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  1. I've heard good things about Typeface, I'll certainly give it a try, if it auto activates Affinity apps then I'm all in, especially with Suitcase now going the subscription route, I much prefer buying the box and that's it.
  2. Can we please have a look at the leading override and the paragraph formatting, it would be really handy if we have mixed measurements (i.e. one para with 3mm spacing and one para with 1mm, or different leading on two paras) if there was an alert or an N/A that was shown in the measurement box to alert the user that there are mixed measurements, currently it for me just shows one measurement, I believe it's the measurement of the line I initially highlight, even if the multiple lines have different spacing.
  3. This is a great way of handling it... I wish Suitcase did this rather than using plugins TBH, much more elegant solution, I've heard good things about Typeface, we've been using Suitcase for years, just upgraded to the latest one, you'd have thought they may have implemented something like that, thank you for your constructive answer, I may actually look at Typeface for our studio if Extensis don't pull their socks up.
  4. Not sure, just spitballing to try and alert the Affinity devs that this is a feature that would be most welcome by design studios. Also wanted to alert Extensis should be aware of this fantastic software... never say never, because there may be another way of doing it other than plugins if they never offer plugin support, Affinity asked me to post here and Extensis replied saying that if there's demand it's something they'd look into, if Affinity can link three programs together without leaving the one you're working in currently then this shouldn't be too much of an issue with their development skills. Maybe they could look at their own font handling software, I know my design studio would be interested if they did.
  5. This is more of a request for users of the Affinity suite to badger Extensis for them to start to think about producing an auto activation plugin for Suitcase for the fonts used in an existing document. I tweeted Extensis about this a couple of days ago and they said it would be something they would think about if there was enough interest in it, obviously they already do this for the CC suite, but as my company are slowly switching over to Affinity (already using Publisher extensively... working on the other two programs getting implemented as well), this would be a very welcome feature indeed. With over 2 million users of Affinity, it's certainly something that should be taken seriously at this point, so let's make them take notice!
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