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  1. cubesquareredux

    Automatic Page Numbers

    As a test, I created a new document with default master, then … … added some text on page 1, then went to master page and added page number field, and … … things seemed to work OK.
  2. cubesquareredux

    Automatic Page Numbers

    Same here, using current beta as well as a number of previous.
  3. cubesquareredux

    Request Text frame lock center

    You might think that … but you don't know how little time I have left!
  4. Yes, I was using the term "version string" the way Apple uses it to refer to the information that Finder displays. Serif appears not to update this information with each new beta build. And as you say explicitly, Serif does not update this information for its own auto-update procedure, either!
  5. cubesquareredux

    Request Text frame lock center

    When I grow up I want to be … someone who knows as much about Affinity Publisher as you do!
  6. I can confirm this behavior. macOS 10.13.6, Beta 270, Publisher document created with previous beta.
  7. The following may be silly but … Can you please update the version string with each new beta build? Version strings are not limited to three numbers. For example, the version of Google Chrome I'm posting from is numbered 73.0.3683.86.
  8. Yes, I was merely suggesting to LisaZ that if she were to work with normal text her problem would vanish. But if I said it too cryptically, I'm glad you clarified.
  9. Never having used place-holder text in Publisher, I have not seen what you are seeing.
  10. cubesquareredux

    Add Pages Dialog Bug

    Just FYI, this is not the only dialog that misbehaves. Previously I mentioned the Text Wrap dialog that has no "Cancel" option, but someone suggested that was OK because it's really a palette and not a dialog.
  11. cubesquareredux

    Secondary Textbox Issues

    Yes, I understand that part, but here we were talking about the program automatically continuing the story at the end of the document, on whatever page the end happens to be, not necessarily on the "several pages later" that you have in mind. Interesting point! Thanks, as always.
  12. cubesquareredux

    Secondary Textbox Issues

    When would you want contents of a second text box created on page 1 to skip (say) fifty pages and continue on page 51? (I admit to being dim.)
  13. cubesquareredux

    Text Wrap Issue

    Yes, wrap works again in ß 257. Thanks to the developers for restoring it. And yet the dialog should not allow mutually exclusive choices to be selected or highlighted simultaneously. If you play with the various options available, you may find that highlighting generally does not work as it should. But if the previous setting was not "None," then clicking on "None" is not the same as "Cancel." (There is, of course, "Undo.")
  14. Yes, I did (see below), but was unable to replicate.