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Found 644 results

  1. I have been recreating a novel previously layed out in PagePlus. I am copying and pasting and re-editing from PP to APub. The project contains about 200 pages, 6 master pages. With the Pages and Layers tabs docked in the same area on the right be default, I found it quick to switch from Pages to Layers, but very slow moving from Layers to Pages. It seems to take a long time for APub to rescan all the pages and repositiion to the current page. This became so tiresome, that I moved the Layers tab to dock with Assets, Text Styles, Character, Paragraph tabs on the right side of the window. This has been the case in all the Beta versions I have worked with.
  2. Hello, Often when I use the HSL Tool the colors on the color wheel disappear. I use Affinity Photo in Full Screen on an Imac 5K 27" from late 2015. The colors reappear if I switch to a different App/Screen and than back to Affinity Photo. The Tool still works but you cant see your range. I reported this before in a reply but now I got around to take a screenshot of the behavior. Best regards Johannes after selecting a range with the picker it reappears after switching to a different screen
  3. I was having issues this morning with Auto-Correct. It seems that the Beta (192) still only ships with English UK, which is fine. I created a new text box and added text to test Auto-Correct to find it did not work. A search of the forum indicated that I need to change the language in the Character tool. It was set to EN/CA which is what I use, and probably set somewhere. I highlighted the test paragraph and changed the language to English UK. I entered in some items like (C), (a), -- (two dashes), (tm), to see if they would change. The first three changed as expected, but when I typed in (tm) APub stopped responding. I had to force it closed.
  4. I have text on a flyer which contains umlaute. AD displays it correct. After export into a PDF the umlaute are replaced by a functional char (see attachment original and result). Of course I can rasterize all the text, but I don't want it in this case. I attached a printscreen from the export configuration as well. Thanks
  5. I noticed this in Beta 174 and just tested it again in 192. When I create a number of new Asset Subcategories, they appear below any existing Subcategories. After renaming the new Subcategories, I move them into the position I would like them to be by using Move Up / Move Down. As expected the new Subcategories move to where I want them. After closing APub and opening it again, the Asset Subcategories revert to their position when first created--at the bottom of the Subcategory List. It does not matter how often I move them, they still revert back to their original position when APub is opened again. While we are on the subject of Assets, it would be very useful if the assets themselves could be moved up and down within the asset group.
  6. Both Affinity Photo and designer have significant lags when you are nodding some points (with node tool in Designer for example) or applying shifts (in Liquify Persona in Photo for example). I’ve made a couple of videos demonstrating it on the latest iPad Pro 11” (2018). 5C5D9A2B-B4C2-4758-80FB-BC12C17A384F.MP4 A00694E3-1EF2-4E59-ACD9-644738960DBD.MOV
  7. If I adjust the Radius of a Live Gaussian Blur Filter by selecting the numerical value and changing it using the mouse scroll wheel after I record and play a macro Affinity Photo crashes every time.
  8. Hi, When you use overlay paint too and eraser in Develop persona, brush doesn’t make a smooth lines but rather places dots (see the screen recordings). The recordings are using fingers. I also noticed issues when I use Apple Pencil 2 and brushes: strokes get much thinner and lighter as if I’m not pressing enough, but nothing changes if I add pressure. Could we have opacity option for the brush and eraser in Develop Persona, please? 6FDC0C1A-E358-42B8-A4F5-9574A9F8A85C.MP4 3ABE00F4-FBFC-4F8B-8F98-9E3F0E6A07BB.MP4
  9. Hi, double tap on Apple Pencil 2 confirms any persona without prompt. E.g. if you’re using Pencil 2 in develop persona and accidentally double tap it (sometimes it happens when you just move it in your hand) the image will be opened and there won’t be any way to go back to develop persona. So basically I have to start work from the beginning every time I accidentally double tap.
  10. Hi everyone, There is a bug in AD (and probably earlier versions) in which when choosing the Pixel preview mode on the top toolbar the artboard background and bounds slides off by a large amount. This offset affects slices in the export persona as well. It makes it pretty much impossible to work on pixel-perfect images as the Export persona will offset the artboard randomly too. Please view the attached file, Thank you.
  11. Hi! It seems like liquify tools have delay. For example if you want to push forward sligtly using short strokes (especially with Apple Pencil) the distortion won’t be applied at all. You need either put the pencil and wait for a couple of seconds or make a longer stroke and then adjust back to the desired level of distortion. It feels very weird and confusing and makes liquify tools hard to use.
  12. Hi everyone, when I use the gaussian blur filter the edges of the picture become faded and transparent because it blurs the border without preserving the starting alpha, is there something that I'm missing or is it a new bug? in the tutorial it doesn't behave as it does in my version of affinity photo! Thanks RF
  13. I am using Beta 174 in Windows 8.1. I have been working with Text Styles on a test document in APUB. I noticed there were over 100 text styles like: Box, Box1, Box2...Box21, with same for other styles. I spent some time deleting most of these styles, keeping only one or two of each as well as the new ones I created. After closing APUB and opening it again, all the dozens of deleted Text Styles reappeared magically, along with new ones where I edited a Text Style (reported previously). Deleted Text Styles should remain deleted.
