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  1. Affinity Publisher can of course export PDFs as /X-3 standard. Apple's own ColorSync Filter for "Generic PDF/X-3" is quite poor. It sets transparency resolution to 72dpi, for starters. Quartz Filters haven't changed since OS X 10.0.0.
  2. Is it possible for the File Export options to be saved with the document? Currently, whenever I save a PDF, I have to change the default of "All Spreads" to "All Pages", every time. (Unless I'm missing something?) That option doesn't seem to be part of the Presets.
  3. I'm trying to resize an image in Affinity Photo. All the web pages, videos etc, talk about using the Document menu; but I don't have a Document menu. Has something changed?
  4. Apologies if this has been asked and answered already, but has Serif given any indication of the approximate, likely release date (even if it's just "Autumn 2026" )? Or, like my dinner, will it be released "When it's ready and not before."...? It would be helpful for planning my own forthcoming projects. Thanks.
  5. The Print dialog now correctly shows a preview of the page, instead of a blank, without having to adjust the print presets. Actual printing is also behaving.
  6. benwiggy

    Working with fonts

    Publisher works well with FontExplorerX, which will automatically enable required fonts in opened documents.
  7. Yes, changing the scaling option fixes it: even changing it to 99% and then back to 100% fixes it. Changing to "Fit to Printable" also fixes it (even if the % stays at 100.) Switching print queues 'restores' the blank page, even if all the settings are retained. So it's nothing about the settings themselves. It's blank on my HP Laserjet 5200, but works correctly on my HP Color Laserjet 200 M251. Most interesting, I also have two of my own CUPS backends (simple Unix scripts) as print queues: one shows blank, the other works. The only difference between them is the PPD. It's possible that tiny differences in the paper sizes might be a factor?
  8. Yes, I know how to fix it, but I'm wondering why Affinity 'claims' those types in the LaunchServicesDB in the first place. I don't think simply being the last app installed that uses those filetypes gives it priority, but I could be wrong. I think it depends on the contents of the BNDL data in the app's Info.plist.
  9. Two of my four print queues show nothing at all in the print dialog preview; nor do they actually print anything. Nor Save as PDF. It's possible that it relates to mono/colour, with the mono queues not working. Changing colour spaces does nothing.
  10. Affinity Publisher is now the default app to open svg and ai files. Surely these files are less likely to be double-clicked into Publisher, but rather imported within an existing document? I would expect Affintiy Design to take the default for these file types.
  11. There are several posts on the Designer and Photo forums requesting some sort of Automation, so I thought I'd echo the sentiment here. It would be great to see the Affinity Suite using AppleScript, or JavaScript or Lua. Or python! (Assuming I'm not missing something!) There are many people who are dependent on Adobe because of the scripting capabilities.
  12. benwiggy

    Print is blank

    I also get blank output when printing or saving to PDF on 3 of my print queues. Everything works fine on 1 other queue (my HP color laser).
  13. benwiggy

    PDF export to Create Booklet

    They've created a booklet interface control in the Print menu, so I'd say it's likely to be included at some stage, even if it doesn't work now. If you already use a third-party PDF booklet maker from ID, (which has had built-in booklets since CS3), then surely you wouldn't be wasting your time doing the same from AP (assuming there are other benefits over ID)?
  14. Compare to a Retina display (though obvs the screenshot might appear twice the size).
  15. At the very least, importing IDML files is a must. Scribus and VivaDesigner both do this, and it's the only way to get punters to switch, if they've got legacy documents.