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  1. I agree. Not addressing this could blow up and wipe out all the good stuff this product has to offer...
  2. And the exact same bug exists on Designer for iOS, but that was probably a given.
  3. I get that software has bugs, and that you cannot allocate 100% of resources to bug resolution. And I get that this is a difficult problem to solve. What I don’t get is how this bug can exist for years without even getting a hint of a timeline for when it will be solved. It’s not a cosmetic bug, it’s a major basic feature that doesn’t work reliably. It’s the equivalent of a car of which the lights work, sometimes. The basic promise of Designer is that it is great vector editing software. And for 99% it is, but this is a major oversight, not a tiny bug. Whoever is doing product management is either drunk, or doesn’t understand how much this feature is used, and how reliable the results should be.
  4. Should I read this as "UI design asset creation is not a priority for us"? If so, I want my money back, because that was the promise
  5. Would it help if I said that this is the one thing keeping our entire company from switching to Affinity Designer full-time? If you’re drawing vector icons for UI work at 24pt, you really need expand stroke to work. Otherwise you might as well draw them in a different programme.
  6. Sorry for bumping this, but I thought it was better than starting a new topic. This is one of the features I probably miss the most in Affinity. It’s such a vital thing when preparing assets, to be able to easily cut away the transparent (or a specific colour for that matter) pixels from the image.
  7. @MEB thank you for the feedback. Too bad this is not on the roadmap yet, but I understand :-). @R C-R I did not, in fact. Thank you so much, although it is cumbersome, this already helps a lot!
  8. When I select a layer, it would be nice if the layer list scrolls so that the selected layer is visible in the layers panel. Another thing to consider is whether it would be nice to auto-expand collapsed groups if you select a layer. But this is secondary – I understand the complex UI considerations here :-). See Bohemian Coding’s Sketch for the kind of behaviour I mean. This could really help to make Affinity Designer a more productive tool for me.
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