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  1. whitehead

    Affinity Designer for Windows - 1.7.0

    Bitmaps along paths seem to be working perfectly: fantastic. Can't wait to dig in further.
  2. After finally getting some time to investigate, I'd say sort of: virtually all the pixel brushes now have a round brush outline, rather than the image-obscuring texture outline, so there has been some progress. Not all, though: 'Airbrush 8' in the 'Sprays and Splatters' set still carries the texture outline, and I think I spotted one more plodding through the brushes. The option though to switch the outline off completely only display a cursor is not in place, and we have a long way to go before Affinity could match the options of CSP, as pictured up the thread. The problem of the brush highlight in the Brushes menu being switched off if you change a brush parameter is still an issue. It's incredibly difficult to remember which brush is currently in play, and this is something of a deal-breaker too. Overall, I'm glad to see something is happening around the brush issue, but we're still a long way off it achieving its potential.
  3. In response to EB3's comments, I am by now fairly confident that the brush outline issue is being attended to - the discussion moved over to here... ...which was originally in the context of the current problem AD suffers when moving nodes around: this was solved in more recent betas. As you can probably tell from the tone of my posts above, my real frustration was really the lack of response from the Affinity team, but as you can see in the quoted thread Mark Ingram did pick this up. It's a strange thing: ultimately I've just decided to be patient with Affinity and see what happens. My completely non-empiric hunch is that the suite originally never really had the ambition of being a 'natural media' product, but obviously a few of us - not least Paolo Limoncelli and his amazing brushes - have seen this potential, with AD in particular offering something not seen since the likes of the [Microsoft's] death of Creature House's Expression and even the obscure (but much-loved by me) programme called Satori from Spaceward. However, all this I doubt has ever really been seriously on Affinity's roadmap, the primary aim I guess to make a straightforward, stable competitor to Adobe and move - by all accounts pretty successfully - into the iPad space. So, at the moment, I wander by every few weeks to check on the betas and see if there has been any movement. My two main wishes are effectively a mirror of the cursor options CSP has (as detailed far above) and the ability to add raster brushes to paths in AP as you can do in PS: obviously this latter feature is 'built in' to the brush options in AP (presumably because it uses the same pop-up as AD) but simply doesn't work. It's an odd oversight. In the meantime, I use CSP for pretty much everything - the brush engine isn't (to me) as good as Affinity's and it's vector functionality is as clunky as hell, but I find it stable and of course DAUB brushes are available there too. I would wonder if at some point the CSP team (who I assume are rather larger than Affinity's) might spot the potential of the vector space and radically improve this side of the interface, remembering how ghastly the earlier Manga Studio versions were for painting and now they seem to have really pushed that to make CSP a direct competitor to PS in the presumably lucrative concept art arena. Anyway, I live in eternal hope: frankly Affinity reminds me of my Satori days (i.e. a decidedly non-corporate developer pushing some pretty nifty technology) and I'm sure at some point they will address the needs of artists who see both AP/AD as potentially incredible tools.
  4. whitehead

