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  1. Well, then I can't find a way to select the frame and not the image. However, the Crop tool seems to work to expand the frame.
  2. Has this changed/improved over the years? I can't find a "Properties" button in the toolbar when I have an image selected.
  3. In Publisher, I used to be able to make a new paragraph style from a selection, but I can no longer find the option. It's not in the Panel menu for TStyles, and Paragraph doesn't have one. The drop-down list in Paragraph panel has nothing apposite either.
  4. It seems to be setting that value in .indl imports. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have set such a thing in InDesign, even if it existed. Even so, anything that negates the behaviour of another attribute should have some kind of 'flag' showing that the overridden value is currently not taking effect. Workflows often involve multiple people, who may not realise what someone else has done.
  5. ??? Surely if it's due to the last few OS versions, then startup times for earlier OSes than those would be faster. (And indeed, I remember they were.) Bu I don't have this problem with any other apps, and if it's not a universal experience, then that should suggest it can be fixed.
  6. I've just been tearing my hair out trying to work out my leading wasn't working -- and all because of "Leading Override" in Character style. What on earth is the point of that? And any reason why it sets it own arbitrary value when you've expressly set the leading in the Paragraph panel?
  7. Is anyone NOT seeing this bug on Mac? That would be useful data. Affinity staff and apps are always showcased in Apple's 'announcements'. You'd think that Affinity would have some clout to get Apple to have a look at this problem which only affects their apps.
  8. I have a document that is in Italian and English, and I want to use the same Paragraph Styles in each. How can I set the language outside of the Paragraph Style dialog? Or do I have to duplicate the Styles? Thanks
  9. Thanks. So there's no way of "100%-ing" a text frame, if you've accidentally sized it using the blue anchor that's very slightly near the other blue anchor.....? 🙄
  10. Yes, I'd definitely like to see this. Otherwise, I have to cut and paste to BBEdit just to Smarten the Quotes, and back.
  11. I have a fairly basic document, but the text is behaving very strangely. I have a text frame with overmatter. When I make new text frame to flow the text, the text is tiny! (2.4pt, compared to 10pt). IfI select all, and try to 'correct' the size to 10pt, then the text in the first frame goes massive to 42pt. In the end I had to paste the text into a new frame to stop it. But I have no idea what's causing it. (And in the new text frame, the leading is fixed, even though align to Baseline is off, and I can't see any way of changing that either!) Anyone know what's going on? Thanks.
  12. Any new of this? The inability to import PDFs for vector editing is still a massive obstacle to the use of Designer.
  13. A fair point, @walt.farrell. But there remain problems -- and yet again, they're all about imported PDFs.
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