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  1. Mmm - heartily aware of that, but really looking for a response from Affinity as to if this feature is on the horizon and in the various conversations that have drifted around this, any word from Affinity has been absent since last summer. Some sense of timescale (this month/season/year etc) would be helpful: both versions of Affinity lie unused by me, because of this particular feature absence.
  2. Not a stability issue, but is there any hope that Designer (and indeed Photo) will ever address the suggestions most broadly summarised in https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/52572-preferences-add option-to-removehide-brush-outline/&tab=comments#comment-320537? Sean P posted back in July that this was on the roadmap, but we're now well over a year later for a game-changer for us digital painting folks. Every so often I stop by the beta in hope, but....
  3. Good to see this getting some support... let's hope the Affinity gang tune in. Both applications could be killer on the natural media front if they only acknowledged this weird oversight!
  4. Bumping this, as it's still the principle reason I don't use Affinity Designer/Photo for illustration. It seems a curious omission to me - I can't think of any other design app that doesn't cover at least a rudimentary set of alternative cursors, and some of course offer a sweep of alternatives, i.e.: (Rebelle 2) (Clip Studio Paint) Certainly software like Painter has offered an extensive cursor dialogue for a couple of decades by now. Is this something isolated to only the Windows version?
  5. Yes, very much second this as I've posted elsewhere in the forum, my posts getting a bit muddied around the terminology of brush 'preview' vs. 'outline'. To add one further suggestion to ToreB's spot-on list, perhaps an option to control the opacity of the outline might be useful for anyone who uses the outline as part of their workflow. And a happy new year to the Affinity team.
  6. Ahhh thank you MEB! Yes, as ToreB confirms it is indeed brush outline that is the issue - with round brushes it's probably bearable, but on textured brushes the outline generally obscures where you are trying to work. A further option might also be an option to vary the opacity of the outline for those who use it as part of their workflow. Anyway, I'll save that for the feature requests...
  7. I do broadly agree, but as I say this is more an issue of sheer customer support than, paradoxically, an issue with the application itself. Commenting on an issue once or twice without a response is kind of disappointing but broadly understandable: bringing it to the team's attention on multiple occasions with no resolution (actually, a 'solved' resolution, despite it being far from that) feels, eventually, like a rebuff. It's a sign of disrespect, of the time users take - at their own cost - to help make an application better. Inevitably, our exchange has gone on without comment from Affinity and I suspect that once again this thread will be shuffled to the back of the queue. Amazing support goes a long way toward software being adopted, that word of mouth: right now, I'm certainly talking about the software company who 'got straight back', but I'm not talking about Affinity.
  8. SrPx, I absolutely get your point - I've been involved in digital imaging software in one form or another since Quantel Paintbox (!) and I've experienced support from a myriad of companies over the years. I think I understand the scale of the current Serif/Affinity crew (i.e. modest) and my expectations have always been relatively low in terms of support. I think in various posts I have indeed sided with their position, fully taking it on board that the paint angle of both Photo and Designer is unlikely to be foremost in their minds when squashing bugs. The Affinity suite appears to want to tackle every front which is undoubtedly ambitious, and any software with a swiss army knife-like mindset is going to suffer somewhere along the line. However, I do believe - with the emphasis on the pixel persona in Affinity's marketing - that a pretty basic element of the interface, common really to both packages, should work once out of beta stage. I followed Designer for Windows through its various pre-release tests and it seemed quite clear to me that Designer was released prematurely (the vector-path flickering redraw issue still isn't fixed, for instance) and Photo's release this year was a surprise, given the amount of dev work Designer still seems to need. The brush engine is a serious thing Affinity has going for it, particularly in combo with the vector tools: it plugs a gap not filled since Microsoft stuffed Expression and the brush engine itself (subjectively) has to be for me in the top 3 maybe in terms of its user experience. I honestly wouldn't have any issue at all if a) both packages were still in beta, and we were all still being used as guinea pig testers, and b) Affinity at least offered even basic feedback to the issues raised, but for whatever reason Affinity have pitched their hat into the Windows ring and have to be judged by that. Obviously in this thread, stokerg did offer a response, but it does seem in ignorance to the probably dozens now of comments elsewhere by me and others on precisely the same issue, including the designer of the Daub suite itself. Believe me - my comments are actually borne out of my wish to see Affinity succeed. I'm glad they managed to draw a line between the Affinity products and the 'cover disk' Serif era, and there are clearly a ton of features on both Photo and Designer that are game changers. In the fickle game of software development, though, development and customer support have to be given equal support. There is no point developing a show-stopper package when users like me are having to spend time repeatedly flagging an issue in the hope that someone looks at it. And that is from someone who has some understanding of the developer's scale and all that: globally, the sympathy will be far less from those who have purchased a product and just expect it to 'work' alongside their Adobe CC suite and all that. A year or more for an answer is fine by me - I never expected Affinity to move out of the Apple space anyway - but a response along the lines of 'yes, we understand your problem, we've seen it replicated on x number of machines, send us an error log, we plan to attend to this in Q4 when we're looking properly at the interface' etc. would go a long way. Anyway, thank you for your comments, I very much understand where you are coming from.
  9. In truth, I've been banging on about this for months and months without, it has to be said, really any meaningful feedback from Affinity staff - it pains me to say it, but customer support seems incredibly variable and has affected how I view this software. I really want to support a home-grown Adobe-thrasher, but being ignored just doesn't help at all, and I'm reluctantly on the verge of seeking refund. The money is academic: I just don't really want to reward such complacent and disappointing customer service. My thread over at details the state of play in both Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer, but predictably these comments were ignored too. By way of example, a small issue I had with (let's face it) a competing application - I'll spare their blushes - was responded to with three personal emails within 24 hours. That is how it is done. Currently, for Windows, the brush engine is not fit for purpose for digital painting. My problem is present on two different machines with entirely different architecture, so I know it isn't anything to do with my configuration.
  10. whitehead

