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[IDML Implemented] How can I open Indesign (indd and idml) Files in Publisher?

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I can't give any timelines for this (IDML import, not INDD). It's being worked and will be in an update when it is considered working and relatively stable. But I would be talking more than a few weeks in not months, It's not a simple thing to just implement 

(edited by Patrick Connor for clarity that this is a statement about IDML and not INDD: 08 July 2019)

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AfPub, based on a very quick test, does a pretty good job of importing a PDF that I created of a book in InDesign. Needs a lot more testing, but that might be a short term option. 

HOWEVER, the next very important step for me is missing. 

I cannot export to a reflowable Epub 

Is that feature also planned. It is needed for every project I have. 

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At last!! Thank you for Publisher!

My first thought was how do I import my indesign files? At the moment there is no 'Import' button and 'Open' an indesign file shows a greyed out 'filename.indd'. Hmmm?? But because I always create a pdf from my indd files, I found I could 'Open' the 'filename.pdf' with no problem other than it opens as pages not facing pages. I then clicked the 'Document Setup' tab and changed the 'Layout' to 'Facing Pages' and I now have my indesign page saved as 'filename.afpub'.

Good news!

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Welcome to the Serif Affinity forum :) 

I have merged your post into this popular thread as it goes some way to helping those asking a similar question.

Patrick Connor
Serif Europe Ltd

"There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man. True nobility lies in being superior to your previous self."  W. L. Sheldon


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Well that is just not good enough then, with no way to open commercial templates and Affinity not having their own for Publisher I think I'll pass to purchase the final version if it ever comes out. Good luck forcing people to work without templates.

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That's the question I asked on another thread, Mark. It's an exact parallel with Word – you might hate it but if everyone else uses it then you have to be able to send them something they can work with.

So... if importing from ID is in the plan, is exporting, too?

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The ability to import InDesign files is a very important feature for me. I've been able to move my pixel and vector work to Affinity Photo and Designer completely because they do a reasonable job opening up PSD and AI files.

I don't use InDesign nearly as often but I do have files going back almost 20 years that I need to open from time to time.

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1 hour ago, donmcdonald said:

indd export not as critical as is the ability to import. Most are probably exporting the bulk of their efforts into some variation of pdf, but to move ongoing legacy projects to Publisher will require an InDesign import system of some sort (preferably sooner than later). 

As long as we are supposed to test beta both import and export indd/idml ability IS CRITICAL because ITS BETA and if you do your work on beta you always have to be secured with possibility to finish your tasks/documents in the other app. If its not critical - should you use AP for fun only ? )) Imho. 


AF Photo+Designer+Publisher and their betas on Win10 x64/Gtx760+AmdFX+24GB RAM


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