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  1. Helmuth Pandora

    Data merge

    One more vote for data-merge
  2. It would really be nice to be able to see the bleed through the hole process. And the possibility to hide them, as you can do with the guides.
  3. To be able to lace multiple pages on one spread is an very important feature. Please add it very soon. As mentioned above, ist used for multi-part-panels, book covers, for tri-fold or even folders that have more the three folds.
  4. Hyperlinks are shurely very useful for all documents, that are not only designated to print. +1
  5. There are about four or five threads on this topic. Seems quite important to people. I also would like to see it, as it would make life easier
  6. IDMl import would be a really nice feature
  7. Add Pixabay as free Stockphoto source
  8. Helmuth Pandora

    Language settings

    When will the footnote be added?
  9. Different sizes of pages in one document is really important, for example for a bookcover