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Found 622 results

  1. Found a major bug when saving. Watch video:
  2. Strange numbers in CMYK color slider. (0-255 range)
  3. When using the layer blend mode pop out and wanting to scroll through the modes, it is visually glitchy and doesn’t show the results of the blend mode choice (like it used to) until a choice is made and you exit the pop out. You used to be able scroll through the modes and see the results as you scroll. iPad Pro iOS 11.2.2 Affinity Photo 1.6.5 thanks
  4. When I select the Crop-Tool in the Develope-Persona and press the cancel-Button i get an almost black picture. Additionally, I am back in the photo persona. I attached screenshots and the original Olympus raw file 880E9F0F-61A7-40E9-8EB7-D37C678E1945.orf
  5. For iPad 2017 iOS 11.2.2 Only 4 images can be add at a time. More than 4,crash the apps and need to start over. any workaround fixes?
  6. Hi! (First THANK YOU for affinity photo - one of my life happiest day was to uninstall photoshop) When I customize the move tool shortcut key to CTRL-t the move tool shortcut afterward is T tried : save shortcut keys load shortcut keys reboot affinity photo clear all and rince & repeat previous steps nothing seems to change the shortcut from T to CTRL-t (see attached screeenshot) Note that the shortcut ctrl-T is actually displaying in the keyboard shortcut UI - so it does record my change, saves and load it, it just doesnt change the actual shortcut. UPDATE : I've even tried for testing remapping the key "a" to "T" with the freeware autohotkey : works everywhere : pressing the key "a" outputs the key "T" in all softwares ive tried BUT AFFINITY PHOTO ?????? lost here... Regards, Remi Turcotte
  7. Every instance of trying to close down Designer i receive the message Unable to Close, Waiting for Document to open"..... I have reset everything I could within the program. I "repaired" program. I rebooted and restarted program I uninstalled and rebooted then re installed program.Still no go. The only way I can close the program is via Task Manager. Screen Dump attached.
  8. I downloaded Affinity Photo for Mac in late December. Everything was working fine. Then I must have hit some hidden short cuts because part of my panels went missing. I restored most of them by resetting the whole program; I am still missing the brush size, and when I work inside the LIQUIFY persona, I don't have the buttons on the upper left hand corner any more that read "confirm" and "cancel". So I can only click back to the other persona. I get an error message (see attached) "Please accept or abort the changes made in Liquify persona before changing to another persona" I can click "okay" or "apply". Okay brings me back to the Liquify persona; "apply" means the changes are applied. I cannot cancel changes made in Liquify anymore. :-( Any help? And is there any way to reset the whole program so all the tool bars look like "out of the box"? I used the reset on start-up, as described in this forum somewhere.
  9. I got the latest Version Update von AP ,but almost all the time when i try to export my adjusted Images like Mobile Phone Images or RAW Files and save to Disk, Photo stuck in the Processing Bar ,Freeze and crashing to "Debug" or Send Report Dialog Box.Happens way too much the Last 2 Versions ,killing my work im glad i create frequent saves and also AP do autosaves. Sometimes the Export Dialog peaks on my System to 100% every time i do something here.You call this Lag,some Problems are getting solved when i deactivate the embed ICC Profile on mobile phone Images, but no clue why also happen on my DSLR Stuff.I had no issues with this 2 versions before. Maybe it helps what Live Filters i normally use: -Unsharp Mask -Highpass -Levels and others i can't recall now. System : Same as Last time
  10. Helllo, guys. I'm new to the fórum and I'm using Affinity Designer since the beta for Windows. Since the beta I'm having trouble handling new fonts. Seriously, from update to update the fonts just don't work. I have to unninstall everything, losing my color palletes because we don't have na export tool. Today I've got very frustrated by wanting to use a very especific font from Google Fonts and I can't. I can't use Lato. I can't seem to find the reason why this is happening. Sometimes unninstalling Works, sometimes not. I've searched for this problem in other places, didn't find much. Nobody seems to be with this issue, but me. Do you guys have any idea why this is happening? I already tried launching the app with administrator rights, as well. No good.
  11. In Affinity Photo Mac the Colour Balance Adjustment Layer has a bug: the "Preserve luminosity" option does not work. It does not make any difference, while on iPad it works fine.
  12. I duplicated an artboard, then Affinity Designer crashed, and after that the document can’t be openened! Other documents open just fine. I attached the document and a crash report. Regards, Pascal PuzzleTime2MonkeysDesign_broken.afdesign crash report.txt
  13. Hi, When I resize a image I get a white border at the left side, but when I export the result has no border. When I do the same in Photoshop or Paintshop Pro 2018 they look perfect. Also the crop tool doesn't snap to the border of the document, this is a even bigger error! Regards, David
  14. It seems when opening an image and opening a New View and using crop tool to crop image, it leaves an extra gap of non-functional transparency on the right side of the image. I attached a video showing the behavior and how it is produced. This also happens when the View is on another monitor or when floating above the application (though Windows screen recorder won't catch this) This is reproduce-able in both regular retail and the beta version. Affinity_Photo_12_29_2017_3_31_49_PM.mp4
  15. Just try to click 'SALE' From my file . text_selection.afdesign
  16. test_export.afdesign Just try to export the 'Whole document' from my AD file and see the result .
