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  1. Hello, You have do a great job on the port to IOS devices. I have a windows surface 4 and I find it quite difficult to use without a keyboard/mouse. It would be great if we could have a tablet friendly mode for windows tablet users (you can switch between).
  2. Here is the problem. It was not letting me delete them before but a reboot sorted that.
  3. thanks, that did the trick. Very odd. I will do a screencast for you.
  4. Hello, Just editing a raw photo and I used Blemish removal (worked quite well.) I went to edit my second photo and the Blemish removal spot where on this new photo. How do i remove these ?
  5. Hi, I am not sure if I did something wrong but I can not paint or erase anything in my file. I have uploaded the file. test 2.afphoto
  6. I don't think this need much description apart from it is a rubber duck :D
  7. Hi MEB, thanks for the getting back to me and it is good to hear that it is on the plans to be done :)
  8. Hi, I am really missing the ability to create vector brushes like I could do in the Adobe Illustrator.
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