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  1. I'm using Affinity Publisher on my iMac, and I've found something which doesn't work... I can set up margins when I open a new document, but I can't change them later. The help says: From the default context toolbar, or File menu, select Document Setup. In the pop-up dialog, select the Margins tab. Select the Include margins option. Do one of the following: Set the Left Margin, Right Margin, Top Margin, and Bottom Margin. Click Retrieve Margin from Printer to automatically set margins to the settings of your desktop printer. The problem comes at 2. - there is no margins tab!!! What am I doing wrong?
  2. Yes! So it really does look as though the error is in that object - which is confusing if it's another text box!
  3. I discovered today whilst working on a document, that a spelling error (underlined in red) 'shows through' objects above it... Confusing if you're working in a text frame which is placed (temporarily I hasten to add) on top of another text frame which contains spelling errors.
  4. Hi there, I've just installed the latest, and the installation was a little 'odd'. It downloaded 'a version' - which was, IIRC, 118.2MB - and began to install it; it then stopped and started downloading again (from the beginning) - this time it downloaded about 328MB and performed the install, ending by starting the app... Which had 'forgotten' all my settings - things like user interface (dark when I prefer light), etc. 27" iMac, Retina 5K display, 4.2GHz Core i7, 24GB 2400MHz DDR4 RAM, Radeon Pro 580 8192MB GPU, MacOS 10.13.4
  5. Is there a way to save a file as a 'Template'? I.e. the equivalent of the .indt filetype in Indesign?
  6. I'm not good at 'playing' with software - the only way I can find if I like it, or come across bugs and suchlike, is if I use it to do something 'real' - however unimportant and mundane that 'real' might be. I needed to write a letter - for which I'd usually use Pages - but decided to use Publisher. And I have to say, I really like it. Why? I think, primarily, because it's reassuringly familiar. I've used Pagemaker, and then Indesign, since the early 1990s - I practically know my way around them in my sleep. And I'm finding that it takes very little effort to use Publisher in the way I'm accustomed to. I'm sure that, as I try more complex things, I'll find things which aren't familiar, things which don't work the same way, and things with new names which I struggle to find just because they've been renamed. But I'm happy to say that, so far, this looks like just what I wanted to replace Indesign. Keep up the good work. Phil P.S. If you provide a filter to import .indd files (from CS5.5), I'll be as happy as Larry. At the moment, I have a number of 'stalled' long-term projects, which I can't work on, because I don't have access to them (my old Mac died, and has had to be replaced, by one running High Sierra which won't run CS5.5)
  7. I'm really excited about this! I've been an Indesign user since it came out, and Pagemaker before that... I can't afford to upgrade to the Cloud version, and the old version I was using (CS5.5) won't run under High Sierra, so I'm well and truly stuck. I haven't really tried it properly yet, but I've had a quick fiddle about. I have two things I'd like to see - the first has been mentioned several times already, which is the ability to import Indesign documents. The second relates to working in the document. It'd be very useful to be able to move the ruler/grid zero to a specific point (as previously requested for Designer): it makes working things out much easier than always having to subtract margin widths; sometimes moving the zero to a particular place in a column helps.
  8. Okay, thanks... I'll look forward to getting 1.7 then. And in the meantime, my leetle grey cells will get extra exercise!
  9. I'm quite new to using Affinity Designer 'in anger' - I've just been forced to upgrade to High Sierra, so my old 32 bit drawing packages no longer work... Forcing my hand! Anyway, I do a lot of technical illustration, and one thing I find very handy (to reduce the amount of mental arithmetic I have to do) is the ability to move the origin of the grid. Is there a way to do that in Affinity? Most other apps I've used allow this - either via a dialog or by dragging the origin, or (preferably) both. Sorry if this has been asked before - I can't find reference to it in the book, nor on the forum - but it may just be that I'm searching for the wrong terminology. Thanks, Phil
  10. I've joined the forum for just one thing (at the moment) - this issue. I'm getting older - in my fifties - and my sight isn't what it once was. I've always been short-sighted, and wear glasses - which correct my vision very successfully. Nowadays, with the advent of presbyopia, I need more than one pair - and I have a pair which I use mostly for work at the computer. I want to like AD. There's so much about it that's good - or even great. I want to use AD. I'm not rich enough/making enough money to afford Adobe's CS subscriptions, so I'm still stuck on CS5.x; that stops me upgrading OS X beyond Yosemite, unless I stop using CS... And I want to stop using CS!! (To stop, I'll also need a replacement for Indesign, but that's a whole other issue!) I don't like the dark interface. In fact, I don't just not like it - I'm mostly working for print, and the contrast between my page and the interface is simply too great. I'd love to use AD for all my work, but I can't... I get a splitting headache within about ten minutes, however I adjust the interface. I don't get that with any of the other software I use - because either by default, or by selecting the right options in preferences, I can get a set-up which is 'easy on the eye'. White/Light Grey background and dark or coloured text and icons (preferably with adjustable sizes) would enable me to use the software. I keep trying. I keep hoping, against hope, that today, I won't get a headache.
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