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  1. Neither Pixelmator or Sketch seem to have support for color fonts. At least I can't find out how to use color fonts in either of them.
  2. Thanks for that. I am sure this will suffice until a preview option is added.
  3. I have just downloaded Publisher beta and must say even at this release it is an excellent and much faster alternative to Adobe inDesign. The only thing that seems missing at the moment (unless I have not found it) is a preview mode like the one in inDesign. Is this likely to be added?
  4. Just checked and unfortunately the camera is currently set to compressed. Will compressed be supported in the future?
  5. I have just tried importing a raw file from my Fujifilm XT2 into Affinity Photo for IOS. I tried using iCloud Drive and Dropbox but all I get is a black screen. Does this mean the raw files from this camera are not supported? Richard
  6. Thanks Callum that was it. I thought I hadn't seen them before. Richard
  7. Can anyone tell me if it is possible to disable the magenta coloured outlines showing around all the objects in the Draw Persona mode. This is something that doesn't happen in Adobe Illustrator. I have attached a scree grab to illustrate what I mean. Thanks, Richard
  8. Will Affinity Photo ever be able to handle curves in the way that Photoshop does? For example in PS I can add different input and output on eachof the nodes on the curve Affinity Photo doesn't seem to have this function. Neither does it seem to have any way of importing .acv curve files into AP curves. It seems odd that AP doesn't have these functions as the freely available Gimp does. If you look at the attached Screen Grab from PS each of the nodes on the curve has separate in and out values and previously saved curves can be imported and applied.
  9. That's a shame - looks like I'll have to stick with Photoshop CS6 then. I have just purchased Affinity Photo but I doubt I'll get to use it much though as there are too many features unique to Photoshop CS6 that I use all the time.
  10. It would be really useful if you could add features to the curves tool to make it more like the one in Photoshop. It would be really useful if you could add: 1. The ability to open curves created and saved in Photoshop into AP 2. The ability to open and run Photoshop scripts 3. The ability to run Photoshop actions As there are no alternatives as yet (that I can see) in Affinity Photo for these features I still will have to choose Photoshop over AP as they are both features I need to create digital negatives for the alternative photography processes I use.
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