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  1. Kai

    Preview for export persona

    hi there, having no quality preview before exporting (for web in my case) is still the dealbreaker for me. as long as this is not possible i am stuck with ps :( will you add this feature? and if, when? i also requested this a couple of times before. thanks a lot! kai
  2. dear affinity team, i am still not using affinity photo much because i need one feature which still seems to be missing: a qualitiy preview when doing the web-export. without it i depend on trial and error which is extremely unefficient. is this what your roadmap is talking about? -Export persona - preview with compression and palette optimisation hope so. can't wait for that feature ;) best wishes, kai
  3. i still don't use affinity photo very often since i really really need a visual preview of the export feature. i am waiting for this since version 1.0. hope you change your mind soon. thanks! kai