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  1. Hi guys I using windows 10 & the original post is here I'm having an issue in Photo where canvas size is created at 250px. Then a square shape is created then using transform panel it's 250px by 250px with X,Y at 0,0. There is a stroke/border at 1pt (1.3px) & set to the inside with no fill. But I can't see the bottom or right of the stroke even when aligning left, right, center etc. This happens all the time in Photo but when I do the same in Designer it works fine. The images below demonstrate what I mean.
  2. Hi again guys, this is really annoying me. Images attached. I just created a new square with 1pt(1.3px) border stroke inside. I used the transform panel width width 250px & height 250px & x,y positions 0,0. I did it the same in both Photo & Designer. The one in Photo has the issue where it seems to be a pt out and doesn't show the left & bottom border even when align center or left or all the rest. But in Designer it's fine using the same technique. Can someone help?
  3. Hi MickRose, I used Firefox about 15 minutes ago & the link worked fine for me.
  4. Hi David the align stroke to inside, center, outside is just above that order box. Thanks GaryP & yes I have 1px stroke and aligned to inside.
  5. Hi Affinity community, I've had a look in the forums but nothing is showing(maybe it's how I'm terming it). Anyway, I have a canvas with a size of 798px *798px. I also have an image 798px * 798px positioned 0px & 0px. I also have a square/rectangle the same size 798px * 798px with 1px orange stroke on the inside positioned at 0px & 0px with no fill. However the square/rectangle does not fit on the canvas. It disappears 1px & 1px to the right and bottom(in this case). Is this an issue with me & my sizes or is it a bug. In the attached image in image 1 at top you can see the selected rectangle is at 0px 0px & is 798px and that the canvas is also 798px. In the bottom part of image (image 2) you can see the stroke disappears to the right & bottom. This is happening in both AD & AP. I have tried changing where the stroke sits on inside, center, outside many times. This has happened quite a few times in the past & tonight I thought I have to try & solve it before it does my head in(that may be too late). I've noticed this happening with images as well, that they sometimes they don't fill the canvas properly. Any help appreciated.
  6. Hi Fred, I'm in New Zealand & we have just gone back into lock down so this represents how most of us are feeling right now. Very appropriate.
  7. Yes Captain, I believe it's origin is the adobe constellation. Word from the graphic-a system says it has the capability to select individuals turn them into groups and change their DNA. Is this the weapon you are talking about
  8. Had a go at something different, for me. All vector. Hope I haven't offended the Steampunk community.
  9. VectorVonDoom, you made me feel a bit guilty 🤣 so I've done some more work on it. I'm not totally happy with it, but I can say it's now all vector. Also can someone tell me how to quote another post? I've tried using both quote buttons but it never works.
  10. Thanks Niall123492 I'm more used to building houses and laying concrete. Taken me a while to get to here 😊
  11. Had another go at a vector. It's not finished (bumper needs a bit of work) and as usual probably not graphically correct with lighting shadows etc. I find that stuff hard to do. The only bits that aren't vectors are the 2 windows. I thought it looked better this way looking into the van & seeing the seats & back windows. My first posted work here Yamaha MX Bike
  12. Amazing. I certainly feel like the bottom of the class when I view other designers work like this, but it gives me inspiration to keep trying. Love the scenes. Are the rust effects on the cans pixel or vector?
  13. Hi MichaelMeeuwissen can you tell me how many hours went into creating this awesome work?
  14. Hi Fred, like I said I'm not confident in the work and didn't think it was good enough. I was helping my daughter with her school work in Photoshop(which I don't know how to use) so showed her how in AP & AD, plus I have looked at all the art you posted and that's what made me decide to have a go at a bigger project. Thanks for your first 3 words I have a big head now, haha 🍺
  15. Hello Affinity community, here's my first attempt at a big(for me) vector project. I usually do small logo type of things. I was a bit hesitant to put this here(not confidant in my ability) but I have to give credit to Fred Lespine who inspired me to have a go after seeing his projects. It's not finished and has a lot of errors, light direction realism etc. It is a 100% vector image done in Affinity Designer 1.8. I'm a 52 year old House Builder from NZ. If you're interested the "Kiwi Rider" is an online motorcycle magazine here in NZ . If I can, you can, have a go and post your work.
  16. Like everyone else I just want to say thanks StuartRc for your amazing generosity. Thank You!
  17. Ian Tindale, I agree with you and have posted here before & frequent this page. But stop spamming my inbox!
  18. Hi ersphoto, Are you dragging the mouse over the images and selecting both images/layers on the canvas? I noticed in photshop(my daughters school cc version) when you do this it only selects the top most layer but in Affinity it'll select both/all your layers & then move both/all at the same time. Just check in the layers panel on the right that both are not selected and if they are just single click each layer or image.
  19. Hi hkypuck I was advised to try the following to correct an issue I had, I'm not saying it'll work but you could try if you run out of options. You will lose any settings you have changed and will have to redo them. With the app closed. 1, Hold down CTRL and double click app icon 2, When window appears, release the CTRL key 3, Click the Clear button hope it helps.
  20. Thanks for the replies guys. Is there anywhere that stores the angle change in degrees that I can then insert into the transform panels rotation field. I know it's a long shot but I was hoping there would be an easy way to do this.
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