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  1. jonnsin

    Publisher Bug?

    Thanks tomaso for PDF advice – jetz ist alles klar. Still a bit wary of upgrading to Sierra. A friend went from Mavericks to Sierra and Photoshop, inDesign etc went all to hell.
  2. jonnsin

    Publisher Bug?

    Thanks for getting in touch Paul. Regarding PDFs and printing issue. I still use Adobe as I cannot dump CS6 yet. I require press quality PDFs for the commercial printing of a magazine and also "smallest size PDFs of same files for Web. Can I vary the output quality required using Affinity. Also handy if I can convert RGB PDFs to grayscale or can anyone suggest a PDF program similar to Adobe Pro that will work with Mavericks 10.9.5. (no use telling me to upgrade or I will lose CS6 which I need to open old inDesign files).
  3. Affinity Publisher keeps crashing when I try to print. Have tried three printers. Occasionally will print perfectly but sometimes crashes as soon as i click print. It is the only program on my machine that does this. I have an iMac 10.9.5 which I cannot upgrade as I use Adobe CS6 which I am stuck with until I am confident with the Affinity Suite and it works OK. Photo and Designer OK. If I convert to PDF Publisher prints OK. Have attached crash report. Any suggestions. Nothing too technical, I know nothing about programing Affinity Publisher_2019-06-29-135532_johns-iMac.crash
  4. Hi Lee, Publisher still crashing on my iMac when I try to print. Hopefully I have managed to attach a report All Messages.aslquery
  5. Hi Lee, Thanks for getting back to me. I am using OS10.9.5. on an iMac. This is as high as I can go without losing Adobe CS6 which I must hang on to until I am confident with Affinity. Among other things I print a small magazine using Adobe CS6 but this time was going to have a go at producing it with Affinity (all my A/photo and designer elements are fine). All is not lost however. I may have found the cause of the crashing. The text for the article was supplied to me as a PDF (not unusual) but as I was placing into the publisher file there appeared to be odd gaps throughout quite a few of the words. I have a feeling that the PDF file may be corrupted as I have retyped the article and placed it in publisher and so far it is printing fine. All the printer drives are up to date. Must say that I love the whole Affinity experience and all the little extras that I came across in the print tutorial look very promising...and time saving. Do you think that I am right about the duff file? And can I contact you again if the problem has not gone away? John Sinclair
  6. Affinity Publisher almost always crashes when I try to print. Sometimes as soon as I press print, other times it will print but immediately crashes. When I do manage to get a print it is perfect. The printers are an HP Laserjet 1320 and a Brother and a Brother 2070 and a Canon ix6850. I realise that they are in the first bloom of youth but every other file seems to print OK. I am using the Publisher 1.7.1
  7. Thanks Edwardson. Will keep that in mind.
  8. Thanks for that Alfred. I was concerned that if I upgrade my Mac I would have had problems reinstalling AP and AD
  9. Both AP and AD purchased from Affinity in December 2017. I have not changed Email address since then. Both products have never shown up on my account and did not know that product keys existed until I got one with Publisher.
  10. Have just received product key for Publisher which I have installed. I also have updated Affinity Photo and Designer which I originally purchased through Serif some time ago. I have never had a product key for either of those and although they work fine I cannot see them on my Affinity Account. I do have my Serif order numbers for these if required. Will I require product keys for these two items if I update my iMac? John Sinclair
  11. Many Mac users, including myself, are stuck with Mac Mavericks if they want to continue using Adobe CS6. I have got to grips with Affinity photo and designer and have used them successfully but still have to rely on Adobe Design for desktop publishing. I am sure I speak for everyone in this position when I plead for and early download of Publisher for all the thousands of us who are in a similar position. Jonnsin.