    Rasterisation Resolution

    Aha! I knew there was a setting eluding me - you've nailed it Sean. Really loving 1.7... Peter
  5. 1.7. feels like a real shift forward - seemingly much slicker feedback on node editing, on top of the eradication of flicker - but rendering seems noticeably stepped when vector layers are rasterised, the image at the bottom vs. on the top. Doc is at 300dpi for both, identical source file. Brush engine tweaks a game changer, however! Fantastic.
  6. That is fair Mark, thank you for your response - my frustration is largely borne of the sheer all-in-one potential for Designer for my workflow, so it's impatience more than anything else. However, I would think there are more artists out there - albeit less whiny than me - who would be looking for precisely the same feature improvements. As soon as a good brush preview system is installed, I can predict Affinity starting to break through into the Artstation crowd and even greater business. Cheers Peter
  7. That as may be, but rather than a curt reply Mark, perhaps it would be more helpful to me and other users to offer a timeline and some promise of when this might be addressed. I am genuinely loathe to be 'that person' in steering Affinity toward solutions (solutions in its own interest!), but in the two years or so I've had Affinity in its guises on my system, two I feel important issues - the above and the issue with the brush preview - have been summarily dismissed or ignored. Two years. I do not think it is unfair of me, as a customer of Affinity, to shine some sort of light on its sense of priority to address the customers it already has, rather than seek out new ones. You may indeed have a number of teams - you may have three, or five, or ten thousand - but two really very basic problems (one a bug, another a peculiar oversight/UX decision) persist. I think in all that time (and, as I see above, 37 posts!) I think I've had one reply from Affinity itself - two including your comment above, Mark. I feel it's a poor show.
  8. Bump on this one - like the brush interface issue I've written about countless times for probably two years now, this is a basic UX issue that makes the difference between Designer being a joy to use/go to application and something you only pull out now and again as it feels, effectively, unfinished and unloved. It baffles me to some extent that efforts are being pushed into yet another new Affinity frontier (Publisher) when Designer - your bedrock application - clearly has a long way to go re. stability and usability. Do we have a timeline on either of these now elderly requests? Thanks, Peter
  9. Does anybody know if this behaviour is also on the Mac version?
  10. Yes, I work closely with a team of devs and I'm pretty acquainted with the pressures and timescales of software development. That said, I do find the Affinity team's position on this flaw really pretty odd, with a blanket refusal it seems to even comment or give projection I just don't think I've encountered in another small developer. It is pretty dismissive, and if it wasn't for the vector potential of Design (and the absence of good vector packages on Windows) I honestly don't think I would be pursuing any of this. As it is, the lack of communication from Affinity betrays a strange arrogance. Their obsession with their iPad presence really starts to grate when a fundamental usability issue continues to roll on, unaddressed, for month after month. I cannot confidently recommend Affinity to my studio team when this is the customer experience, a team happy on their Macs and their Adobe product. Software is not just the platform, it is the totality: it is the understanding you are cared for. What we are all suggesting will help open Affinity up to an even broader market, but for some perverse reason they seem pretty bent on breeding resentment, in at least one of their customers: not the greatest business model in the wafer-thin opportunity outside of the Adobe space.
  11. Good to see this getting some support... let's hope the Affinity gang tune in. Both applications could be killer on the natural media front if they only acknowledged this weird oversight!
  12. Bumping this, as it's still the principle reason I don't use Affinity Designer/Photo for illustration. It seems a curious omission to me - I can't think of any other design app that doesn't cover at least a rudimentary set of alternative cursors, and some of course offer a sweep of alternatives, i.e.: (Rebelle 2) (Clip Studio Paint) Certainly software like Painter has offered an extensive cursor dialogue for a couple of decades by now. Is this something isolated to only the Windows version?
  13. Yes, very much second this as I've posted elsewhere in the forum, my posts getting a bit muddied around the terminology of brush 'preview' vs. 'outline'. To add one further suggestion to ToreB's spot-on list, perhaps an option to control the opacity of the outline might be useful for anyone who uses the outline as part of their workflow. And a happy new year to the Affinity team.
  14. Ahhh thank you MEB! Yes, as ToreB confirms it is indeed brush outline that is the issue - with round brushes it's probably bearable, but on textured brushes the outline generally obscures where you are trying to work. A further option might also be an option to vary the opacity of the outline for those who use it as part of their workflow. Anyway, I'll save that for the feature requests...
  15. I do broadly agree, but as I say this is more an issue of sheer customer support than, paradoxically, an issue with the application itself. Commenting on an issue once or twice without a response is kind of disappointing but broadly understandable: bringing it to the team's attention on multiple occasions with no resolution (actually, a 'solved' resolution, despite it being far from that) feels, eventually, like a rebuff. It's a sign of disrespect, of the time users take - at their own cost - to help make an application better. Inevitably, our exchange has gone on without comment from Affinity and I suspect that once again this thread will be shuffled to the back of the queue. Amazing support goes a long way toward software being adopted, that word of mouth: right now, I'm certainly talking about the software company who 'got straight back', but I'm not talking about Affinity.