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  1. @walt.farrell Thanks! I’ll have to check it out and see if I can edit it to 72, instead of 300.
  2. Ditto. And since this was just in September, I'll assume it just hasn't been fixed, yet.
  3. Except that I'm not talking about just ONE image. So apparently we are seeing two different issues, neither of which the other can reproduce. Like I said, my "vote" is with Apple Photos for iOS for being the culprit, but that's just me and my issues. There very well may be a problem with Affinity Photo for iPad in your case, just not in mine. So, like you originally stated, it does indeed appear that we have to different issues. I'd suggest you open up your own report that doesn't have the word "[solved]" in the title. Thanks for the discussion!
  4. Well, you've apparently tested it with more apps than I. The only OTHER app I have on my iPad where I can check resolution size is Pixelmator. None of my other apps (besides iAP) show the resolution. So my tests only are the results of testing two apps. Both of the apps have the exact same results. That being said, the same photos that show up as reduced resolution on my iPad, ALSO shownup as reduced resolution on the macOS version of Apple Photos. So if what you are saying is true, then Affinity Photo for iPad, Pixelmator, AND Photos for macOS ALL request the same low resolution image, and are all the same bug. Interesting. All I'm pointing out is the fact that the common denominator in all these cases is Photos for iOS. Leave it out of the equation, and everything else works as intended. To make one additional point, why would Photos for macOS request a photo at the size of the device it was originated from, and NOT the current device (my laptop)?
  5. That's extremely odd. I can't reproduce your problem, and you can't reproduce mine. The problem obviously lies with Apple's Photos app, though.
  6. The source of the image was Google Images, and was a 13MP .jpeg. I discovered the issue wasn't with Affinity Photo, though. The issue lies with Apple's "Photos" app. It automatically downsizes any photos saved to it (the Photos app) from the device in question, with a maximum resolution of the device's screen resolution. I just was not aware of this until I got such an awesome app as Affinity Photo for iPad. Now that I'm aware of Apple's app limitation, I've found a few work-arounds. I can just save to Google Drive, or even iCloud Drive, and import from there. Or I can import a picture directly to Affinity Photo for iPad, which is great. Another work-around is to save the picture to Photos on my Mac, then sync it to my iPad through iTunes, and the resolution won't be downsized. So I'm good. Doesn't have anything to do with Affinity Photo, so I had marked it "[solved]" but left it up in case anyone else had the same issue. Thanks for your response, though!
  7. It doesn't appear in iCloud on your device you sent it from, or on some other device. Because I continually have problems with iCloud syncing across devices. The trick to get it to sync, is to add a file to iCloud from the device that you want to sync. It will THEN sync, and you can then remove the file you used to "trick" it into syncing. If so, this is a problem with Apple, and has existed for quite some time, sadly.
  8. Lol. I guess we use it for different things, then. I use it together with the Navigation panel, and keep switching back and forth between them. So combining them makes the most sense for me, personally. But I'll be happy no matter where they add it, so if you can convince them that somewhere else is better, go for it.
  9. I'm probably in the minority here, but I use the Info Panel on the desktop app a LOT. I'd love to see this added to the iPad app, as well. Or am I just missing where it is? Hopefully? Wishing? :D
  10. Turning off Do Not Disturb worked for me. Strange. All the other apps don't mute sound when that's active. *shrug* Oh well. Thanks for the "fix".
  11. I've noticed that when importing pictures from the Photo app, it automatically downsizes pictures that are larger than the screen size (2732x2048, iPad Pro 12.9"). Am I missing a way to import the original size? Thanks! Edit: Grr. Looks like it's the fault of the Photo app. Will try downloading a pic from iCloud and see how that works... Edit2: Okay, it works when importing from iCloud. What's the point, though. I want to be able to use my iPad to edit documents on the go, not have to sit by my computer to swap pictures back-n-forth.
  12. So it's not just me. I was like, "Am I missing something? Where's the sound?"
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