  17. Hello forum, I'm running AP 1.6.6 from the App Store on a MPB with Mac OS X 10.13.3. I have the Google Nik Collection installed on my machine and enabled it as a plugin for AP. Other image editors on my machine are Photoshop CS 6 and Graphic Converter 10. This setup worked fine for more than a year until today when I tried to open Settings -> Photoshop Plugins under AP settings panel. AP crashed immediately and does so again and again whenever I try to access the settings panel. So far I have done the following steps to solve the problem: uninstall AP and reinstall from the Appstore -> try to access AP settings -> crash uninstall Google Nik collection -> try to access AP settings -> crash reinstall Nik collection -> try to access AP settings -> crash This means, as for the moment, I can't access the settings panel without AP crashing no way what I do. Apart from this the app is working fine. Any ideas? Your help is very much appreciated! UPDATE: I've also moved com.seriflabs.affinityphoto.plist out of the library/preferences folder to no avail :-(
  18. Like the title says. I’m unable to apply a spare channel to the alpha of an adjustment layer. The function is present, like on the desktop version, but it seems that the spare channels on the iPad version are all locked to target the background layer. When I select a different active layer in the layer’s studio, it doesn’t become the new target for the spare channels. As a workaround, I have to load the spare channel to the active selection, BEFORE loading an adjustment layer. Making the active selection the mask as the adjustment is being applied. That’s cool, but it makes it hard to A/B different spare channels as the alpha of an adjustment. Here’s what I’m trying to do on the iPad version:
  19. I don't remember this before in previous versions so trying to understand if this is a bug or how to turn off, but there's a light red stroke or outline on my text.
  20. If you rotate an image in develop persona, then when you select develop, only 2/3 of the photo survives. This must be a bug? IOS 11.2.5, Affinity
  21. Good day all readers, I can't update at all. (Underlined text is problem description and solution) Here is the reason why and how the program needs to be adjusted to allow me to update again: Affinity Designer was installed on the Hard Drive E:, as I plug and unplug it for security reason, the same hard drive is now Hard Drive G: because of that - maybe Windows got confused. When I want to update Affinity Designer I can't choose a directory/ hard drive or redirect the update. It just brings up the error: "Invalid Hard Drive E:" and then I can click "OK" and the update ends without updating, giving me another message that nothing was changed, etc.. How can that problem be solved: I as the customer (and hopefully technical expert) go into cmd regedit and change everything, or I change my Hard Drive G: to Hard Drive E: or I deinstall Affinity Designer and reinstall it, but will I loose all my Global Colours and Worksspace Settings then? I want and need an easy export/ saving option for my workspace settings! (Maybe the program already has that setting, when i deinstall it, but I don't want to risk clicking so far into the deinstallation process) Or as I, and all other customers would prefer, let me choose my update directory, if the program can't find it automatically! I'm stuck on my version and get pestered by the update message everytime I start the program. I would love to update and have the new features, but I also want to migrate there without the additional workload arising through that "bugs"/ missing standard features. If that is also a problem for Affinity Photo - then fix it there too please. Merry Christmas to all readers.
  22. If you rotate an image in develop persona, then when you select develop, only 2/3 of the photo survives. This must be a bug? IOS 11.2.5, Affinity
  23. Hi! Since I updated Designer to 1.6.x I've been getting pretty constant blue screens when moving shapes between groups and layers. The most recent one happened when moving a shape between a few levels of nesting (Artboard > Group > Layer > Layer > Group > Shape). The document I've been working at is at around 75 MB. The crash is always happening while I am dragging the shape inside the tree, before I get to release the mouse button. My system has 16 gigs of RAM, Xeon E3-1231v3 and Nvidia GF GTX 770. Windows 10 Pro 64bit, Nvidia's driver v388.59 (crashed also with previous version) and Affinity Designer (crashed also with The BSOD itself reports a SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION in win32kfull.sys. The crashes started to happen only after updating Designer to 1.6.x from 1.5.x and I get no crashing with other programs or games so I thought I would ask here if anyone has any ideas.
  24. I opened a raw file, applied adjustments in the Develop persona, and clicked the Develop button. Next I applied some adjustments in the Photo persona. If I want to go back into the Develop persona and make a change to the raw settings (such as changing Lens Correction), everything is set back to 0%—it's not retaining the last Develop state. This must be a bug, because there's a tutorial video on the site that shows this working. Thanks, Jeff
  25. Hi. This is not easy to describe and doesn't happen each time I'm using AP. I don't think it ever happened before Beta 1.6.7 (Beta 1). My workflow often is: - open a photo (stay in photo persona) - crop the photo - go to the Adjustments panel to use 'Levels' (the first of the Adjustments) Maybe in 50% of the cases 'Levels' doesn't show up, instead there is a long gap above White Balance. It happens too often to just be a glitch.