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  1. Thanks walt.farrell I just posted this as a topic, I'll answer for others
  2. Sorry if this is obvious but after purchasing V2 Universal License can I run the two versions side by side , so my old version 1 at the same time as the new Version 2 on the same windows 11 PC? I asked this Here but thought others might find a topic helpful, I did look for this but couldn't find an answer. Cheers
  3. Hi walt.farrell this may be a silly question but after purchasing V2 will it be a separate application/instance that can run side by side with V1. So what I mean is can I run them both at the same time? Regards.
  4. Great tip R C-R I'd be the type of person to forget this.
  5. I might be missing a way to do it & have searched for it, but a square donut tool or an all shapes tool having the donut ability would be great addition to the shapes toolkit.
  6. Hi walt.farrell & Pšenda (fixed the above image) I have taken a screen shot of both, but as soon as you asked that question walt.farrell I checked & noticed the difference in locations and fixed it. For anyone else having an issue, I had selected the en_NZ directory instead the "Dictionaries" directory, it's not the actual dictionary you select, but one level up that holds them, my path is "C:\ProgramData\Affinity\Common\1.0\Dictionaries" and my en_NZ (and a few others) are in here. What caught me was I had done this in Designer which forced it to look in "C:\ProgramData\Affinity\Common\1.0\Dictionaries/en_NZ" as that's the folder I wrongly selected, but both Photo & Publisher which I never touched automatically looked at the correct path which is "C:\ProgramData\Affinity\Common\1.0\Dictionaries" an image below shows my error. Hope this helps someone. Thanks walt.farrell
  7. Hi I have spent quite a while getting a (close to) New Zealand dictionary set up. I followed the video from Dan C Here and followed advice from walt.farrell Here but I'm having an issue where Affinity Designer doesn't recognise the dictionary at start-up & I have to select English UK from language as it's closer to NZ, but Photo & Publisher do recognise it at start-up, why is this?. I use Designer the most. Walt suggested to to grab the Australian version and rename it as that's close to NZ too which I have done. It would be nice to have these set up and you just select your desired language with a checkbox in the app. Attached is an image of the issue.
  8. Hi GarryP I think it was fx panel but looking at the results I found since then (since you posted the others) I think I was in the general designer forum page. I do search the forum quite a bit & do a lot of general browsing as well. It was the middle of the night and I was buggered when I wrote that feedback, was doing some work & was getting frustrated enabling & disabling the FX, I have used the links you posted & added my bit to them too.
  9. Yep I understand, I do lots of searching here & can't find what I'm looking for on more than many occasions. Can't change my opinion, got my hand slapped.
  10. I would like to have the FX panel to be able to be toggled on or off as a whole in each layer you have them on, so you can just click it on or off without going inside and disabling each effect. This would obviously be good in all the Affinity apps.
  11. Dan C, I thought it might be the case, It'd be good for it to stop scrolling though. (sorry can't remove bold text in this post). Also hanks Old Bruce .
  12. This is only a small thing but the stage or canvas scrolls off screen when using the mouse wheel. It's quite annoying as I tend to do this a lot (roll/play with the mouse wheel) while looking at my phone or other stuff while in designer.
  13. THANKS DEVELOPERS Well after 2 years with this issue the last latest update fixed whatever was freezing Designer & Photo on startup(On My System - See Above). It would not only freeze AD & AP & A-Pub but would slow down all other apps for about 1 minute, sooooo annoying. I love what ever you did in this update, this is nice now.
  14. Hi walt.farrell , thanks to all of you, yes I got more enlightened from Alfred's post & understand what you all are saying (I think). But don't you think the Donut is easier to see, use, understand with a stroke? I do. Even in the pixel persona a stroke is still a stroke but not a Donut icon.
  15. Hi Pšenda, I don't quite know what you mean by See "A" (I viewed both links). I do know they are different, if you look at my image it's of designer icon. Alfred if you view this, even if the icons are foreground & background, how do I tell which one it is that's being used? When dealing with lots of shapes & your tired it seems confusing.
  16. Thanks Alfred, I use designer more & have always wondered why Photo is this way, I see your point now, for those of us web developers who do quick web graphics & go into Photo for it, could there not be 3 icons, there seems to be enough real-estate for a dedicated stroke icon?
  17. Why is the stroke color icon not a Donut like in Designer (Designer image below). I quite have to undo as I've picked the fill color by mistake.
  18. Hi guys I using windows 10 & the original post is here I'm having an issue in Photo where canvas size is created at 250px. Then a square shape is created then using transform panel it's 250px by 250px with X,Y at 0,0. There is a stroke/border at 1pt (1.3px) & set to the inside with no fill. But I can't see the bottom or right of the stroke even when aligning left, right, center etc. This happens all the time in Photo but when I do the same in Designer it works fine. The images below demonstrate what I mean.
  19. Hi again guys, this is really annoying me. Images attached. I just created a new square with 1pt(1.3px) border stroke inside. I used the transform panel width width 250px & height 250px & x,y positions 0,0. I did it the same in both Photo & Designer. The one in Photo has the issue where it seems to be a pt out and doesn't show the left & bottom border even when align center or left or all the rest. But in Designer it's fine using the same technique. Can someone help?
  20. Hi David the align stroke to inside, center, outside is just above that order box. Thanks GaryP & yes I have 1px stroke and aligned to inside.
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