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Found 548 results

  1. I have a video showing this bug in action. Basically when I try to group these items they get randomly thrown around in different places. Ungrouping them does not restore them to their original position. See attached video. affinity grouping bug.mp4
  2. Dear Affinity Team, I recently started using Affinity Designer for doing graphic design work. Unfortunately, I have encountered a bug making it challenging to complete my work. Issue: (please see attached 30 second videos) Affinity Designer will randomly start scrolling infinitely in one direction in the middle of working on my projects. Steps to reproduce: Exact steps are unknown. Seems to happen within about 30 mins of using Affinity Designer for me though, and it has happened every time I've launched Affinity Designer in the past two weeks. How I've tried to fix it: - Reinstalled macOS and Affinity Designer - Rebooted Mac - Reset NVRAM Still no luck. The only way to get the scrolling to stop has been to close my current document and re-open it. I would greatly appreciate any assistance in resolving this issue. Thanks, Stetson Doggett Affinity Designer Affinity Designer Bug Affinity Designer Bug
  3. I just updated my mac (10.12.6) and went straight to Affinity Designer to edit a file. I wanted to add an outline to a group of shapes which I have done before with no problems. However, when saving the file after adding an outline, every file type that I export has this giant black bar added beyond the outline. Even the Affinity file looks wonky when looking at a preview. However, once I have the file open in Designer, it looks fine despite the preview looking buggy. If I turn off the outline in the layer effects, the giant black bar goes away. What gives? Looks fine when active in designer: However, saving the file as a PNG, TIFF, JPG all open like this: Note the odd preview for the file despite it looking fine when opened in Affinity:
  4. Loading more than 3 files simultaneously cause the program to stop responding. I first noticed this when I tried opening 12 PGN files (1920x1080x24bit), each around 300kB by dragging them on the AP window. The message "Loading 12 documents" would stay on the title bar forever. Checking the activity monitor, the CPU cores are working intensively (350% CPU usage by AP) but 10minutes later nothing has opened yet. Eventually one has to force quit the program. Opening the files individually (one at a time) works fine; the same files open in milliseconds. Since then I've discovered that I can reproduce this problem with all PNG, and JPG files I've come across and the problem is present even through the File->Open command. The strangest thing is that as long as I select up to three files, there is no problem. Doesn't matter which files! The moment I add one more file to this selection, it doesn't work. There are some rare instances that I will be allowed to open more than 3 files at a time, but this is not something I can reproduce consistently. I got the impression that 4+ files might open if the splash/welcome screen of AP is still displayed(!), or if there are other documents open already in AP, but it doesn't seem to always work - this may be just coincidence. I never had such a problem in any other version of the beta (not sure about beta 5 though since I never really tested it). It seems to be similar to this issue by user @MikeFromMesa even though he was using an older version. I've included 4 PNG files that cause the program to lock on my computer (2011 21.5" iMac - macOS Sierra). I hope this helps! -Fotis
  5. Modals (such as the Document > Resize Canvas or the File > Export...) should be dismissible with the Esc key. This works fine if you bring up such a dialog and do nothing (or choose something from a dropdown) - it works as long as you don't give focus to some input box (by using the mouse). After doing that, pressing Esc key once exits the inputbox, but pressing it again won't dismiss the modal at all. The Esc key can no longer dismiss the dialog. (It's minor bug of course, but one that deters from the smooth experience - it breaks "the flow" when you work;-) ) Hope this helps -Fotis
  6. Bug on Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer (tested on latest beta and MAS versions): pressing undo (Cmd+Z) while the File->Export... dialog is active, acts on the document and not the dialog! Moreover after toying with undo, the image exported is inconsistent (it's not the final history state, but some times it's neither the state that the user sees on his/her monitor after the undo operations). Shortcuts such as Cmd+A (on AD) ,Cmd+Shift+Z (on both AP/AD), Cmd+I(on AP) also seem to work where they shouldn't. expected behavior since the export dialog is modal, no keypress while the dialog is active should affect the underlying window. Cmd+Z/Cmd+Shift+Z/Cmd+A should act on the inputboxes of the modal, or do nothing at all. I hope this helps!
