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  1. Wychelm

    Automatic Page Numbers

    Thanks cubesquareredux. It will be a corrupted file—well, it was played with and at least there is a numbered file now.
  2. Wychelm

    Automatic Page Numbers

    Thanks Old Bruce. Will try that on the old file—but have got page numbers! Went new document, set up with the same number of pages, then immediately went to master and added page numbers and that works. Added baseline grid, still have numbers. The old file—followed your instructions; the weird bit is, can only see one master at a time: so, right-click on masterB and get dialogue apply masterA, with B greyed out. Try right-click on B, get A with B greyed out. applied either, no page numbers. So the old file is somehow corrupt? Perhaps, cannot add content and then page numbers? That was what I did . . . will send the file if you think it worthwhile!
  3. Wychelm

    Automatic Page Numbers

    All of you, and Jon P, thank you for your time. I've had another play and still no joy: re-applied masters thank you Old Bruce and cubesquareredux, created superfluous ones, tried inside and outside the master guides, alas no result. Two grabs for consideration, the MasterB symbols in the bottom box are hashtags and I've tried different typefaces. The boxes were drawn with the text frame tool on the text bar above the main window. It has to be something simple I've got wrong?
  4. Hi Mike here, a flustered old fogey. Am excited about Publisher. However, alas cannot get page numbers to automatically show on pages. Have placed text box at master pages bottom left both inside and outside of master frame margins, gone Text—insert—field—page number, got hash in box on master, no page number shows on pages. What have I done wrong please: Mac OS 10.13.6, Publisher

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