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  1. It should be immediate, if you mistyped the email address you could fill it in again. Perhaps the place to start is an email to affinity@serif.com
  2. @JoseLuisCR Welcome to the Serif Affinity forums I do not think that your problem is the same as the one above, as all these users are exporting on macOS Ventura beta, which is a new problem, whareas you say that you are printing to PDF on macOS 12.5 Please make a new thread where your problem can be discussed and hopefully sorted for you
  3. ...only in that we promise not to make a Linux specific version.
  4. Sorry, @Cavalier that seems to be an oversight. I was asked to check the wording of the T&C's and we seem to have overlooked specifying the voucher is for purchases from the Affinity Store. We cannot offer vouchers for the iPad Store, Mac App Store or Microsoft Store, and so the voucher being Affinity Store specific could certainly have been mentioned. You can put it towards content if you have the applications you want.
  5. Help us improve our customer experience by taking our new survey Hi Patrick, Throughout the development of Affinity, we’ve relied on valuable feedback and suggestions from our customers provided through our forums, emails, social media and face-to-face at events. Now, we’re opening up another channel for you to share your feedback, and as a thank you for completing the survey you’ll be entered into our free prize draw, where five lucky survey-takers will win an iPad Air (with an accompanying Apple pencil). The aim of our new customer survey is to gather information on a range of topics, including what you create with Affinity, how you use software generally and how you prefer to pay for your software. The answers you give will help us improve our overall customer experience, which is at the heart of everything we do. We’re also giving everyone who takes part in the survey the option of claiming a 25% discount* to use on our website—and we’ll need your email address to send you that and enter you into the free prize draw. You’ll be able to use the discount on software or add-ons such as brush packs, filters and macros, until the end of August. START SURVEY There's no obligation to participate or to share your email address with us. Either way, we appreciate all your support. Thanks again, The Affinity Team *For T&Cs please visit affin.co/survey22tc
  6. @Old Bruce, @Xzenor, @Kokosz, @v_kyr I have split this discussion from the original thread. Hope that is OK To ALL Readers. The Survey has terms and conditions which are VERY IMPORTANT. For example anyone eligible who fills it in (and provides their email address) will get a 25% discount voucher, but only those in eligible countries can win one of the 5 iPad Airs. For T&Cs please visit affin.co/survey22tc The Customer Survey has been sent to everyone we plan to send it to. There may be subsequent emails sent in German and Japanese. If you have not had the survey arrive in your inbox, you can simply fill it in here Below is the exact wording of the survey email
  7. Er, no they're not https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/71071-latest-affinity-releases-on-each-platform-by-store/&do=findComment&comment=900041
  8. Oh, it could be personal actually, anonymous but "personal" is my best guess, I'll find out.
  9. See if yours is in your spam folder. Subject is "Have any feedback for us? Take our new customer survey to share your thoughts."
  10. The URL is not personal but it's meant for Serif users so better not shared widely on social media. If you didn't get one try this https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSc5jIVqW6guaWjDObnVsOa9ZZeuF_o0TmLd-yTadM62k7sGwA/viewform
  11. From affinity@serif.com if you opted in to communication from us
  12. @Len Schofield Welcome to the Serif Affinity forums Serif have not supported MoviePlus feature unlocking for years, sorry there is an explanation and some instructions here if you happen to have an old computer where it worked. Otherwise it is no longer possible
  13. ...well, that's because to talk to their audience many journalists started their articles by asking "Is this app the Adobe killer?" It's a shorthand way of describing the software that has led to the expectations. You cannot blame people for having that expectation when it is used so often to describe it to a new audience
  14. sorry, @Artcraft although many of the consequences of the change were fixed in 1.10 there are still some fields that are not acting correctly in 1.10.5. I understand that it may still be a problem in our latest internal builds. Can you confirm which OS you are on and whether this only happens when you press the decimal on the NumPad at the right of the keyboard or when you use the normal comma also? (myref: APL-1346)
  15. Thanks for the mock-up. An updater app running in the background has been suggested before, particularly useful given StudioLink and how the apps are best kept in sync.
  16. I do keep an eye on this thread When a new version is released that supports new cameras, that thread will be posted to. Realistically our internal RAW engine is based on LibRaw and they have just released a beta 0.21 described here https://www.libraw.org/blog/1 That update does support OMD OM1, but is not part of our suite yet. Serif don't normally adopt LibRaw betas, but once that becomes a release build it will likely be adapted into our next release. So goodish news, but some patience also needed, sorry. If you are using a Mac or iPad and update to a new macOS or iPadOS (later this year?) then Apple may add support for this camera in their Apple core image raw library which changes with each incremental OS release
  17. True (and interesting that it has a name, thanks), but it's also only fair to give some indication of the shape of the future, and particularly manage expectations.
  18. I regret using the word app I'm my post, I'm not sure that I've done it before (well perhaps I should say not deliberately rather than never). I was to trying to keep the post succinct and because it's called the "Mac App Store", it felt logical to call it an app, but in my opinion our releases are certainly better described as software applications. We did, as you say, need the MAS for our early success on Mac, because our Affinity Store was not ready to take money when the software initially launched, and the MAS allowed us to take money worldwide, albeit with a % going to Apple
  19. To ALL here: Please do not get personal with your replies. Express your opinions without criticizing others and certainly do not make personal attacks or question motives. It achieves nothing.
  20. Bardzo chciałbym to zrobić, ale jest to powyżej mojej klasy płacy, przepraszam. Cierpliwość zostanie nagrodzona
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