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  1. Thank you very much, sir. I had to change the units in Document Setup, then I was able to change the dimensions in the Spread Setup, as you advised. It solved the problem. Thank you!
  2. Hello, Could someone please let me know how to change the cover size to accommodate the size Amazon says I need ("Your expected cover size is 13.099x9.917 but the submitted file size is 13.055x9.917")? I've attached an example file with the too small "13.055" size that I need to make 13.099 to provide Amazon. Thank you, Noob example file.afpub
  3. Hello Peeps, Could you please help me to change the stroke on the text inside multiple cells of a master at the same time (I can change the cell outlines, and the text within each cell individually, but not the text in multiple cells at the same time (e.g. the entire column of text))? I've attached a picture and file with an example. Thank you, Noob Lifting Journal2.afpub
  4. Thank you, all. This solution worked best for my circumstances. I greatly appreciate everyone's help.
  5. Hello, Could someone please help me print so that I can see the outlines of my 5.5" x 8.5" doc pages when I print on 8.5"x11" paper so I can see where things are in relation to their published product? I was able to get the corner things shown in the picture, but not total borders, if it's even possible. (Basically, I'd just like to keep that blue outline shown in the print window when I print). Thank you, Noob
  6. It worked! I think I had a page other than the master selected before. Thank you very much!
  7. Hello, Could someone please help with this? I put the page numbers on the masters, used the section manager to start the page numbers on the 4th page, but the page number for the fourth page starts at "7" when it should read "4." Thank you, Noob
  8. @walt.farrell Wow, cool. It worked. Thank you very much, Walt. I hated this program two days ago. Now, thanks in large part to help like like you've provided, I'm really starting to like it.
  9. Hello, Could someone please let me know how to add page numbers if you have several master pages? (I understand how to do it if you have one master, which affects all attached pages, but I have 6 masters, so that's 6 sections connected to a different master, and I'm just trying to get one set of page numbers across all of them). Thank you, Noob
  10. @Hens Wow, you made my night, brother. That's been bothering me for 2+ days. That video was magic. THANKS!!!
  11. @walt.farrell Thanks again for the clarification, Walt. I am actually trying to adjust the darkness of the text. I detached the page from the master, and selected the text while using the "Artistic Text Tool," but when I went to the Stroke panel to adjust the "Width" the text did not change.
  12. Hello, Could someone please help me to change the "stroke" on the word I highlighted in the picture? I've attached the Affinity file so that you can see what I'm working with. Thank you, Noob Lifting Journal2.afpub
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