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  1. Snap. Going to have to boot into my old Sierra external drive and fire up InDesign for a book project that has footnotes and endnotes. Shocked that this isn't a feature yet.
  2. Command Click on Title Bar to see Doc Path. Sigh. Works in just about every program known to man. How does Publisher, Photo, Designer NOT do this? Doesn't the basic Mac Dev Kit do this for you? (Just tested Photoshop CS3 with tabbed docs to make sure I wasn't dreaming. Yep. It does it.)
  3. I seem to have to zoom way in to see the 1/4" ticks as more prominent than other ticks. When creating guides it's nice to see the whole page at 100%, so more prominent 1/4" ticks would be nice.
  4. Wow. Nobody else cares about "Optical Margin Alignment"? That's discouraging.
  5. Yes. "Step and repeat" is a top request of mine as well.
  6. I use "Step and Repeat" all the time in InDesign as well. I think this is my number 1 request. Hope that feature shows up. In the mean time, experimenting with align and distribute, but I don't find that nearly as easy.
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