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  1. Het is wel wennen om met software te werken die Engelstalig is. Ik heb het idee dat ik daarom niet genoeg mogelijkheden benut die Affinity biedt.
  2. Download from Affinity (into 'My account' / Downloads & product keys) and choose 'skip this version'. You have 1.8.2. Not a nice way, but it works.
  3. Yes, I also think it's right. Nothing happens before a lot of people have switched. I hope that somebody can develop an app that can convert eps / ai to a file with pdf layer while maintaining resolution, layers, shadow, gradient and other effects.. For now.... BUT: Which Stockphoto-download-store is suitable for Affinity with vector based images?
  4. What a big problem. I'm very disappointed. There is also no converter tool available anywhere. Shutterstock doesn't want to help me either. I want to stop the payment plan at Shutterstock precisely for this reason. BUT: Which Stockphoto download store is suitable for Affinity with vector based images?
  5. Ah, solved, many thanks! 'Not a bug', Yes, you're right. I just didn't know how to put it right. I learn from it.
  6. Hi! How can I solve a problem with the position of letter W? See pict. Letter w is too far to the left outside the text frame. Thanks in advance.
  7. Ah! Thanks. How do you do that? This is what I have done now.
  8. Many thanks, Old Bruce and mac_heibu, for your fast answers! I have learned your solution for the next time now! But I wonder if hard reset in textframe (data) is not possible? It is a mystery to me anyway... (But I'm glad that there is an alternative solution from you, I could continue with my work.)
  9. Ok, thanks. How can I reset typographic in both of frames? It was unable to "reset". I have created a new frame with 2 columns now. But I've had this before. How do I solve this?
  10. Text frameworks. Text in first frame is 12pt / 18pt (line spacing) I've made a 2nd textframe and link from 1st text frame. Font size & line spacing is not the same as the first frame. See movie or my screen print. How can this happen? And how can I solve the mystery? Schermopname 2019-11-04 om 13.06.16.mov
  11. thank you en what were the settings on your presets when you document export to PDF? Here are the black letters 100% black but without embed profile.
  12. Here is the artwork. I deleted the used photos and other info (for privacy customer). svs - fake-adv.afpub
  13. How can I export Publisher document to PDF for press (CMYK) texts for magazin are c0 m0 y0 k100, texts must be 100% black. Ok. After exporting I still check in Acrobat and I see that texts are c70 m60 y58 k84 now. I was in a hurry, so I opened PDF in PUBLISHER and manually converted texts to c0 m0 y0 k100 colors. But this way is not allowed. How should I export correctly for publishing / printing / magazines? Used profile required: ISO Coated v2 300% (ECI) CMYK Use DPI 300 Compatibility:… ??????? ... Color Space: "As document Check: Overprint black "ON"
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