/down in the Assets Panel not correctly enabling after moving a category that is first or last - Fixed Embed Assets in Current Document selection state being reversed - Fixed colour conversion of bitmaps during vector export - Fixed adjusting line pressure being laggy - Fixed deleting a node on the stroke pressure editor not updating the document - Fixed New Document dialog not being aligned nicely - Fixed rotating nodes not being remembered - Fixed editing a Curves Adjustment preventing you from using Keyboard Shortcuts to add additional - Fixed unable to type after tabbing when editing a swatch value - Fixed RGB slider field getting a dotted outline when tabbing into it - Fixed pressing delete with a stop selected on the Gradient Flyout deletes the object, not the stop - Fixed sporadic crash when sizing text frames to fit - Fixed editing a guide in Guides Manager not correctly changing selection - Fixed adding colour to swatch causes crash - Fixed shaking a floating panel minimizes other panels - Fixed fill layers built-in masks are broken - Fixed export area dropdown not working like the macOS version - Fixed Pen tool to add snapping while restart dragging under Pen mode - Numerous other fixes and stability improvements. REGRESSIONS There is one known regression in this build over the previous release 1.6.4 (available here), sorry for this inconvenience - Artboards in embedded .afdesign file do not export to PDF Please do not post bugs or problems that you find when using this version of the software in this thread, instead make a new thread in the Bugs on Windows section For purchases from the Affinity Store the software, each time you start the software it will check for updates and offer any available update, or it can be downloaded from here For purchases from the Microsoft Store are done automatically (next time you run after it is available in the store)
  3. It's the wrong thread. This cannot be addressed in this thread and will be overlooked here. Please post this in Discussions & Suggestions
  4. In the recent mac builds of Affinity Publisher beta ( builds and we have introduced an auto-update technology that we are expecting to roll out across the 1.7.0 release builds of the Affinity range. We are in the process of testing it thoroughly and as part of the process to check it works for all our customers we have created a new build and made (small download size) updates to this build. If you are running the Mac build of the Affinity Publisher Beta we would really appreciate you updating from or to this new build Build (deliberately) has no fixes and no new features over, it's just a higher version number solely to test auto-update. Therefore it has the same fixes as over, but it gives us a chance to test updating from 2 different start points to a destination that is only available through auto-update. After updating to please reporting here on your experience, good or bad. Thank You, Patrick Connor Head of Quality Assurance Serif Europe Limited
  5. @dsporty1988 Welcome to the Serif Affinity forums. This customer forum concentrates on the Affinity range of software. The Plus range are supported on CommunityPlus and the answer to your question can be found here https://community.serif.com/forum/customer-services/4914/registering-serif-legacy-software
  6. Please don't apologise. I meant that if we need help with this we will have to come back to you (next week?) due to short numbers here today, so I just meant for you not to stick on build .139 in the meantime waiting to help us. Perhaps that's what you meant anyway (that you are willing to go back to an earlier build and reinstall again if it helps), my mistake.
  7. Thanks Rick G we cannot look at this today and so I think that you just using the build is a better use of your time for now. p.s. your Publisher version in your Signature is a bit out of date, (and animations are no longer allowed in signatures)
  8. A later release is now available here or pinned to the top of this forum This thread is now locked
  9. A later release is now available here or pinned to the top of this forum This thread is now locked
  10. Patrick Connor

    Tea cup illustration

    Yeah, I know right!
  11. Patrick Connor

    Thumbnail not displayed on OnDrive Folder

    ???you don't get a more important Affinity Dev than Mark. He is a Senior Affinity developer here in his spare time (because he cares)
  12. Thanks for the kind words, but this is a very fluid time in the development process (60+ new fixes will be in this week's beta build alone, hopefully available tomorrow). To other readers of this thread, the main reason why we would not suggest that any beta build is used for Production use is that we are not necessarily save/load safe. We cannot guarantee that files saved in one beta will load into the next. So you risk losing access to your production work ( unless you stick with that build ) Now while we try really hard to make sure we do this ONLY if we have to, but the beta may find problems that can only be solved with a feature rethink. So please do try out Affinity Publisher to mock up your work but be aware that until the product is for sale the file format may (very small chance but may) change irreversibly without prior warning. We would never do this to paying customers and would always honour files created in official release builds.
  13. The Affinity Publisher 1.7 free public beta is now available for Mac and Windows. Please go to the Affinity Publisher page and press the "Download for Free Now" button to add it to an affinity store basket.
  14. Not initially in single page spread documents you can have a mixture of portrait and landscape pages but all pages on a spread have the same orientation.i will ask again about single spread view,as I can see why 90° rotation is a useful in this case, but not really the topic of this thread so I split it off.
  15. Songbird12, Welcome to the Serif affinity forums Does this work for you? all pages on one spread have the same orientation.
  16. Well that is not what anyone else has reported. Please let us know if this ever happens during the beta
  17. Thanks,let us know if it happens again please
  18. Yes, that would be great, we understand. PagePlus code was 25+ years in the making with between 3 and 7 staff. Its not been possible to add "all the facilities" that our Plus range had into the Affinity range yet. Over time more features will be added, including some that required the start from scratch approach in order to be achieved, like file interchange with Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo and multi-OS support. Consequently we acknowledge that the new suite is not a 1-2-1 replacement for PagePlus, PhotoPlus and DrawPlus and the Affinity range needs assessing on it's own merits.
  19. Sorry, I don't know how to answer that... we have other plans, but an After Effects type program is not part of them. It's like asking whether we plan to write games software.... No we don't.... Why? because its not part of our plans is the best I have.
  20. I understand that rotating the publication will not be available by release in Publisher, (it's an oversight at the moment). At the very least an option will be added to Preference (which I want the ability to rotate to be disabled by default)
  21. @daerob Welcome to the Serif Affinity forums In the Text menu you can currently also insert .txt and .rtf files. You can open or insert .PDF files and we are working towards opening/inserting .docx and .idml formats.
  22. Your results see to have ads turned off or not showing. Also the signup url is an old method and now redirects to the basket rather than 404. There is a link to the trial in the footer at the bottom of these pages affinity.serif.com/designer/desktop/ affinity.serif.com/photo/desktop/ When we pay for google ads we can make the button more obvious at the top thus affinity.serif.com/designer/desktop/?trial=1 affinity.serif.com/photo/desktop/?trial=1 When customers ASK for the trial we give them a direct link to a basket (and for some google ads search results) affinity.store/get/designer/trial/ affinity.store/get/photo/trial/ When on social media I will sometimes use shortened links so if those URLs above change in the future the social media post remains true (as the link can be edited at our end) affin.co/designertrial (direct basket link for someone who has made up their mind) affin.co/designertrial2 (marketing page link for someone who needs more info) affin.co/phototrial affin.co/phototrial2
  23. No need for a new topic. It was an intentional change. We removed baseline grid from the main toolbar as it was not a sensible place for it. This lead to an odd icon showing (that was not meant to be there) that the reset has got rid of.
  24. We agree this behaviour needs looking into to see if it can be improved. I will discuss this with the PDF expert when he returns from a holiday. Thanks for the report and I will get back to you when I know more.
  25. Yes, that is what it means. Both are now available options, whichever suits the customer. It is the case because we want it.... For a while the only way to sell to corporate and schools is to license outside of the Mac App Store who do not do bulk license options. The same software that schools have had for a while is now available to anyone. There are only a few differences because of not being sandboxed, but this thread is really not the place for that discussion.