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  1. Hello, Is it possible to create a font with Affinity Designer, and then install it to my Windows 10 PC, and use it in Microsoft Word or other applications? (Without paying for a third party software) Thank you
  2. I don't know much about color formats and color profiles, so I could use some help. I have a project that I plan to get professionally printed. However, I tried printing on my home printer as well as FedEx Office and the colors are drastically different from my monitor (Dell UltraSharp U3415W PXF9 34" Curved LED-Lit Monitor). When printed, my purple looks like blue, and my light gray looks dark, etc. I have my document setup as Print-ready with CMYK/8 and all my colors have been created using the CMYK slider. This has been the case since I first started this document. So, I have a couple questions: 1. Am I doing something wrong? 2. What is a color profile? 3. How do I prevent this from happening when I get it professionally printed? (I think they want PDF, but may accept other formats) Thank you in advance! I attached a couple images of my Document Setup and CMYK Slider.
  3. Is there anyway to record/ write macros for Affinity Designer? I am creating a trading card game and it would be great if I could write a script to change the values on the card instantly, instead of the slow manual process. I was hoping I could write something where I input; name, damage value, life value, etc. then run the macro and the text updates. Does anything like this exist? thank you!