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  1. 15. August is also oke!
  2. This could be Your GPU or VRAM. This isn't good. So go back to the repairstore.
  3. Is it an idea to add a button or a checkbox that remembers the exportsettings. I will give an example. My original document is 1200x800 pixels. When i do an export to, let's say 300 pixels. Then i have to change the settings with every export to the desired 300 pixels. If i could 'freeze' the setting, then i would make a no errors on export. I would love it. So my original material is due no harm, but my exports are all te same with the frozen settings. If i uncheck it. Then the situation is normal. I use it to make a order of more frames with litle changes. And know i have to change the export settin every time. Perhaps more people would like it. Thanks.
  4. I want to thank Affinity to make such a great programm(s). I know, the bugs give a lot of trouble, but he, COMPLIMENTS to You all!.
  5. I use High Sierra, fourth beta, see enclosed image. In both beta's i can't export a document, enclosed pdf and opening in 300 dpi, to PNG with 1200 pixels width. Crashes again and again. The MAS versions don't crash. After the report of the crash, i can open the application again. Now the strange thing: Now i can export the file as PNG. Strange. Encloded the PDF, Sysinfo and the crash-report. It happen in AP and in AD, the latest beta versions. Not in the 1.5 MAS versions! logo-voorduurzaamvastgoed.pdf crash-report.rtf
  6. I have a wish that when i use the perspective tool with the extra handles between the corners. What they do? If You click at a middle point You can go left right, down or up without changing the corners. This will mike the use faster. If the perspective is good. But some parts do not fill/fill well, just use one handle. This speeds up the porecess. That is my idea. See encolosed image.
  7. It seems impossible, but i get three colorpicker zoomobjects on my screen. The colorpicker stays on top of the image. See enclosed screendump.
  8. Hi Chris, I did made a screenshot of a certain prt of the screen with CMD-SHIFT 4. Then i open AP beta, new, so it wasn't active. I open the screendump. Than pick the colorpicker. And there is stays on. The second time it does not show. So a screendump or part, start fresh AP, open the screendump, activate the colorpicker, and the effect is there again. Once on screen the colorpicker is persistent. See enclosed screendumps. Strange isn't it?
  9. I have just made an loadingtest. I picked three photo's of stock and did a loading test in both AP 1.52 and in AP 1.6.5 beta 5. There is somewhere a hickup in the beta. The size of the images is about 15MB each. Time for loading 3 photo;s in 1.5.2 took totaly 6.46 seconds Time for loading 3 photo's in 1.6.5(b5) took totaly 9.08 seconds. This is about 30% more loadingtime for the same photo's. I have tried more photo's and the time difference is getting bigger. Perhaps a bug....Please solve this.
  10. I'll try some other files. And i'll try een restart and news installation. Keep in touch.
  11. pruus

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta - 1.6.5 (Beta 5)

    Could someone please check this: i selected 5 JPEG’s and drop them in the Dock over AP, 1.6 beta 5. Then the message is shown on top of AP, loading. And this does take a very long time, very long time, longer than opening all 5 individual. The files were about 70k. strange...
  12. Which version AP or AD and which beta do you use?
  13. I have several scans of old newspapers. The newspaper background is yellow/brownisch by time. What simple steps can i take for many scans to correct that old by time newspapers?
  14. pruus

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta - 1.6.4 (Beta 3)

    I have also on High Sierra crashes. I made a new item with crashreport etc.
  15. In the MAS production 1.5 of both programms the problem rises with the iMac and High Sierra, build 10.13 bèta (17A291m) I thought it was only a problem in the beta's. But no. It's there. Pitty... See enclosed screendump with the eyedropper/colorpicker. The big circle stays on the screen. Strange isn't it? Restart didn't help. Reinstall also did not help. It's persistent. To inform: Just installed 4th beta version of High Sierra. Problem solved! Thank God.
  16. In the beta 3 of AD 1.6 i do get a bug on my iMac, High Sierra. When i use the eyedropper to pick a color. After picking a color the eydropper screen is still visible. And i can't get rid of it. Only a restart works. Till the next colorpick. See enclosed oe image with catched images of the problem. My system data are also in the image.
  17. Hi Herojas93. I have the third beta. I will delete this copy and install it again. Thanks! Just installed 1.6 beta 3 on the computer. Eyedropper problem still occurs. A pitty..... To inform others, SOLVED, i just installed the fourth betaversion of High Sierra!
  18. I do get problems in some photowork with straighten. See enclosed images. This occured in the latest beta of AP (1.6 beta 1) -AND I TOOK A CLOSER LOOK, IT WAS ALSO THERE- in the latest official AP 1.5.2. THIS IS NOT GOOD. When straightening the image i get a lot of errors. This is not good. See enclosed images. I also add the nog straigthened file.
  19. pruus

    Long save times when saving file first time

    Indexing spotlight and Photo takes some time. Let the machine stay on over night. I had made an switch from HD to SSD and that did speeds up things! Not only for Affinity...
  20. Why???? It's an great ecosystem; security, automatic updates, etc.
  21. Perhaps it's a steap learning curve. And what a joy of learning. If you set an extra computer with youtube next to your AP or AP computer than you can learn a lot in a very short time. After phase one you will get a smile on your face. Before you can run you have to learn walk.
  22. If i place a piechart and and want to change the hole dimension, width (see point 3 on attachement). I can only change radius in degrees (see point 1 in attachment) of the hole, not specify mm. Both is better. The pie has a meassurement in mm ( see point 2 in attachment). Is there a workaround? If no, than please add this function.
  23. pruus

    [AP/AD] RGB exported to PDF becomes CMYK

    Thats no bug. The PDF/x formats are' press ready' formats, and so allways in CYMK, a must.