  14. Greetings, I would like to report 2 bugs which I have found using my tablet on Affinity Photo The tablet I'm using is a Gaomon WH850. 1. Holding Space Bar + Drag to pan view repeats the action of the tool I'm on quite frequently. I believe it's only Quick Selection and Free Hand Selection Tool. Take a look at the video attached. 2. I can't move my cursor when using the Right+Click+Drag to make foreground in refine mode. Now I'm not sure if it is my tablet that's the issue or just how the general tablet works on Affinity Photo. So far only two tools have this issue. Paint Brush Tool seems to work fine. There is also an ocassional unable to use tool hotkeys which seems to appear at random. But that don't bug me as much as these bugs. Pun intended. Hope to hear a fix soon. Affinity Photo Gaomon Tablet bug.mp4
  15. i have 20 artboards, zoomed to one specific, i want to drag symbol from symbols panel, designer zoomouts to all the boards...
  16. When I try to develop an image in Apple Photos using the Affinity Develop extension the image appears upside down. The other Affinity extensions in Apple Photos work as expected. Is there a fix for this? MacPro 2013, High Sierra 10.13.6
  17. Hello dear Dev's Just want to notify that the Recolor Adjustment makes the latest version of affinity Designer to crash. Applied a simple brush on a layer with black color and tried to simply recolor the art on that layer using a recolor adjustment but the minute i moved the the first handle it just crashed the software. Did someone noticed the same thing ?
  18. Hello, I found this bug after add Live Perspective filer (what buggy yet): - open a picture to background - add a rectangle and set fill to gradient - add a picture, and use Live Perspective filter What is bugs? - filter is crop the (second added) parent picture. I solved if duplicate picture, and delete original filtered picture. - show a transparent cut and a blurred area over project. I check out added picture and gradient too, but no helped and I cannot delete this. Project close and open not helped. See my attachment.
  19. hello guys, I work with affinity designer for ipad every day, so I'm posting here because I'm really having a lot of trouble with the version (Affinity designer ipad pro) some of them are: 1 - Vector Brush Tool, when (Controller activated) it's always crashing while drawing (it happens when you are creating curves automatically with the controllers). 2- Fill Tool gradient Panel doesn't work for me (Reverse, Rotate) 3- Stroke panel, moving curve handle, doesn't change the selected path & vector Stroke. 4- Pencil Tool, width stroke value always limited by 50 5- Pencil Tool, while hand drawing, the path doesn't close properly 6- Stroke Width when you set a new value, it doesn't set the correct value. these bugs are extremely important to fix because I need to release more videos to my users, using the tool. please just let me know if this will be considered. thanks
  20. Some Groups Cropping borders like a mask Group crops - Bug 2.afdesign
  21. I found a annoying bug in affinity photo. it can destroy important projects, I already found a temporary fix for it. hopefully its getting fixed soon
  22. Hello, I've been using Designer on My iPad Pro since it became available and I dig it. However, I've run into a problem whereby the app is using massive amounts of storage which makes no sense. I have very few documents stored, fewer than a hundred, the vast majority of them are purely vector and no more than 5 or 6 include bitmap images, yet Designer is using 352 GB of disk space! looking at the info available it says that the app is using 922 MB and that documents & data are 351 GB. This is crazy! There is no conceivable way that the files I have in the app could be anywhere close to 351 GB. At first I thought it might be related to the fact that I maxed out the available undos in settings, however, today I changed that to 500 and went through each file individually and erased all available history, this however did nothing to decrease the storage. I have also added a number of items to my assets, but they are also purely vector and I can't see them taking up this much storage either. Surely this must be an issue with Designer itself? If Someone at Serif could reach out to me and help me sort this out or explain what is goin on here, it would be very much appreciated as I have been unable to backup my iPad now for over a month due to the massive amount of date required to do so — since I need the iPad daily I haven't been able to allow the 2 or 3 days required to make an iCloud backup. If any forum members have had this issue or know what causes this I would also be happy to hear any advice or suggestions. thanks for reading
  23. Affinity Designer version Grouping objects moves them. there is a another post about this problem but there is no fix. Group Bug.afdesign
  24. Photo Beta, Windows build on Windows 10 Pro Affected: All live filters - fx denoise. Observed: Picture is divided into frames and spaces like a table upon creation of live filter layer. Hiding the live filter layer restores a correct image preview until it is unhidden.
  25. Use a Bugtracking software like: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org to see what bugs fixes are in work or what bugs are new. Using a forum for this is only a big mess and non-transparent.