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  1. Hey there, just realized, that when closing a document that has modifications that are not saved yet, the given "Document is about to close, ..." pop up does not highlight/select the "Yes"-button first and therefore can not quickly be confirmed with the enter/return-key. Even worse, I am accustomed to quickly hit the tabulator key once to highlight the "No"-button and then the return-/enter-key to close documents I don't need anymore. All other software I can think of behaves this way - why doesn't Affinity? This often resulted in unwanted selection of the "Yes"-button and therefore the resulting in a wrong action. What do you think? Anyone else thinks this way? Greetings, Joe
  2. I'm an absolute precision fanatic. And I would expect this from a programm which even lets me zoom into my artwork by 125000000% to be absolute precise. And I would expect it even more if this is a software which lets me use geometric shapes for artwork construction (where "construction" is a better term than "creation"). A software that is based on computations for everything (isn't that the nature of computer programs/software?) should give me absolute precision in my work if I need it... 1+ for @Aammppaa for requesting snap to tangents.
  3. Thanks to your post/forum signature I finally have a proper screenshot tool on windows! Nice!

    1. matt.baker


      No problem. Glad you found it useful! :)

  4. What I think: The constraints function/panel is not enough to use it as a proper UI design tool or to become a proper design tool. What every UI tool lacks is IMO either a proper HTML(Structure)/CSS(Style)/JS(Animation) export, the "truly responsive"-part or a "multiple states in structure and style for a single UI-element"-part. I could live with at least two of the stated features. I will not add invision studio to my toolset if either they only provide it on a monthly/yearly subscription base or they only provide the tool to mac users. As far as I know none of the statements were made yet - but who knows what a big corporation thinks inside... I wanted to move away from adobe because of the subscription model and couldn't/can't use sketch as a windows user. If they don't get the color workflow for spot colors a lot more easier and keep the professional print production options/features (overprint! spot-color-duotone!) on this level, I don't know why I even should wait for Affinity Publisher to be released. So what's their strategy? In general I think (but hope not) it will turn into the same as GIMP but as a paid product: A quick and easy step into the industry which will be followed by a turn to Adobe for pro users. I also think it would be best to focus on providing a perfect featureset for ADesigner, APhoto and APublisher nearly the same as Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign which then would suit Illustrators, Photographers and DTP-Pros and create a standalone UI app which just integrates in the Affinity universe. Without compatibility for plugins created by users/companies both Affinity Suite and inVision Studio will not succeed the way Sketch or Adobe does. It's the same with every "closed-for-plugins" tool: Looks great, works fine - until you get to the point were the idea is in your head, was approved by your team/client and you're not able to realize it because of the limitations of the tool itself. So you move on to the next one or back where you came from because you can't write your plugin or buy a plugin which brings your idea to life in a breeze - yes sure, nearly everthing a plugin in the graphic-design area does can be achieved without it, but only with a high application of time (which is money). And most projects only have a limited amount of hours on their table.
  5. @Wiredframe Nice idea! The tiny areas drive me insane - one of the reasons why I'm not using the constraints panel/function as much as I would like to! @Aammppaa YES YES YES! Absolutely on your side! Especially for the tiny icons in the right bottom corner...
  6. Any updates on an overprint preview? Didn't manage to locate a menue item or button to push in Affinity Designer yet...
  7. I didn't meant you specifically but rather the software in general It think it's totally okay to have it set to "off" when installing the application. But users should decide on their own how much resources they want to make available for their software. Same with Computer Games: Actually not a lot of people will be able to set the graphical settings of a game to "high" or "ultra" - but setting it to "minimum" and have to manually switch it to "ultra" everytime the game starts would not be a proper solution That sounds very promising and I'm very happy if you think this request is worth considering in the (I guess) extremely full timetable of the devs! I'm absolutely sure you are! #noIrony This patronizing I was speaking of happened pretty much unconscious I guess - they didn't meant to. There is the feature (History) and it works very well. It could just be ... improved a bit more
