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  1. I didn't assume Serif staff to directly provide a solution (if there is none out of the box), but at least some reply would have been nice — even if it is just "Sorry, this is not yet possible". Anyway, thank you both for the quick reply.
  2. Hello, in Export Persona > Slices > Additional properties > Path components I can't find a variable for something like document name. I want to export all slices with the document name (file name) as prefix, e.g. instead of "MyNicePicture_[ Slice name ]" I'd like to have "[ Document name ]_[ Slice name ]". Maybe this is already available somewhere else? If not, I'd like to kindly add it as a feature request : ) Thx for any help. Additional Properties: >
  3. I'd like to add my vote here — being able to hide the outline would greatly increase usability. For me the problem is not solely large brushes with much structure, but dynamic-sized brushes using pressure-sensitive input devices. Because then I can't even guess where a stroke will appear, e.g. as in the attached example image. Maybe there is already an existing option that I/we might have missed — or can we hope for a future release? Thx for any help : )
  4. Hi, I recently encountered the same issue while working on a file that was stored on a network drive (Synology NAS). The NAS was in power save mode when I wanted to save the document. Most applications just freeze shortly while the NAS is powering up (approx. 2-3 seconds), which is no big deal (for me). I recognized that Affinity streams data from the current file instead of loading everything into memory, so I understand that it could not simply save the document to another file. (Also it might not be the best idea performance-wise to work from a network drive — but this is another topic) Maybe it is possible to let the user "find" the file — regardless whether it is still at the same place (NAS/timeout scenario) or has actually been moved (e.g. the aforementioned USB drive letter scenario)? Not sure if this would work, as Mark said the file handle is lost. But having the file (again) + recent changes in memory should be enough to "restore" a valid state — I hope
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