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  1. Still no news on adding hyperlinks, I normally use InDesign to create interactive PDFs and that's an essential feature for me, been messing about on Designer, seems good enough so far but without hyperlinks that's a dealbreaker.
  2. Well that is just not good enough then, with no way to open commercial templates and Affinity not having their own for Publisher I think I'll pass to purchase the final version if it ever comes out. Good luck forcing people to work without templates.
  3. So I just downloaded the Beta version of Publisher only to discover that unlike A. Designer and Photo that can open .eps and all image formats, this is totally incompatible with indesign files, which sort of defeats the point of having an alternative that not only exports but also allows you to open files from similar programs. Now I am aware that this is the beta version and there's a lot of work behind it but, is there any way to make indesign files compatible? I always work with templates I get form places like creative market and it is fair to assume that the world is not going to start producing templates specifically for APublisher any time soon, so any ideas?
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