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  1. Yeah, it kinda helps. Thanks for telling me this technique. Looking forward to the fix, this issue is pretty critical for me as Affinity is my main graphics software at the moment, I don't own any of the Adobe stuff, so I'm very Affinity-dependant. I think at this point I'd prefer a subscription-based Sketch-like model with frequent fixes than your one-purchase-free-forever but rare fixes model (not complaining, Affinity is still my first choice, but how long it took to fix that 1.5 bug with pixel view and shifting artboards?). Just saying, maybe there are enough people out there to make it work. I digress Best, Anton
  2. I can capture the whole process on video, but it's nothing special really, I just create a document, draw a circle, expand it and get this deformed thing. That's really annoying and it impacts my work because I have to deliver assets for the icons from time to time. Right now I'm importing the assets to Sketch before exporting them. I tried changing shape settings, stroke, snapping, nothing fixes this bug.
  3. Sorry for late answer. It wasn't anything special. Simple cog, then expand tool. I'm on Affinity 1.6 on Mac
  4. After the 1.6 update, the expand stroke function that wasn't accurate with rounded rectangles before, now is completely broken (see screenshot of a rounded rectangle, circle, and a cog). Upd. It seems to happen only in certain affinity files, not all of them. Regards, Anton
  5. Pls, can you explain the reasoning behind decreasing zoom speed in 1.5? Every other new feature is cool and highly anticipated, but this doesn't make sense to me. You have gazillion percent zoom and you're decreasing the speed. I'm so used to mousewheeling it back and forward (not for fun, but during my work routine — I'm UI designer) and now instead of 1 mouseroll I have to do 3 mouserolls. Am I the only one who doesn't appreciate this change? Anton. upd. I know I can fix it by increasing scrolling speed in my mouse preferences, but it means it also will affect document scrolling, which I'm okay with right now, on a low speed settings.
  6. My point is, I'd rather have Scale with object affect both parent and child objects, I don't see much reason in not affecting the child objects. I do see it rather one-sided I guess, but it's such painful procedure to check all those checkboxes on a big canvases. I understand that stroke is independent and it works well. However, the Scale with object might be a slightly different case.
  7. No, I'm talking not about groups, but about masked objects (objects inside objects) — these are not affected by parent scale option. And this is a ton of work sometimes to check those objects, because I have to select those separately from a parent object.
  8. Sometimes it's a problem to check all masked objects with "scale with object" option as they are not influenced if I select whole group/layer. Is there an option to change that? Thanks, Anton. upd. I forgot to add that what confuses me here is inconsistency of how scale with object works in comparison with changing thickness — if I select a group/layer and set stroke thickness it works for all objects inside including masked, overriding their previous stats. So I find it weird that "scale with object" doesn't do the same thing.
  9. I just posted almost the same issue https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/19785-problem-with-pen-and-tablet-interaction-with-layers-list/ Do you have the bug when you grab a bunch of objects on a layers list, scroll and when release, you moved some other object instead?
  10. When I use my Wacom Intuos tablet to drag multiple objects on a layers list and scroll up or down in the process, it doesn't work (it moves some other object). This only occurs with large amounts of objects (like 10). It works fine with 1-2. When I immediately switch to mouse, I can drag anything I want and scroll as much as I want and it works well. Thanks, Anton.
  11. When I join and/or close curves they usually get thicker, and I can't understand why this is happening. And that's really annoying. Is there any option to turn this off? Or is it a bug? Thanks, Anton.
  12. I'm still hoping you'd add purely vector custom brushes AI style. Really missing those. This is how I use those: https://yadi.sk/d/lTbchCz-nNZoB
  13. Basically, when I rescale the document — slices move to different place (or stay in the same place, idk). Nevertheless they behave normally — scale properly and export the exact item they should. It just looks weird (see attachment). Sometimes they just jump around a little bit even without any scaling. Again, showing the proper part they are a bit shifted from the original item. When I try to move it back it acts as it was on the original spot all the time, just being displayed wrongly (I don't have a screenshot for that). Cheers, Anton.
  14. Yes, it's a bit frustrating not having a basic feature like cropping, but there's an easy way to do it — create a rectangle, imagine this is your crop area, resize it according to your needs, then just remember the size of the rectangle and resize your document to these measures. Move everything (if necessary) till the rectangle borders hit the borders of a new document. This is really almost as easy as a regular crop. Second option is just open the document in Affinity Photo and crop it with a crop tool, save and go back to Designer.
  15. Not really, because all symbols always have same attributes. And I need to have 1 source object and other objects could be, for example, smaller. I can illustrate my words with my latest uploads: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/13193-resources-for-mobile-app-designers-—-mockup-and-icon-extracting-tool/ Files for creating icons contain 1 source file (embedded document) and some number of dependable objects but in different sizes. But the only way to create source file is to drag& drop it. And after that it's not needed (as it would be inside other file) so it can be deleted. It seems like excessive actions. So I'm wondering if I can create an embedded document somehow from inside the original file and edit it then with Edit Document button. Sorry if I'm being confusing :) I just don't know how to put it in other words.
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