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  1. That's odd, when I drag 'n drop, I get the smaller size. When I place the file, I get the correct size. I guess I will just place the barcodes from now on. Thanks everyone!
  2. It's Designer. It imports to Illustrator correctly. Designer is, but should not be, assigning a low resolution to a vector file upon open/import. I feel like this is an issue that needs to be fixed by the developers in order for this app to stay competitive in the pro arena. Vectors have no resolution and should definitely never open/import at 72dpi.
  3. I get that too when I just open the barcode. And that appears to be correct except that it's not... The problem lies in when I put it in the layout for the label I'm working on, that 1.9 in becomes much smaller because the "resolution" of the barcode file is 72 dpi and the resolution of my label file is 300 dpi.
  4. Here's one of each. Adobe Illustrator opens the file correctly, Affinity Designer does not so I think it has to do with the resolution that Designer assigns files upon import. Which makes zero sense. Vector to vector should not have a dpi. I can see on export needing a resolution, but not on import. barcode.eps barcode.pdf
  5. It's vector, I can export as PDF, EPS, GIF, TIF, PNG, or JPG. I can also drag and drop directly from the app into Designer. I was exporting as EPS so that it is vector to vector which should not change the size of the barcode.
  6. Hi folks, I'm new, so I hope I'm posting my question/thoughts in the right place... I've been using Affinity Designer and Photo on the Mac since they were each in Beta. What has always baffled me about Designer is that it asks for a document resolution to set up the file. I can understand upon export needing it for some of the file formats, but not for the actual vector file itself. Well, this has come back to haunt me in that Designer is “resizing” vector art exported from my barcode app. I’ve given the barcode a width of 1.5” (first image) and it comes it at .45”ish. I think it is related to the dpi because it appears to be opened/imported at “72 dpi” (third image) but it’s a vector graphic, so there shouldn’t be a dpi. (the yellow box in the fourth image is the correct size, as you can see, the barcode is way smaller) I can open the same image in Illustrator (second image) and it opens at the correct size. Barcodes must be a specific size or they don’t work. How can I get Designer to import my barcode at the 100% size on the first try?
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