  7. Affinty Designer when I press Save and the computer has no access at the moment to the storage medium e. g. in my case the network hard disk. So he gives an error message that he cannot save and closes the unsaved file.... The solution would be: instead of closing the file without saving it, it should simply leave it open. This allows the user to specify a location of his own. System: Windows 10 Affinity Designer:
  8. Open new document, create a new layer, move the new layer below background. It crashes instantly for me.
  9. Expected Behaviour: The number in the "export-slices" button gets updated when de- or relesectin a slice to be exported with the checkbox next to it. Actual Behaviour: The corresponding number shown in the lower right "export slices"-button does not get updated and stays at the number of slices selected when opening the document. Reopening the document then updates the number.
  10. More->brush->dynamics->select a curve to adjust. The pressure curve adjustments for brush settings seem to be broken. I cant move the points at all, and they get haphazardly added when clicked on.
  11. I am trying to make a selection of a dog. When trying to refine the selection of fur, which it's not doing very well at, and to add to that, at some point it crashes, every time. I have just had to restart the app at least 4 times. When it crashes it goes into "refining selection" screen with the wheel spinning but it never stops. The first I gave it several minutes to see if it would finish. It did not. This is not a super complicated situation. It's getting very frustrating as I'm trying to get a project finished and every time I have to quit I lose the work I have already done. Using the the latest version of Affinity Photo on a new iPad Pro 10.5. Update: I have just left Affinity running to see what would happen. It was running over 30 minutes and still showed "refining selection" screen.
  12. Example: Import AI or EPS file directly from ZIP/RAR via Drag'n'Drop Expected Behaviour: Corresponding file opens up as new file inside the active window of affinity designer. Actual Behaviour: Error message occurs "File not found" with path "C:/Users/Username/AppData/Local/Temp/SomeSortOfHash/" - file is not imported.
  13. Discovered a small bug: create a new document of the type "Print (Press-Ready)" select the Vector Brush tool and paint something () select the move tool (the painted object gets selected automatically) from "Brushes" select any different style from "Styles" select any style press ctrl + z Expected: you see the previously selected Brush line style Is: the object gets invisible In history you see all 3 steps. Even if you switch between the steps the object stays invisible for the step "Set linestyle". Update: this doesn't happen with the document type "Print"
  14. Hello fellow AP, I was experiencing some serious crashing when trying to exit <- to the main menu. Ipad pro 12.9 2017 iOS 11. AP I made some adjustments in the adjustments menu, section general. I reduced the undo limit to the minimum 8 and set autosave interval also to the minimum. After that I opened a 6000*4000 16bit rgb image. I put every adjustment layer on top. After that I started to add live filters. After having all adjustment layers on there an having added six live filters the processing started to slow way down, but no crashing. I can now easily return <- home. Exporting or flattening this file takes longer than I was willing to wait. After manually having merged all layers I enden up with a 280MB PSD file or 22MB JPG. I need to experiment some more to see if this a long term solution. Please see if this reduces the crashing in your edits as I realy look forward to seeing this program become an industry standard. Peace
  15. Hi everyone, There is a bug in AD (and probably earlier versions) in which when choosing the Pixel preview mode on the top toolbar the artboard background and bounds slides off by a large amount. This offset affects slices in the export persona as well. It makes it pretty much impossible to work on pixel-perfect images as the Export persona will offset the artboard randomly too. Please view the attached file, Thank you.
  16. Like the title says. I’m unable to apply a spare channel to the alpha of an adjustment layer. The function is present, like on the desktop version, but it seems that the spare channels on the iPad version are all locked to target the background layer. When I select a different active layer in the layer’s studio, it doesn’t become the new target for the spare channels. As a workaround, I have to load the spare channel to the active selection, BEFORE loading an adjustment layer. Making the active selection the mask as the adjustment is being applied. That’s cool, but it makes it hard to A/B different spare channels as the alpha of an adjustment. Here’s what I’m trying to do on the iPad version:
  17. Hi, I have problem, that with AP my tablet (Wacom) works the other way round..... while Zooming it Scrolls and while Scrolling it Zooms.... no matter whether using the Touch Wheel or Touch On gestures. Other applications work fine, so the bug should be in the AP (Win), I have checked the settings twice..... Thanks Jindra
  18. How is AD unable to expand the stroke correctly on such a simple shape as below? File attached. Expand stroke.afdesign
  19. When ever I zoom in or out, or if i make the brush bigger and smaller, this happens. I have no clue what it is. It also occurs on other programs but it started up when I downloaded Affinity Photo on my laptop(for the first time)
  20. If you choose a filter via the menu Filters / New Live filter layer you get a complete list of live filters. If you use the drop down below the Layers module the list is missing 2 items Confirmations?
