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    More, please.
  2. donmcdonald

    Widows and Orphans

    Note to self: Watch all of the tutorials before posting a question. Yes, Serif did make allowances for those poor widows and orphans under the Paragraph formatting tab: Flow Options. There they are: Prevent Orphaned First Lines Prevent Widowed Last Lines Now, on to the last of the tutorials, but in the words of one of literature's most famous orphans: "Please, sir. I want some more."
  3. indd export not as critical as is the ability to import. Most are probably exporting the bulk of their efforts into some variation of pdf, but to move ongoing legacy projects to Publisher will require an InDesign import system of some sort (preferably sooner than later).
  4. donmcdonald

    Affinity Publisher Public Free Beta Available NOW

    This looks like final piece of the ultimate CC graphic design killer. This is a truly robust beta effort. Hoping the tutorials keep coming with progressively deep drills into the features. Oh, the things I can do with an extra $600 per year! Great job. Thanks. Now back to playing around before taking Publisher for a serious spin.
  5. donmcdonald

    Widows and Orphans

    Lots to learn! Thanks for the tutorials and I do hope some in-depth explorations will be added. Speaking of: Are there any automatic means built in to deal with those poor widows and orphans when linking text boxes, like the other guys "Keep Lines Together" option? I've only been playing around with this for a few minutes, but, so far, so good. I hope to use Affinity Publisher for the Fall issue of our magazine. This will be the app that may finally allow me to stop paying that $53 EVERY month! Thanks!