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  1. Hi, as I already mentioned at Facebook. It would be great to have the possibility to edit Masks with the refine Tool an as a black & white Channel after applying it. Would be great to have a kind of context-Menu while clicking on the Mask of the layer. If this feature already exist it would be great to hav the information where i can find it. Thanks Heike
  2. Thank you for your Answers. I´ll try that today. Heike
  3. I saw your video about copy and transform. in Illustrator you can do this copy with a dialog where you can add the information about transformation an how many copys you like to have. would be great to have something like that in affinity too. In Illustrator this is an effect which you can easiliy modify as long as you didnt fix ist. Regards Heike
  4. I would also be happy to have an art board. When do you think could it be available?
  5. I took a new look at affinity this evening (Version 1.1.0) an I discoverd tha I can´t use the different brushes with the mouse. As thes is no pressure the line is always as thick as it is. In Illustratro I have the chance to edit the width of my brush stroke, even if it was drawn by mouse oder pen-tool. Is there a way to do this with affinity? Regards Heike
  6. I need Pantone, HKS and the possibility to add full tone colors with self defined names for special print products. the PDF format I use very often is: PDF X-3 regards Heike
  7. I am wondering how I can change an anchor point into a Curve on both sides. If i use the Pen tool and press the alt key there ist always only one side. Is there al possibility to change the edges of a rectangle with the Pen Tool either? I cant find out how it may work. Regards Heike
  8. Would be great to see the ancer pooints while crossing a path with the node tool, like it is in Illustrator. regards Heike
  9. I am agreeing to this request also. I would like to have full control about the swatches. Will there be the funktionality to use Pantone or HKS or self defined full tone clours (sorry about my bad english). This is very important for my work to define / use this kind of colours and to give them names. Global Colours are also very important. Regards Heike
  10. Something like changing the Drawing Area similar to the possibility to do this in illustrator would be perfect for me. I was just irritated to see the cropping toll without the funcktionality for the whole document. But as i said a kind of adjusting the drawing area with a tool like in illustrator would be nice for me too. I wil test your suggestions in the next days. Thanks a lot Heike
  11. Is there a possibility to crop a document using the Crop Tool? Thanks heike
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