  21. Hello, I'm using Affinity Designer for sketching and I noticed that in Pixel Persona using the Paint Brush Tool with an alpha background results in a very "jagged" line (see first pic), doesn't matter which brush I'm using. This is solved by adding a white background pixel layer: since that the lines comes out super smooth and precise (see second pic), even if you delete the white background or you set it to "invisible". Can you solve it? Thanks! (I hope to have expressed myself in a comprehensible way!)
  22. In the liquefy persona the clone brush is not working. It does nothing. I keep getting the little assistant box telling me I must press ALT to select a clone ounce. I have of course done that. thanks
  23. Hey everybody, This is my first post on this forum so hello haha. now for the problem.... When i have a RAW image (it also does it with jpeg btw) that i am editing in Affinity Photo on the iPad Pro (IOS11) and i add the filter “Depth of Field” it works like a charm, but when i click on ✔️ to accept the effect on the layer, it just keeps on loading and loading... I let the loading screen on for 45 min LOL, so i can only say that affinity crashes when using the depth of field blur effect. What i have tried to fix it: - Uninstalled the app en reinstalled it: Nothing changed. - with only one layer (no other editing done): Nothing changed, same problem - Took different pictures to try: Nothing changed. So i come to the conclussion that it really is a bug that needs to be fixed soon. So that was problem 1, then i also have another things: - I am right handed, so when i use my pensil why is the undo button on the left corner? This is really enoying because i always have to get out of the working flow because i have to take away the pensil from the screen to undo. I think it would be wise to have multi touch like: two vingers tab = undo, three vingers tab = redo. - When i am traveling i always have a wireless external harddrive with me but i cannot save anything on there with affinity, opening yes but saving it to my drive no,... WHY?! I tried: WD Wireless Pro, Seagate wireless, Lacie Fuel not one of them worked to save my affinity files on. Yes, i know you can save it to the cloud, but when i am for example in Cuba for a job i don’t have internet.... In my eyes this is really a huge, epic fail and problem with Affinity Photo. This could be the photoshop killer for me but without this saving option it’s just another app and not a professional workspace. Is this changing in the nearby future? Are you guys going to fix this in an upcoming update? I really hope so because i would love to step over to Affinity in my professional work. - The patch tool, works sometimes but sometimes it’s very glitchy. When i select the part i want to change and i drag the pensil to place that i want it to take, it takes most of the time a completely different part on the image... uhhhh haha This makes the patch tool almost unusable and very unrealiable. - Multi-touch with your fingers I already said it somewhere but i think this is really a great and a huge miss. To touch with two finger the screen for let’s say a undo action would change alot for the better, take procreate 4 for example, they killed it with there multitouch and it works like a charm. - Saving options Yes this for me is really the most important part that needs to change and i ask you developers, Fix this please, because without the saving option to a wireless external hardrive, Affinity Photo is just another app and not a professional workspace. So i think this was it, i have to say after all the problems that i named i also need to say that i really love the program and i think that it has great and epic potential. I hope you guys have some answers for me and i think a lot of other people have the same questions and problems. Thank you guys for making this software available to us all, now let make it the best app in the world!! Warm greetings, Glenn
  24. I read the image file in the photo album, set the area, and clicked the cut menu. However, the selection is not cropped and the entire image is gone. iOS : 11 App version : 1.6.5 device : iPad pro 12.9 2017
  25. hello, I just update to ios 11, and some of the functions like drag and drop didn’t work. So I removed A.Photo and downloaded againt. Now I can’t export to camera roll. Here’s the screen recording: