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  1. Now that you mention it, am I the only one who finds Affinity's "export as image" functionality to be … a little puzzling? For example, sometimes when I make a marquee selection and ask to export as a JPEG, there is an option to choose selection only; whereas at other times (within the same program and within the same file) there is no such option. At that point the only "choice" is to export the whole document. Quite possibly I am doing something incorrectly.
  2. Quite nice workarounds! 👍 Yes, I like these ideas. Thanks very much, Lukáš! But a question: Are they available in all the Affinity programs or only in Publisher?
  3. Thanks, Walt. I hope the developers can find those existing Feature Requests!
  4. Thanks, thomaso. I'm less worried about font and paper, more interested in the letter-forms themselves. I'll try some of the things you suggested. Experimenting with blur and noise sounds like a good idea.
  5. Thanks, Lukáš. I'm trying to achieve the look of newspaper articles printed a hundred years ago. Text that's very slightly blotchy would be nice, and blurred or deformed letter outlines would be nice, but I'd settle for the "ink" appearing to be just a little "uneven," so that within each letter outline there are lighter and darker areas. Here are some examples I made with no idea what I was doing (the original is at top-left.)
  6. When exporting a PDF, the default seems to be "All Spreads." Is there a way to save a preference such that the "All Pages" setting is the default instead? Or do I have to select "All Pages" from the menu each time? I'm referring to Affinity Publisher and I don't see how to save this setting in version 1.9.3. Thanks for any clues.
  7. I'm talking about editable text. I can set the font and size, of course, but how to add the desired effect? Can I do this in Publisher? Thanks.
  8. Hello, all … The comment above is two years old but I see no response to it. It's related to my own question, which is about how yet another export setting might be saved as a preference. In a Help file, looking at PDF export, I find the following: Select the area of the publication you would like to include in the export from the Area setting. You may choose from All Spreads, All Pages, Current Spread, and Current Page. The default seems to be "All Spreads." Is there a way to save a preference such that the "All Pages" setting is the default instead? I'm referring to Affinity Publisher and I don't see how to save this setting in version 1.9.3. Thanks for any clues.
  9. Thanks for the explanation! This part is unclear to me: 1. You mean that those files should be cleared out automatically? Why is this not done upon Quit? If information in those files has been committed upon Save, why not delete the files at that stage? What's the point of waiting until the program is re-opened? 2. Is it safe to empty the folder manually? Or is it not safe to do so? Thanks again.
  10. I think the same thing happens with the other Affinity programs – but thanks – I've corrected the original post.
  11. After using Affinity Publisher and quitting the program, I find a number of "temp" files left behind in the following location: ~/Library/Application Support/Affinity Publisher/temp/ These files vary in size and have names like "5f3c2a2d" (etc.). 1. What are these files and can they be deleted without loss of function? 2. If they can be deleted, why does the program not delete them itself upon Quit? Thanks for any clues.
  12. 1. Where by "move" do you mean "duplicate"? 2. And, per your instruction, if I leave the old "Affinity Publisher Beta" folder where it was, will it work seamlessly with future Betas? 3. To obviate the need for the above procedure, can't there be just the one "Affinity Publisher" folder that works with both Beta and Shipping versions? Now, while carrying out the above procedure I noticed that in the "Application Support" folder I have what appear to be two copies of the "Affinity Photo" folder. One has settings files in it, including a licence file, but the other only has the (seemingly identical) licence file. So: 4. How did this happen? 5. Can I safely delete the folder that contains only the licence file? Thanks much for any clues.
  13. Does it have to reside within the Applications folder? I've never noticed any trouble with it located somewhere else.
  14. I asked about that some months ago and was assured it would not happen. [Sigh]
  15. Yes, I prefer the preview-as-icon thing but I also agree that the current non-preview icons are not ideal. And then there's QuickLook, which Affinity could also do better with. Here's Apple's spiel: Quick Look offers a fast, full-size preview of nearly any kind of file without opening the file. Just press the Space bar to rotate photos, trim audio and video clips, and use Markup to crop photos and annotate images or PDFs. You can use Quick Look for items in Finder windows, on your desktop, in emails and messages, and other places. Just to illustrate one possible improvement: In the Finder, if you invoke QuickLook on a PDF document or a Pages document, you can scroll through from beginning to end; whereas with an Affinity document, it seems only the first page shows in QuickLook.
  16. On the machines I use, all Macs running Finder, each of my Publisher documents is displayed using an icon that is a preview of the first page. I find this helpful. I can also confirm that, in the Finder's List view, my Publisher documents show up simply as "Document"; whereas my Photo and Designer documents show up as "Affinity Photo document" and "Affinity Designer document," respectively.
  17. I've never been able to "find" Publisher documents via a content search with Spotlight. Am I doing something wrong? Is the feature just about to be implemented? Or is it impossible? (I mention Publisher but if it would not be a bad thing if the feature were available in Designer and even with certain data in Photo documents.)
  18. Watch me file this as a bug report! (Thanks also for pointing me towards the old discussion.)
  19. The above works when creating a document, but once the document is created: I must be missing something obvious …
  20. There is a group of tutorials published by Serif here: https://affinity.serif.com/en-us/tutorials/publisher/desktop/video/286534891 This group is accessible through a menu item in the program: Help > Tutorial… And then there are additional tutorials scattered elsewhere, such as here: https://affinityspotlight.com/article/affinity-publisher-public-beta-vs-170227-now-available-on-auto-update/?utm_source=SpotlightEmail&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Newsletter This last one focuses on new master-page functionality, but if users rely on the menu item in the program when looking for tutorials, they will not find it. They will be led to the aforementioned group of tutorials, some of which may be out of date. So … is there an organized list of all available tutorials? (I also question the wording of the menu item text, but that's a minor thing.)
  21. Thanks. I had sort of assumed that newer betas are designed to be able to open older files without any "translation errors." I had also assumed that even if this functionality was intended, it might not always work! So yes, I have been keeping the documents "up to date" (so to speak). Thanks again.
  22. I have about fifteen Publisher documents created with old betas. The newer betas provide greater master-page functionality than the old betas did. Is there an obviously sensible (and future-proof) way to convert my old documents to use the new functionality. Should I create a new "template" document and apply it to the content of each old document, one at a time? My documents are relatively short, no more than ten pages each. Thanks for any advice or suggestions.
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