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  1. Since I bought Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer before xmas, I have not been using any of my (many) other paint programs much. There is such a nice natural flowing feel to the Affinity brush engine, especially used together with DAUB's brushtips. Some examples here. Thanks for great software at a price, poor artists can afford!
  2. It would be very helpfull if prefs had the option to turn brush outline on/off. This goes for both Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer (pixel brush) Preferences could then read: 1. crosshair on/off 2. brush preview on/off 3. brush outline on/off Personally I find the brush outline very distracting when drawing/painting in these otherwise excellent programs.
  3. Thanks for kind and prompt answer MEB. And yes you are absolutely right, it is the brush OUTLINE I can't get to grips with. and which I mistook for brush PREVIEW. So imo there should be three on/off switches in the prefs: 1. crosshair 2. brush preview 3. brush outline Well, personally I wouldn't care if the brush outline was removed alltogether. It serves (again at least for me) no purpose, other than distraction. Should I make a copy of this and place it in a new thread?
  4. I'm on Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer for Windows and both has the same problem as described above. It is possible to turn on and of the crosshair but the brush outline is impossible to turn off. It's constant presence - especially when using complex painterly (pixel)brushes makes it difficult and distracting when drawing/painting. Hope this will be corrected soon, as both programs otherwise is really wonderfull to work with!