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  1. Will there ever be an Image Trace feature in Designer, such as is available in Adobe Illustrator? I frequently have to redraw bitmaps in vectored format. Illustrator's tracing feature makes that very easy. It sure would be nice to be able to do it in Designer.
  2. After the comment from Pentaxian (good call!) about having a picture loaded to see the icons in color, I did so. I can see them now, but they are still too small for these old eyes. Putting them in two columns made it a bit better, but it would be very nice if it was possible to make them larger. I have a 27" iMac, non-retina screen, but it is very high resolution. In setting preferences in Adobe products like InDesign, in order to maintain the preferences you set, i.e. always CMYK instead of RGB, you open the program without opening a document. The tools remain dark against a light background. Since 99% of the work I do is for Print rather than Web, I always set certain preference to be maintained so I don't have to do this every time I start a new job. This is what I was doing in trying to set up my preferences in Photo. So, I was getting the grayed out symbols against the dark background, which made it almost impossible for me to see them. Thus my frustration because I want so much to like this product and not be dependent on Adobe, which has priced itself beyond ridiculous, especially for small users like this cantankerous and semi-crazed old woman. I didn't realize the time difference, and apologize for venting my frustration. However, I do think the GUI could be made more user-friendly to us older users by making an interface that allow significant enlargement of the tools AND not graying them out when the program is opened without opening an image.
  3. My sister, who is ten years younger than I am, evidently has no issues with the interface. I wish I had never purchased these programs. I could have better spent that money on something else.
  4. I have tried all the preferences for making the tools and fonts larger. I can't tell any difference at all even with the tools set at "Largest". Along with the illegibility of the tools, this makes these programs useless for me. Unless Affinity is willing to provide an interface that is adaptable and accessible for people who need larger, high contrast tools, I don't see Designer or Photo ever being an acceptable alternative to Adobe. I guess when Publisher comes out, it will have the same type of interface, designed for people with perfect eyesight who need no vision correction and who are capable of seeing tiny tools that are nearly the same shade as the background they appear on. I am totally disenchanted, disgruntled, and going back to Adobe. These program were a waste of money for me. I am not a happy camper. I supplement my Social Security income by doing corporate graphic design, which I have been doing for nearly 40 years with an extensive background in commercial printing and graphics. I learned how to do everything the old-fashioned way before computers came along. I've used just about all the graphic design software on the market, from the earliest versions of Quark Xpress, PageMaker, CorelDraw, Freehand, etc. through the last version of CS that wasn't a subscription. The Affinity products have the worst GUI I have ever experienced. Zounds! Doesn't anyone take us oldtimers into consideration anymore?
  5. I purchased Affinity Photo after having the Beta version. In spite of making the tools as large as possible, they are so dim that I can't see them. I am 72 years old and still an active graphic designer. I don't like a black background and when I adjust it to a pale gray in the preferences, the tools on the left side are practically invisible. If I can't see the tools, I can't use the program. I thought this would be a good alternative to Photoshop. I have Creative Suite 6, but I thought I'd start trying to use something less expensive so that I don't have to eventually subscribe to Adobe's Creative Cloud service. Is there any way to make the tools on the left be a dark color on a light background, or bright white against a dark background. I am so frustrated I could just spit. And, even the largest size tools are not very large on the left side. :angry:
  6. I am so ready to abandon Adobe Creative Suite altogether. The only thing that is stopping me is needing to have a professional equivalent of InDesign or Quark Xpress for long documents. I do magazines and books, so just an Illustrator or Photoshop equivalent will not help me out unless I just use them as an occasional alternative to InDesign and Photoshop. When you're doing a 700-page book, you have to have a program equipped for that kind of work Please tell me you will be marketing a Mac page layout program! Soon! Please! If not, I will likely not use the other Affinity products since I have everything I need in Creative Suite. Help us break the Adobe habit!
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