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controlling when a dragged object jumps to another page - affinity publisher

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just joined the affinity club using Affinity published v2 :).

i ran into a small challenge rearranging my objects without them prematurely jumping to another page "in focus", issues is, when i rearrange ex. a large image and the center of the objects boundingbox enters the next/previous page, then the object automatically jumps to that page rendering it impossible for me to place material close to the top/bottom edges, i can manage to 'nudge' it into place, but as soon as i interact with it, it recalculate it's position and auto-jump to the page it determines to be in focus.

is there a way to disable the 'drag to another page/canvase" feature?

is there a way to change the settings of the dragging feature, so it only jumps to another page if the mouse cursor is over that page while dragging?

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Welcome to the forums @mads

I don’t think there’s a way to control which page an extra-large layer is on when it is being dragged but, in this case, you might like to try using a Picture Frame instead of just a simple Image layer.

By doing so you will constrain the image within the Picture Frame and that should make it easier to control, and you will have better sizing/placing options.

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thank you for the quick reply :).

i did use a picture frame but experienced the same behavior, i made a small test where i found, that if you use the "dragging icon" on the frame instead of clicking into the content then there's no issue, however this is a very frustrating workflow compared to other software solutions, where you can safely rely on clicking into and manage nested content without it jumping out of place, the 'jumping' also happens while scaling material which is extremely frustrating to say at least, this is not limited to images but also happens to ex. long text objects.

i really hope affinity would update/rethink the dragging feature so it only jumps to another page/canvas when the mouse cursor is within another page/canvas (not a hotspot of the object), for these types of software solutions it's all about quick and logic workflow as well as easy migration from similar solutions, i have found other quirks workflow issues with Affinity Published which i won't mention here, but it all adds up, especially when the standard UI of scaling/position/rotating seems to work perfectly outside this edge case scenario.

i have attached a small video to show the issue i am having

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Just came a cross this problem, it is frustrating.
One solution I found out is to use shape tool or picture frame, put the image/layer in it and make it really small and adjust the layer accordingly, then rescale it back up as big as wanted.. it worked with unlocked children. But wen it's already big, don't try to move the children otherwise it will jump again to other page.

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ended up using picture frames and adhering to using the navigational UI's, i feels like using a tool from the 90's :/, it is silly when you are able to jump into the frame and use the traditional image handles, that said, if you have a huge image within the frame using the scaling UI might actually be simpler than zooming all the way out to get access to the image handles, BUT this is an edge case scenario and should not dictate the odd jumping to another page, also i found that too often the UI's are suddenly misplaced and not working, instead the mouse clicks through to the underlying layer.
im sad to say, that this plus a bunch of other frustrations with the software, makes me unable to suggest affinity publisher, at least not for pro- or semiprofessionals, i really wish i could thou...

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  • Staff

Hi all,

Thanks for your report and our sincerest apologies for the delayed response here. We are exceptionally busy following the release of V2 and we thank you for your continued patience and understanding here.

I can confirm I have logged this with our developers, as I'm unsure if this was a purposeful change in V2 currently - however I can certainly understand how this could be unwanted behaviour.

I hope this helps :)

Please note -

I am currently out of the office for a short while whilst recovering from surgery (nothing serious!), therefore will not be available on the Forums during this time.

Should you require a response from the team in a thread I have previously replied in - please Create a New Thread and our team will be sure to reply as soon as possible.

Many thanks!

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  • Staff

The issue "Object changes page based on centre of bounding box and not cursor position" (REF:  AFB-7272 ) has now been fixed by the developers.
This fix is included in build (or later) which is already available as a customer beta and will be included in the next release.
Customer beta builds are announced here and you can participate by following these instructions.

If you still experience this problem once you are using that build version (or later) please make a new thread referencing this one.

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