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  1. davemacdo

    PDF Import still as bad

    Just wanted to chime in here with @benwiggy that I continue to have the same problems with Affinity on imported PDFs. (In fact, I'm guessing from the same source applications.) I am usually simply trying to rearrange elements on the page, or hide certain elements from being printed. I'm not actually even editing the text, but just opening the file destroys anything that uses a ligature. Like Ben, I am forced to do this kind of work in Illustrator at present, but I would much rather do it in Publisher, and it doesn't seem to be an unusual request to open a file that has embedded characters correctly, especially when I do have the fonts installed on my computer.
  2. davemacdo

    How to convert text in curves?

    Wow. This was really hard to find. Could this maybe be included in the long-press context menu for type objects? That's how I usually get to it on the desktop.
  3. davemacdo

    Modifier Keys

    This could be a very cool context-aware feature. I think putting a Shift key on the screen doesn't make much sense, but a special "constrain proportions" button that only shows up while resizing is a perfect example of the sort of thing that is only possible when the whole screen is the interface.
  4. When I have an active marquee selection with the dancing ants, it disappears when I pan or zoom about half the time, especially when I both pan and zoom. The imprecise nature of the pinch gesture makes this somewhat inevitable. To clarify, the selection does not actually get deselected, the ants disappear. I can usually make them reappear by simply zooming in or out a tiny bit.
  5. I experienced a crash trying to use Lato font just now, which is certainly _not_ a raster font.
  6. davemacdo

    App crash using selection persona

    Same here. I also had a crash after the selection was converted to a mask and I'd started working on another layer. After reopening the app, I was back to a very early stage in my selection, and the app crashed again almost immediately once I got into the refine selection tool.
  7. I completely agree. Working at different zoom levels and on differently sized images, it's really hard to figure out how big my brush is going to be. This is particularly useful since I'm using Apple Pencil, and I can really clearly see the point I'm touching.
  8. davemacdo

    Apple Pencil

    I was very surprised to see that there seemed to be no awareness in the app of the fact that I had a Pencil paired. Check out GoodNotes for a very different kind of app that has very good smart stylus awareness.

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