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  1. There are a lot of tutorials. One I had followed and works is:
  2. Don’t sleep, make Affinity Product better and better. Thanks!
  3. The file is size:0 I think there has something gone wrong.
  4. Have you seen this? https://affinity.serif.com/en-us/tutorials/designer/desktop/video/499526496/
  5. Go with the cursor the the guide to add another click, the rulers are showing. After going to the document makes the guidelines disappear. The workaround is to click on another tool, then click back on the ruler to add a guideline. Now all works fine. I had send in this bug about 3 weeks ago. Pitty not solved.
  6. This is an know issue of the last update. You could install the beta of the program you need for printing. And than you can print. A nasty bug in 1.9!
  7. Thanks, I found one thing. If going to settings, the screen does not fit in an iPad mini. See screenshot. I can’t scroll to the bottom settings.
  8. And grouping text with different styles are working, as original, great! Icon -again- good size. Thanks! But clicking on Register, crash!
  9. Wel done! It’s getting better every time! 🖐
  10. Is there a shortcut for pasting text from Word or Excel to paste it like plane text, without styles, fonts, colors etc. from Wordtext. I can't find it.
  11. View guides is on in view. Starting with an new document. And than place some guidelines. Going back to the rules does vanish the guidelines. Clicking in the ruler makes them visible, but going back to the document, the guidelines are gone. After placing an object, circle or so, the problem isn’t there anymore. Only when starting a new document.
  12. I would like to add a title to a hyperlink, when hoover over an link to see some extra text. Would make Publisher better. I hope this could be possible....
  13. You have to choose the right layer for adjustment. Choose the image, and than add the highlight filter.
  14. Workflow to see this: Allways as i start up AP new, choose a A4, or other size paper, then i try to add guidelines. Then this happening.
  15. Workflow to see this: Allways as i start up AP new, choose a A4, or other size paper, then i try to add guidelines. Then this happening.
  16. When adding a guideline to a document the guideline is visible. If I move back to the ruler to add an new guideline, the guidelines disappearing. On the ruler the guidelines are visible again. guidelines.mov
  17. Sorry Sean, it is on the latest Affinity photo beta. I did put this in the wrong section. guidelines.mov
  18. If I hover the ruler, the guidelines are visible. When I go back to the image field, and try to change the perspective the lines are gone. Only the guidelines. The ruler shows the blue markings where the lines are, but not on the document.
  19. In the latest beta, i can put guidelines on the page. You see them in the ruler. But then the guidelines dissapear till you come with the cursor on the ruler. The guidelines are visible. When moving to the image, the guidelines are gone.
  20. I have all programs for IMac and iPad. The mail is for me an oppertunity to send to someone to come engaged with Affinity. I’m waiting for Publisher on. IPad. The version 1.9 makes it again better for my work. Go on and stay healthy!
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