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  1. Thanks for looking into it for me. I guess my request for having ONLY the numbers appear would still apply as it would open up some options for us.
  2. Hi @dominik , yes this was created in the latest full release. Not a beta. It's fine about posting/asking about that here. We all want a bug free application.
  3. Sure, here's a small example that I put together that shows what I'm trying to accomplish and what happens after an update. Thank you! Jeff sample-toc.afpub
  4. Ah, that makes sense! Thanks Walt. I was able to update those styles and it updates now without resetting the type formatting. I have it displaying like this> <tab>page#<tab>heading Do you happen to know if there is any way to have a tab inserted before the numbers automatically? Every time I update the TOC the tab that I manually insert before the page # goes away and I cannot see a way to have it set up to have the first tab in the settings. I see how we can insert tabs or other elements between #s and headings but not before. Thanks for you assistance! Jeff
  5. It would be helpful if we could have the option to have a TOC field be composed of the associated page numbers without the accompanying text. This would allow us to have a TOC field that is only the numbers which could be formatted a different way from the associated heading text but it could be updated without the need to reformat any style. This would be useful for TOC that need to have the page numbers a different style than the heading text. We could simply have a field for the #s and one for the text and then update both of the fields and everything would be good to go. As of now after an update of the field we need to go in and change all of the numbers to the desired style every time. Hope that makes sense! If there is an easy way to accomplish this now that I'm missing I'd love to learn. Thanks, Jeff
  6. Thanks for the reply, Dan! I can work around the text getting updated as the TOC I’m working on is not that large and the text style I’m using takes care of most of the formatting. Maybe I’ll submit a feature request to add the ability to have a TOC with only the page numbers with no text as it would allow for more flexibility in designing a TOC that can be updated without the need to make manual changes. Jeff
  7. I prefer to use Designer as you can do a lot with constraints and it's a good place to create any SVG graphics to be used for the final websites (and use Photo for any images needed for the site). There are programs specifically made for web design, though, such as https://www.figma.com/ or https://www.sketch.com/ . I still prefer to use Affinity Designer for my web mock-ups and design, though.
  8. Is there a way to keep all of the formatting on a TOC text area after you update the TOC content? When I update the TOC area it resets any new tabs and specific character formatting I have applied to the page numbers. Also, is there possibly a way to have the TOC page numbers appear without the associated text? Thanks!
  9. Pixel and Poly

    Screentone Asset Pack - 80 vector objects

    The Asset Pack contains 80 clean vector assets. Almost all of the assets are set up for easy tiling. They are all solid objects with no stroke so you can easily apply any fills, gradients or fx to the objects. The PDF has some more info and lists all of the individual assets. https://gum.co/screentone The assets are broken into six sub groups: 100mm screentone blends (7 assets) 60mm screentone dot tints (19 assets) 300mm screentone blends (6 assets) 300mm screentone dot tints (19 assets) 300mm screentone reverse dot tints (10 assets) 300mm screentone line tints (19 assets) Screentone Information Document.pdf
  10. Pixel and Poly

    Point Transform tool is missing

    Thanks for that answer. Was just about to ask the same question. I wonder if the default node toolbar icon should be the one with the pullout for the point transform instead of the original one.
  11. Cheers guys! I purchased Publisher but this is for a live product so I'll wait for the final release to come out before using it on a job.
  12. Is there a way to add a hyperlink to text in Designer so when we export as a PDF the link will stay live? I see the hyperlink option in the PDF export dialog box but I don't see anywhere to actually add the link data to text (or an object). Cheers!
  13. Pixel and Poly

    Darken border in crop tool

    I agree that this would be useful. Many times I like to keep the darkened area very dark. It would be great to have a % option next to the check box.
  14. Agreed! A print job with 3 spot colors plus black will be pricey. If they are looking to save costs I would probably have one version of the logo that can be done in 1 color and then you could also provide a full color logo for 4-color printing or if they want to use it on the web.
  15. I would probably just have one artboard for all the bills and then have all of the elements that are the same between them at the bottom in one (or a few) layers. Then I would have a separate layer for each of the denominations where you can have the specific $ amounts and any specific pictures. If you need to change any of the base features you just need to adjust them once. If you really want separate art boards using Symbols like @Alfred suggested is probably the way to go. There are some video tutorials on symbols on their YT/Vimeo channel.

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