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  1. Thanks for getting back to me. I usedsed to click drag drag handles to where I wanted the next line positioned and also used to alt click to 'half' the handles to have only one move which helped with the positioning of subsequent nodes. Just curious why these handles are now so feint that they hardly show yet if I click with node tool they are at full strength. 

  2. You can probably see the blue lines at left off page which only appear as I come off the page and disappear as soon as I come back onto the page. Hope this makes sense. Sorry didn't manage screen recording but this might explain my problem. Actually on closer inspection I have discovered that the blue lines do appear when I come back on to the page are there but are so feint the are almost invisible. Is there a way to strengthen them?
  3. For some reason I cannot see pen tool blue handles on the document page but if I extend the path off the page they show up on the background but as soon as move back on to the page they disappear. On a finished pen path they will show when using the node tool . I don't recall this happening in the pas I am on current A/D and using a n iMac 24" Monterey 12.6
  4. Many thanks for help with page number problem. I have no idea where that high 'space before' figure came from. Would it have been 'built in' to the rest of the tutorial?
    Anyway thanks for the solution - I would never have discovered it.


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    2. jonnsin


      Possibly spoke to soon. On file I sent you I can get hash mark in correct position on left hand page but when I drag 'copy' over as soon as I cross into right page red eye again appears. Space before and after set to zero.

      I am wondering if it is this file as I tried a new doc and page numbers work fine

    3. Joachim_L


      Select your text frame on the right page and look again at the Paragraph panel saying Flow Options. Start is set On Next Odd Page which the right page isn't. Use Anywhere or On Next Even Page. Honestly I never used the Flow Options.

    4. jonnsin


      Yes. Worked perfectly. Thank you again

  5. Yes I had the problem of the three affinity programs crashing as soon as i pressed the print button. Finally realised that my mac iMac OS 10.9.5 (Which I didn't update as it could still handle the Adobe CS6 software) was not coping with Affinity. I use it now on a laptop OS 12.6 Sierra and it all works fine. Hope this helps. I now fairly familiar with Publisher and think that it has a lot more going for it than my CS6 copy of InDesign
  6. Success! Grateful thanks for restoring my sanity. I certainly thought that page numbers were required here. Why have it when leaving blank is the answer. Tried other files and got usable PDF files from them too. Affinity should have you on the payroll. Johnson
  7. On PDF options only page 1 appears ( in both AP and preview) and therefore the load pages and load all pages are unavailable. It seem that of the 6 trial pages in my file only one is being copied as a PDF. Simplest six page file was created in the usual way thru the AP new doc procedure.
  8. yes the file is created with AP 1.9.3 on a Macpro OS 10.12.6. I export from AP and have tried using both pages and spreads in Export. I have tried this with two different  AP created docs and when I try to open the PDF using AP only one page opens.

    Although I am trying to catch up with AP I am not a novice on the Adobe CS6 suite and use their PDF faciliities constantly.

  9. When I export a publisher file as a PDF it appears to copy OK but when I open the PDF only the first page appears. I must be doing something stupid as I have tried different files with same result
  10. Thanks for your help but after a lot of trial and error ( and wasted time) I have found that despite Affinity's claim of being OK for Mac OS10.9 this is not strictly accurate. I have been working with an iMac 10.9.5 (because I still need access to Adobe CS6 and like the bigger screen) and am finding Affinity items that this mac cannot handle. Much of it seems to work OK but so far all para indents are a no go and it seems to be likewise with trying to get double digits with the drop down facility. Possibly other things will emerge in future. I have installed Af Pub on another laptop with OS 10.11.6 and Drop Downs and Para indents operate correctly. Sorry for having wasted your time guys
  11. Re the sequentially numbered series of boxes in the new Affinity Publisher book article 'A Character design in Photo', page 244, I can get numbers 1-9 OK but despite HOURS of trying I cannot get no 10 etc. I was sure that I am following the instructions carefully but always end up with the blue figure one at the correct 3 line height but second figure has not changed at all. I am obviously doing something wrong as I managed it once, I suppose my accident, as i could not but could not repeat the moves I had made.
  12. Yes I am using the spacing section. I think it must be a Mac os10.9 issue as everything works OK on another laptop with OS 10.11
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