  8. Well I thought so - but please don't patronize us! I have a huge NAS at hands and if the file size is 500mb or 100mb or 1gb - I simply don't care! It's more important do be able to track the steps in the document. Why not give an option to save history per default - with a specific number of saved steps? e.g. 250steps are saved - if you want more, please alter the given settings. I, for example, would then go to settings and always drag the handle to the highest default steps saved. There could be even a prompt, wenn the total file-size reaches a specific limit on saving - as a warning.
  9. I don't get why a color has to be "logged" as global just to get overprint to work. Why not just an overprint-option per stroke and fill? Also the lack of a overprint-preview makes the process of designing pretty tough with all that exporting and checking in a different software (acrobat).
  10. I have the same problems, see https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/37700-export-persona-adds-unnecessary-clip-path-to-svg/ Integration of SVGO would be awesome and help my workflow a lot!
  11. Hey there, what I'm missing so far regarding the swatches panel: - Easy renaming workflow of swatches with F2 and Tab, and to go further: something like Renamy would be even more awesome - Select and delete/copy multiple swatches. At least it should be possible to click/select and delete via DEL-key to easliy clear up the swatches - "remove unused colors"-option to quickly clean up a palette - usecase would be mostly the the document-related palettes - Convert already added swatches to Global/Spot-Colors - Ability to easily set spot-color-name the same as swatch-name and vice versa (without copy-paste, perhaps with a checkbox in the settings of each swatch) - Missing a direct "Add current color to palette as Spot Color" very much! - The to "Add current color to palette [...]"-Icons are not very distinctive. I would've added at least a big triangle in the left bottom corner of the button regarding the "add as global color" option to suit the appearance of those color in the swatch-list/grid below - Setting/checkbox/action to add swatches via "create Palette from document/image" directly as Global/Spot-colors. - Indicator to see in which Colormode the color originally was created and then have the ability to quickly switch color from RGB to CMYK-Mode and vice versa (perhaps even be able to determine the rendering/conversion while doing so) Greetings, Johannes.
  12. Hey there, I always forget to check the "Save History File with Document" after creating a new one. I understand, that not everybody wants to save the history by default, because it would make a lot of files a lot larger (I guess so?). But for others it would be nice to have a Checkbox in the (User-)Settings to get the history saved with the document by default when saving a document. Perhaps it would even be possible, to have a "per document"-exception-setting. Greetings, Johannes
  13. Hey there, Related: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/37601-ad-export-persona-layer-is-exported/ Exactly: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/37601-ad-export-persona-layer-is-exported/?p=186472 This does - in my eyes - not make real sense, because the slices for every artboard gets created anyway by default. Please change the indicator-behaviour to appear on the Layers-Panel only when in the Slices-Panel the checkbox for the related slices is checked and it actually gets exported. Greetings, Johannes
  14. Related: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/37597-ad-export-persona-item-has-duplicate-paths/ Change the message of the error icon to the specific error: If the artboard was named twice the same, say e.g. "The Artboard/Path-Name is used multiple times". The actual message ("The Item has duplicate Paths") indicates Paths that are exactly the same (not only the name) and do overlap or such thing. Greetings, Johannes
  15. A lot of true stuff I didn't thought about. But to be honest: I read multiple solutions to some problems now - just to realize soon afterwards, that it was just for AD when I was searching for a solution in AP. Confuzing Interwebz! Because most of the times, it is very very specific to a feature only on program has at the moment.
  16. Well, that's exactly what I requested ;) Or do you mean to have complete seperated main forums?
  17. Hey there, it would be nice to have a prefilled template for reporting bugs when clicking the Start a new Topic button in the related subforums. The people then have a rough guide to pass the right/better information you (Serif) need to solve the described bug. It is a very common pattern used across software support forums that are heavily customer driven. E.g., I remember last time when reporting bug I forgot to mention the version of AD. This could've been helpful in the first place. Greetings, Johannes
  18. Hey there, I think it would be useful to have different subforums for bugreporting for each software. At the moment, e.g. bugs for AD and AP are both reported in one subforum although there are even subforums for Bugs on Windows and Bugs on Mac. One level more would give a more clear/tidy overview. Greetings, Johannes.
  19. Why isn't there a download-thread with the latest release of Windows Affinity Photo Beta like for Windows Affinity Designer Beta?
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