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  1. Excellent software. Thanks for the updates and release notes. Question: Will auto-update work if the copy of Publisher that I'm running is not in the Applications folder?
  2. Thank you, thank you, and thank you once again!
  3. Thanks for this suggestion. I have a number of questions. First, while I can create a Style using the Add Style from Selection command, I can't find a way to name or re-name the style. Second, when I apply the new Style to a a second text frame, instead of the operation limiting itself to these Text Frame properties: it also alters other attributes of the text that is already inside the second frame. Did I misunderstand your suggestion?
  4. Clearly not the most urgent need — but thanks for letting me know.
  5. cubesquareredux

    Affinity Publisher

    Do all Affinity programs have to reside inside the Applications folder? Or can they be run from an attached volume? One of the machines I use is a MacBook Air with limited space on the system volume.
  6. Fair question. Some history: I've been using Macs since the first one was available. When Charles Simonyi's Word was first released for the Mac, I used it, quite happily. I stayed with Word until version 5.1 (this was in the early '90s). Then Microsoft simply discarded that product and offered its so-called "version 6." In disgust I discarded Microsoft: not only its word-processor but everything. I found alternatives and never went back. (In those days, before Windows 95 swamped the software market, there were still a number of decent alternatives on the Mac side.) Similarly, when Adobe released Photoshop and later InDesign I used both products, quite happily. You can maybe guess when I discarded Adobe, never to return. When Apple released Pages and Numbers, I used both, and still use both, quite happily. (Luckily my days of giving stand-up presentations are mostly over, but if they weren't I'd be a satisfied Keynote user as well.) Meanwhile I've been using BBEdit for various tasks since Rich Siegel first made it available at no charge (this also was in the early '90s). So that's a bit of background. You ask why I'm writing this particular book directly in Publisher. Answer: It's a bit of an experiment. The book is about 50% "primary text" and 50% images, charts, call-outs, and marginalia of various kinds. What I find is that the positioning of all these items on the page affects the text I want to write. If I were to write the text separately without thinking about what appears next to it on the page, I'd be writing a different (and inferior) book. I suppose I could use a separate writing tool and then assemble collages on paper to see what's what — but I stopped doing that somewhere in the '80s. So far, I've written only a few chapters; eventually there will be many. Each one is relatively short. While preparing each chapter, obviously I've kept to a sort of "master format" that's common to all chapters. If I have to copy/paste all files into one, or "add them up" in some other Affinity-designed way, there should not be any conflicts. Yes, a "book" feature would be grand. (Honestly I'm still a little shocked that it wasn't built in from Day Zero.) Thanks much for your comment. Additional advice would be more than welcome.
  7. Thank you, @fde101. I did the obligatory "+1" thing (more or less) and will now look (again) for other relevant threads.
  8. I have this problem as well (using Beta at the moment). It seems purely cosmetic, but is there a solution (apart from waiting for a new beta)? Related question: The Help file says this: From the View menu, select New View. The project opens in a new tab/window which includes a numerical reference in its title. Is there a way for the user to name each view? Once you get past three views, having to identify them by number seems … unnecessarily taxing.
  9. Thank you both. I'm not sure why it seems I have to re-apply a master page before pages that use it are updated. I'll keep fiddling.
  10. Thanks, Petar. I see what you mean. I'll play with those settings to see if I can find a reliable solution.
  11. Good points. Thanks for elaborating. Related question: It sometimes occurs that there is only one word in the last line of a paragraph. Is there a term you use for this phenomenon? (I guess it's not called a widowed last line unless it comes after a page-break.) And whatever the term you use for this one-word last line of a paragraph, is there a way to have the program avoid it by re-setting the text of the paragraph?
  12. Related question: If I edit something in a field on master page M — header or footer text, for example — should I expect that the change is propagated automatically to all pages that use master page M? So far it appears to me that the answer is no: in other words, it seems that I have to re-apply master page M to every page that uses it. Is this behavior intended?
  13. Hey, watch it. I resemble that remark. — cubesquareredux