    A Measure of Despair with AP

    In the hope of keeping this topic alive, and making my purchase of both Affinity Photo and Designer (Designer after patiently waiting for months for a resolution) actually worthwhile, I feel I should mention my system is powered by a combined CPU/GPU AMD A8-7600 (Radeon R7). 8GB RAM. It's no graphics juggernaut, but happily runs Photoshop CC, Clip Studio Paint EX and Artrage 5 with no issues at all. Some dev response would be welcome, at least to confirm investigation is on the table. I genuinely see the potential of Affinity, but gradually we're drifting into refund territory as most of my posts around this issue seem to go unheeded and I just can't use the software in this state for my purpose. It's a real shame, but I'm guessing that the number of issues reported (this post has drifted into page 4 already, and it was only started a week ago) is overwhelming. Even just confirmation that this is a known bug would be helpful, and it's not something that's somehow isolated to my set-up.
  11. whitehead

    A Measure of Despair with AP

    As an aside, I've just discovered the vector tools within Photo - mind blown! Gaaah not being able to use this software properly is like being given a Christmas present but not being allowed to take off the wrapping paper
  12. whitehead

    A Measure of Despair with AP

    Thank you both for your really prompt responses. To review by each post: dutchshader: yes. my prefs are identical to yours carl123: some are Daub, some not. It was really the love of using Daub brushes that led me to Affinity in the first place. Brushes in the "Basic" category give me a perpetual round brush: moving to say the "Painting" category gives me a mix of round and textured previews - the ones that are round have two nozzles (I wasn't aware of the nozzles aspect until these replies), those that are textured just one. A clue! I built a quick nozzle (256x256) in another application and sure enough adding this to a single-nozzled textured brush turns the preview into a round brush, so the behaviour is at least predictable. It doesn't, however, remove the preview. dutchshader: no, sadly Daub or not, previews are still present in every configuration. Having the brush previews sometimes present in the Daub brushes for you does sound pretty buggy though, and if I'm not mistaken it's something Paolo himself brought up in the past, but it looks like the problem was abandoned which seems very strange: Whichever, even if the workaround of adding a second nozzle was successful, it's no fix I feel. Affinity devs, over to you! I don't know if there is any way I can supply any app data, but please let me know if there is.
  13. whitehead

    A Measure of Despair with AP

    Hello folks - last night I finally pitched in and bought Affinity Photo for Windows, despite one or two reservations around my experience with Designer and persistent interface bugs. The most troubling of these for me has been the inability to switch off brush preview - by this I mean the 8-bitish representation of the brush head. Despite bringing this up months ago, really, and watching it being skipped in various betas, I've resigned myself to the fact the bitmap function is only a side-function of Designer and fixes are probably way down the list. My dismay has only been compounded to discover Photo exhibits precisely the same behaviour. Despite toggling "brush preview" on or off, the crude bitmap representation remains - toggling crosshair does work, but it's largely rendered invisible anyway by the preview. I can just about accept this within Designer, but brush behaviour is surely core within Photo and, as is, not having the option to switch off this preview for me renders Photo more or less useless for digital painting, as it's simply impossible to see what you are doing. As I asked over on the Designer forum, could this be a system issue? I have a pretty basic R7 set-up here, but it's enough to happily run Artrage and CSP without issue. On Designer, the same problem is replicated on my laptop so I do rather doubt this. Paradoxically, on the AD forum this problem has been marked as 'fixed' - - but it really isn't. Staring at my old Painter 4(!) tin up on the shelf, even back then we were given multiple options for the brush cursor - single pixel, crosshairs, brush preview, standard cursor and so on. What is going on here? Am I missing something just blindingly obvious? For illustrative purposes, I include screen pics of the cursor with and without crosshair present. For some reason, a screengrab didn't record the brush preview so I've resorted to terrible photography. Cheers!
  14. Just picking up on this with the welcome release of 1.6: although the crosshair on/off does indeed now work, brush preview in pixel persona is still (for me anyway) always locked on, regardless of preference setting. After plugging through the betas for a time, I was really hoping the public release of 1.6 would nail it, but it seems not I'm afraid and I can't see this as being 'fixed' just yet. It's such a fundamental thing I'm always surprised no-one else seems to comment - in my workflow it's pretty much the only thing that now stops AD from being my daily driver (I find it difficult to paint with preview in the way of the view). I wonder if it may be my system that's throwing something in the way (admittedly it's a pretty basic AMD R7 setup, but powerful enough to handle say CSP with relative ease). 1.6 for Windows is getting so polished now, it's just a bit of a grind not being able to properly break out the DAUB raster brushes and let rip. Or is this something I am only seeing?
  15. Hello Affinity, I still see bug - Visual line miss calculation while dragging curve edges whilst in this beta and in current production version. The crosshair issue in the Pixel Persona brushes seems to have been solved, but brush preview continues to be always 'on'. Thank you.