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  1. I think you need particularly the import from InDesign CS6 format. Many users do survive with this last perpetual version hoping and praying to be able to finally switch
  2. Just adding my 50c regarding the wait for Publisher. I do not mind if it takes more time than we hope, but please do take care of the quality of its key feature: text setting. The only good enough algorithms I know of are in LaTeX and InDesign. I have been using InDesign for years, setting book pages that indeed look good. I take heavy use even of typographic fine-tuning. With a decent amount of work one can achieve a lot with InDesign. I confirm I as many others I am not interested in polluting Publisher functionality by stuff from Photo or Designer, I just need it to be really good at dealing with very long and complex texts, placing bitmaps/grpahics prepared in Photo and Designer, and - this is also crucial - prooducing high quality PDFXs. Also, some way of importing InDesign files without completely screwing their contents will be needed. I am certainly not the only one who keeps an archive of a large number of layouts that may need to get reused in future. And yes I am aching to get away from Adobe as so many other users. Now I stick with CS6, hoping it will survive for some more time before an OS update renders it unusable. I hope and pray Affinity Publisher will have matured enough by then. (But rest assured: I am going to purchase Publisher the moment it becomes available).