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  1. Hello Affinity, I still see bug - Visual line miss calculation while dragging curve edges whilst in this beta and in current production version. The crosshair issue in the Pixel Persona brushes seems to have been solved, but brush preview continues to be always 'on'. Thank you.
  2. That's hugely welcome news - round bush does seem to work as intended, but the option to only work with crosshairs seems to be perpetually disabled. As soon as this is in the can, I'll absolutely be adopting AD as a primary tool.
  3. Good to see the beta process continue but still no sign it seems of the brush crosshair/'always on' brush preview problems being addressed. It has to be said that despite this being raised fairly consistently for a few months, I've yet to see an acknowledgement from the Affinity team that this problem is even one being replicated elsewhere; all I can say is that is it present on both my workstation and laptop and they share completely different architecture, so I can only assume that it is an issue experienced by others. It's a real shame as it is one of the potential killer abilities of Designer over Illustrator - really the first vector software to have a genuine, natural media function like this since CH's Expression, and of course the brush engine here is so much more promising - but in its current state - for me anyway - is unusable. Two questions, really: is this a recognised problem is it on the roadmap for a fix Thanks
  4. simply got your alpha and beta mixed up! As in the word 'alphabet', alpha comes before beta Ahhh true enough - for some reason I thought development worked backwards toward the alpha, I'm not entirely sure why. Anyway, I'll need to delve back into the workflow and see if the above works for me - as noted above, I've shifted away from AD for a time so I would need to revisit the steps and reproduce where I was struggling. My thoughts around the beta still stand, however - elements like swatch scrolling have certainly been solved now, but it was dispiriting to find these on the production version at launch. Solving the brush issue would restore my faith completely.
  5. Hello there - I'm referring to the phase when AD was available pre-release in beta for a time, I think for two months or so whilst it was going through its final pre-flight checks - this was sometime around October of last year. I seem to recall this was open to anyone who had expressed an interest in Affinity products for Windows earlier on in the year. At the stage of AD moving out of beta, there were certainly some major UI issues - particularly around swatch scrolling speed - that I would've assumed solved for its alpha release but were not, but to be honest it was only via purchasing AD you could discover this was the case as beta access had (at that time) then closed. I have no problem moving an object both inside a group as lowest element or outside that group in both the beta and stable versions I'll certainly have another play with this and it may indeed be down to some fumbling mouse technique (or in my case tablet), but I can only say that my experience is pretty similar to Ian's, certainly the 'once in that group, if I try to drag it to the bottom that group, it jumps into an automatically created bottom group with the lowest down object' a very familiar experience, with a fair bit of fiddling around to subsequently drop the element into the right position. It seems sensitive enough for it to be an issue, or me to actually interpret it as a bug, and I've been using vector software for twenty years. I do completely accept however that I might be screwing it up somehow.
  6. To phrase it a different way and to explain the same issue in a different way, to be clear, I would assume that if an object is below a group in the layers panel, and you move it up by dragging it, then it should appear at the very bottom of that group you are dragging it into. Instead it goes to the top. Then, once in that group, if I try to drag it to the bottom that group, it jumps into an automatically created bottom group with the lowest down object. There is a blue highlighting function missing at the very bottom of groups. This missing function is the same function that is present if you move an object to inbetween other objects in a group, ie. it simply moves to a different location. It is impossible to move using the layers panel, an object to the lowest position within a group. Very much in agreement with Ian R on this - during the pre-alpha phase I had assumed this was a 'to be sorted' and it was behaviour I'd just get used to, but that it is still here is a something of a problem. Although I am hugely pleased Affinity Photo is bagging various plaudits for its iPad variants, I am starting to get that 'runt of the litter' feeling where it comes to AD development on Windows. The cursor crosshair/brush preview issue still persists despite this being brought up first by Paolo Limoncelli several months ago and it really does inhibit serious use of the tool. The issue doesn't seem to be on any roadmaps either, so it's hard to know if the team are working demonically to crush this as a bug or if solving the problem has merely stalled. Nobody wants to be 'that guy' - everyone wants Affinity to succeed, take on Adobe and all that - but the pace of resolving the AD issues has, in truth, really dissuaded me from also moving over to AP for Windows. It's certainly not an issue of cost, but merely hesitancy to fully take the leap and adjust, 100%, to a new package, when I'm not convinced the commitment is absolutely there. Personally I feel AD for Windows plopped out of beta way too early and I'd this stage I still cannot consider using it for pro work, which is sad. It is - on so many levels - exceptional software, but always feels like it's maybe 85% of the way there.
  7. Brush preview persistence continues - no sign as yet of crosshair etc. despite Preference settings as reported previously. Thank you.
  8. The strange brush preview/cursor behaviour reported over at https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/39416-ad-brush-preview-persistence-15228-beta/ is still with us. Thanks.
  9. Weirdly, this isn't the behaviour I see. Regardless of whether 'Show brush previews' is on or off, the brush preview is always on and does not disappear even if the cursor remains static. I'm assuming that the circle shape is also a brush preview, but reflective of the round profile of that brush. Effectively it means it is impossible to paint without the brush preview present, which to all intent behaves as a cursor, although I do understand this isn't the actual cursor as such. I've no idea if I'm alone in experiencing this behaviour, but as someone who only ever paints with crosshairs rather than brush preview (in other applications) it's fairly tricky to use. Wacom drivers etc. are all up to date.
  10. Just recording this bug on the Windows forum - previously reported over on https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/26933-brush-cursor-persistence/in Paolo's Mac thread. Show brush previews unchecked/Always show brush crosshair checked in User Prefs. Pixel Persona always defaults to brush preview - crosshair usually appears if round brush selected, crosshair not present if textured brush selected. Behaviour is present on both my main tower PC and my small HP laptop; have not yet been able to remove brush preview and only have crosshair displayed. Unchecking/checking both options in user prefs seems to have no impact either way. R7 Radeon GPU. Thanks!
  11. Just out of interest, I tried it on my tiny HP laptop and its exhibiting precisely the same behaviour. Update - this evening I discovered the existence of the AD beta, and the bug is still present.
  12. it's an odd one - I tend to only see the preview/crosshair under a round brush setting, but swapping to a non-round, textured brush removes the crosshair but just maintains the persistence of that profile. W10/R7 graphics.
  13. Seems to be still occuring for me on AD in Windows (Pixel Persona) - in prefs I've got 'Show Brush Previews' disabled and 'Always Show Brush Crosshair' enabled but largely seeing either brush preview without crosshair or brush preview with... tinkering with prefs/reboots etc. seem to have no effect. Puzzling!
  14. I would tend to concur with this - don't get me wrong, since finally plunging into AD I'm discovering the enormous potential of its vector/bitmap workflow and it is a spectacular package - but there are weird anomalies that do not seem to have moved on performance-wise since its beta days, such as slow scrolling on Pantone swatches and laggy colour picking. It feels more like optimisation than basic performance - on my machine, programs such as Clip Art Studio whip along but AD does have the odd Windows turn: I've read various other threads on GPU/CPU combos but it doesn't seem so related to that: it's just basic GUI stuff.
  15. Thanks Henry - my Affinity Photo trial has expired at this point so I can't quite give it a flight test but I think you know precisely what I'm talking about. I guess Julian either didn't see your reply or hasn't had chance to try out the select Eraser/select Brush technique - I know it works, however, as the Affinity team were kind enough to reply to me the other day via email, a nice bit of all-too-rare customer support!