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  1. I am experiencing a really bad error when using adjustment layers "Levels" or "Brightness/Contrast": adjusting black level or contrast doesn't 'take' properly (only very weakly) when pressing "merge" or flattening the image. There is a big difference between how Affinity Photo previews the adjustment and how it actually will come to look when activating it by merging down the adjustment layer or flattening the image in the document menu, as can be seen in these screen shots: 1. Image freshly loaded into Photo. 2. Adjustment made with "Levels" adjustment layer to boost darkness contrast.
  2. The lack of responce on this issue, is even the more strange, as it propably would be a very quick thing to fix...? And you are right, Whitehead -- it would be nice to at least get a feedback from Affinity so as to know if this issue is going to be adressed at all.
  3. Have been looking for this to be fixed in the latest betas, but alas not so! Is there even the faintest hope that this will be adressed soon...? It is really a show stopper for the otherwise wonderfull paint tools in Photo!
  4. Excactly what I needed! Can't understand how I could overlook that! Well, thanks a lot MOB! :-)
  5. In another graphics software I own (Photoline), it is possible to perform something called "color to transparency". This function lifts off opaque color (including of course black) from the selected base color of the image (typically white) and makes them transparent (similar to an transparent in an overhead viewer). Corel Painter has the same function but calls it "lift layer to watercolor layer" as far as I remember. I have been trying to do this in Affinity Photo without luck. Is this an existing function, that I just can't find, or is it something to put on the wish list for Affin
  6. In my latest animated short "House Cleaning" I have used Affinity Photo for both "household" picture jobs (cropping, scaling, adjusting etc.and some green screen clean up) as well as "paint jobs" - painting of sets and prop textures etc. As the only bitmap edit/paint tool in the production, I have credited it in the end titles. Hope you enjoy my film, as I have enjoyed using Affinity Photo :-) https://vimeo.com/257044867 PS: Some behind-the-scenes- shots can be found here: http://www.imxprs.com/free/tore/bahnson/behind-the-scenes (And of course
  7. Maybe not Mondrian that much (a bit stiff and boring, I think) but Picasso and Matisse and Braque and Diebenkorn and Giacometti and Beckmann and... well, the world is filled with wonderfull art! Isn't that great?! If you like you can visit my Pinterest page, where I collect art, new and old, that catches my eye and hart: https://www.pinterest.dk/torebahnson/firstboard/ and you are also very welcome on my own art pages on flickr, where you can download all my pictures for free: https://www.flickr.com/photos/tore_bahnson/ And finally my personal website: http:
  8. Within hours came along - but still no outline switch...
  9. Update is out. The issue not adressed, so this is still a request.
  10. Yes, sorry, had forgotten! That's how it goes when you are to quick to dive into the inkwell (as we say in Denmark). I just keep my fingers crossed.
  11. Just installed Windows APhoto update, and had hoped that the brush outline issue was solved, the more so, as this forum thread now says “FIXED” in the top. Bad sadly this is not true - the issue persists! It is very uncomfortable to paint/draw with that outline obscuring what you do. Please make an option to COMPLETELY turn of Brush outlines (wether they are round or represents the texture used) as well as brush previews. NOTHING, NOTHING whatsoever in ANY mode, other than the little crosshair. Please!! :-)
  12. Since I bought Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer before xmas, I have not been using any of my (many) other paint programs much. There is such a nice natural flowing feel to the Affinity brush engine, especially used together with DAUB's brushtips. Some examples here. Thanks for great software at a price, poor artists can afford!
  13. It would be very helpfull if prefs had the option to turn brush outline on/off. This goes for both Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer (pixel brush) Preferences could then read: 1. crosshair on/off 2. brush preview on/off 3. brush outline on/off Personally I find the brush outline very distracting when drawing/painting in these otherwise excellent programs.
  14. Thanks for kind and prompt answer MEB. And yes you are absolutely right, it is the brush OUTLINE I can't get to grips with. and which I mistook for brush PREVIEW. So imo there should be three on/off switches in the prefs: 1. crosshair 2. brush preview 3. brush outline Well, personally I wouldn't care if the brush outline was removed alltogether. It serves (again at least for me) no purpose, other than distraction. Should I make a copy of this and place it in a new thread?
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