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  1. ...and iCloud for an owner that works with macbook at other location and iMac in the office. Now I have to manually duplicate the settings. It would be great if that were possible in the future
  2. "Resource Manager" -> keyboard shortcut, thanks for the suggestion! I hope a panel will come in an update in the future. App icon, I'm sorry, I didn't find the other topics about this. But I am a little bit "happy" that I am not the only one who does not like the Publisher-icon with other 2 beautiful Affinity icons.
  3. 1) In the Dock on Mac, the shape of Publisher-app is not same as other two Affinity-apps. Why? 2) I miss the palette: "Resource manager" to manage images. Now we have to click with mouse: [menu] Document / Resource Manager… too cumbersome.
  4. Same here! Is there an update about the issue of TS? I'm work at iMac and Macbook, and want to save all of settings on iCloud. If this is 'fixed', then Affinity is perfect! (apps Photo, Designer and Publisher)
  5. Yes, I missed the bleed lines too. Great news from MEB.