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  1. breadesign

    Indent to here

    Sounds familiar - pretty sure there are a lot of us in the same boat!
  2. breadesign

    Indent to here

    @MikeW The industry standard is ID. If you can’t emulate the basic functionality of ID fewer people will move over. So when something is mentioned by many people - and ‘appears to be’ a simple fix - then I would imagine I’m not the only one interested to know what the hold up is - or when (if) that feature will be added. Pretty sure Affinity are well aware of users’ wants/needs - but are you suggesting we should all just shut up and wait for the company to decide what is relevant regarding feature requests? For the record - I’m rarely critical (or vocal) for the precise reasons you feel necessary to call me to account. I’m also pretty sure Affinity don’t need you to fight their battles - and I’m sorry if my comments annoyed you - but frankly that’s what forums are for - I’m frequently annoyed by comments, but I find it easier and less stressful to just walk on by. Have be a great day!
  3. breadesign

    Indent to here

    Absolutely - can't see why this has dragged on for so long - it's been a feature request for over a year - can it really be that difficult to implement? I'd be interested to know what the hold up is.
  4. Hi Marion - looks like a no for the moment It's such a useful (and hopefully small) feature - but it's pretty much a deal breaker for me along with the ability to paste graphics into the text flow. Overall it's a very credible alternative to ID, but (for me) it's not quite there yet, but no doubt it will happen. Remembering my switch from QXP to ID there were issues along the way, but fundamentally the way Quark treated it's users drove people to ID. Now ID is doing the same thing to their users with the subscription model.
  5. OK - thanks for the heads-up - it would be a very positive addition. As a QXP & ID user of c.20 years it's great to see a new option becoming available. Though not ready for production yet (for me), it's hugely impressive and I'm looking forward to being able to use it for 'live' projects in the future. Cheers
  6. Hi there looking for a way to achieve an 'indent to here' in a tabbed list similar to command-\ in InDesign Does it exist? Thanks in advance.