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  1. I absolutely agree. I have used Quark Xpress since version 2 and step and repeat has been a vital part of it. Essential in fact.
  2. HI The problem exists in any PSD export setting. The PSD will come into InDesign but not into Quark Xpress. Best wishes Steve
  3. Yes, PDF works but PSD does not. Is this a well-known problem then?
  4. Help. PSD files that I have exported from Affinity Designer or Affinity Photo cannot be used in Quark Xpress. I just get the message "Bad file format" when trying to bring them in to Quark. Am I doing something wrong. Surely if this is a bug someone else would have noticed it?
  5. I feel that it should be possible to: 1. Type in the position for a guide (as in InDesign and Quark Xpress. 2. Have guides show outside the document area (again as Indesign and Quark Xpress.
  6. I am one of the many Quark Xpress users who would like to open legacy files from some years back. However, a stable version of Affinity Publisher would sell like hot cakes and I would certainly buy it once they get it working properly.
  7. Thank you. Yes I have used this but it is not a patch on Step and Repeat in Quark Xpress or Indesign. In these programs you simply state how many copies you want and how far apart. Perfect for forms etc.
  8. I consider a step and repeat function essential if Publisher is going to be a replacement for Quark Xpress which I currently use. Step and repeat is essential for forms design.
  9. I agree. I am very impressed so far. However I am getting a grey background fill on all text boxes. What have I done?
  10. I find step and repeat vital when creating forms. I cannot find this feature.
  11. Yes it can but I would prefer to standardise image files as PSD. In this case I will have to use EPS. Thank you.
  12. Hi When I export from Affinity Designer as a PSD file I am unable to use the file in Quark Xpress 2016. I get the message "Bad file format". Is this a problem or am I doing something wrong? It means that Affinity Designer is completely unusable for me. Steve Logo transparent.psd
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