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    Copying over user data from Beta to Retail

    1. Where by "move" do you mean "duplicate"? 2. And, per your instruction, if I leave the old "Affinity Publisher Beta" folder where it was, will it work seamlessly with future Betas? 3. To obviate the need for the above procedure, can't there be just the one "Affinity Publisher" folder that works with both Beta and Shipping versions? Now, while carrying out the above procedure I noticed that in the "Application Support" folder I have what appear to be two copies of the "Affinity Photo" folder. One has settings files in it, including a licence file, but the other only has the (seemingly identical) licence file. So: 4. How did this happen? 5. Can I safely delete the folder that contains only the licence file? Thanks much for any clues.
  2. cubesquareredux

    Copying over user data from Beta to Retail

    Does it have to reside within the Applications folder? I've never noticed any trouble with it located somewhere else.
  3. cubesquareredux

    Copying over user data from Beta to Retail

    I asked about that some months ago and was assured it would not happen. [Sigh]
  4. cubesquareredux

    Affinity Publisher Public Beta -

    For me, it's actually worse than that. When I start by clicking on the text tool and then selecting some arbitrary font F, my selection does not even register. Here's what I'm told the selected font is before I select font F: And here's what I'm told the selected font is after I select font F: And even leaving that issue aside … Arial? … I mean, really?
  5. cubesquareredux

    Document icons

    Yes, I prefer the preview-as-icon thing but I also agree that the current non-preview icons are not ideal. And then there's QuickLook, which Affinity could also do better with. Here's Apple's spiel: Quick Look offers a fast, full-size preview of nearly any kind of file without opening the file. Just press the Space bar to rotate photos, trim audio and video clips, and use Markup to crop photos and annotate images or PDFs. You can use Quick Look for items in Finder windows, on your desktop, in emails and messages, and other places. Just to illustrate one possible improvement: In the Finder, if you invoke QuickLook on a PDF document or a Pages document, you can scroll through from beginning to end; whereas with an Affinity document, it seems only the first page shows in QuickLook.
  6. cubesquareredux

    Document icons

    On the machines I use, all Macs running Finder, each of my Publisher documents is displayed using an icon that is a preview of the first page. I find this helpful. I can also confirm that, in the Finder's List view, my Publisher documents show up simply as "Document"; whereas my Photo and Designer documents show up as "Affinity Photo document" and "Affinity Designer document," respectively.
  7. I've never been able to "find" Publisher documents via a content search with Spotlight. Am I doing something wrong? Is the feature just about to be implemented? Or is it impossible? (I mention Publisher but if it would not be a bad thing if the feature were available in Designer and even with certain data in Photo documents.)
  8. Is this possible? (I looked for relevant topics but could not find any.)
  9. Watch me file this as a bug report! (Thanks also for pointing me towards the old discussion.)
  10. cubesquareredux

    Conflict with Alfred?

    On the machine described in the signature below I use Alfred (3.7) to manage "multiple clipboards." With Alfred running in the background I've noticed that pasting into Publisher (beta 305) with a simple Command-V can crash Publisher. Whereas if I first invoke Alfred's multiple-clipboard interface and paste into Publisher from there, there is no crash. (I regret to say that I can't recall if previous Publisher betas behaved in the same way.)
  11. cubesquareredux

    Automatic Page Numbers

    As a test, I created a new document with default master, then … … added some text on page 1, then went to master page and added page number field, and … … things seemed to work OK.
  12. cubesquareredux

    Automatic Page Numbers

    Same here, using current beta as well as a number of previous.
  13. cubesquareredux

    Request Text frame lock center

    You might think that … but you don't know how little time I have left!
  14. cubesquareredux

    Affinity Publisher Public Beta -

    Yes, I was using the term "version string" the way Apple uses it to refer to the information that Finder displays. Serif appears not to update this information with each new beta build. And as you say explicitly, Serif does not update this information for its own auto-update procedure, either!
  15. cubesquareredux

    Request Text frame lock center

    When I grow up I want to be … someone who knows as much about Affinity Publisher as you do!
  16. cubesquareredux

    AFPub Crash: Manual Page Re-order

    I can confirm this behavior. macOS 10.13.6, Beta 270, Publisher document created with previous beta.
  17. cubesquareredux

    Affinity Publisher Public Beta -

    The following may be silly but … Can you please update the version string with each new beta build? Version strings are not limited to three numbers. For example, the version of Google Chrome I'm posting from is numbered 73.0.3683.86.
  18. Yes, I was merely suggesting to LisaZ that if she were to work with normal text her problem would vanish. But if I said it too cryptically, I'm glad you clarified.
  19. Never having used place-holder text in Publisher, I have not seen what you are seeing.
  20. cubesquareredux

    Add Pages Dialog Bug

    Just FYI, this is not the only dialog that misbehaves. Previously I mentioned the Text Wrap dialog that has no "Cancel" option, but someone suggested that was OK because it's really a palette and not a dialog.
  21. cubesquareredux

    Secondary Textbox Issues

    Yes, I understand that part, but here we were talking about the program automatically continuing the story at the end of the document, on whatever page the end happens to be, not necessarily on the "several pages later" that you have in mind. Interesting point! Thanks, as always.
  22. cubesquareredux

    Secondary Textbox Issues

    When would you want contents of a second text box created on page 1 to skip (say) fifty pages and continue on page 51? (I admit to being dim.)
  23. There is a group of tutorials published by Serif here: https://affinity.serif.com/en-us/tutorials/publisher/desktop/video/286534891 This group is accessible through a menu item in the program: Help > Tutorial… And then there are additional tutorials scattered elsewhere, such as here: https://affinityspotlight.com/article/affinity-publisher-public-beta-vs-170227-now-available-on-auto-update/?utm_source=SpotlightEmail&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Newsletter This last one focuses on new master-page functionality, but if users rely on the menu item in the program when looking for tutorials, they will not find it. They will be led to the aforementioned group of tutorials, some of which may be out of date. So … is there an organized list of all available tutorials? (I also question the wording of the menu item text, but that's a minor thing.)
  24. cubesquareredux

    Text Wrap Issue

    Yes, wrap works again in ß 257. Thanks to the developers for restoring it. And yet the dialog should not allow mutually exclusive choices to be selected or highlighted simultaneously. If you play with the various options available, you may find that highlighting generally does not work as it should. But if the previous setting was not "None," then clicking on "None" is not the same as "Cancel." (There is, of course, "Undo.")
  25. cubesquareredux

    Saving a "custom preset"

    That works. Thanks.

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